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The war against the moobs...a man on a diet

Hi everyone, I thought I'd write one of these diaries to chart my progress and hopefully spur myself on to victory in the war against the moobs.

Last night was my first weigh in after a week on Extra-easy, I did feel pretty good but wasn't going to count my chickens before they hatched regarding a loss, I said to myself I'd be happy with a pound, really pleased with two and anything over would just be awesome....well, the scales smiled on me and I lost 3.5lbs on my first week! :D

I haven't struggled with the diet as such, food wise it's been fine, but looking over my food diary it's a bit lacking as I lead such a busy life I ony get chance to cook a couple of nights in the week and the weekend, I've tried to remedy this by making a load of stuff last night and bagging it up to take into work with me, but last week was a heck of lot of apples, mullerlights and Quorn meat...not too great a combo. So I know I'm gonna have to do more planning at the weekends and cooking then so I have meals I can take with me. I suppose for the first week or so you are just settling into the diet right?

Exercise wise, I've upped the intensity of what I do at the gym so no more sitting on the bike reading magazines! Got to get that sweat on for it to work! I'm pretty active anyway, but exercise alone doesn't cut it for me unless the diet is right as well.
I've enjoyed reading the other diarys on here and hearing about all your hardwork and effort, so I hope I can do the same.

Week Two...begins today! Wish me luck.
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Well done on your first week! 1st week is a LOT of settling in. I've just started my 3rd week on ee and finally feel really in the swing of things. i've been cook 4 portions per meal - me and my sister eat 1 portion each, then i freeze the others for later in the week when i can't be bothered/haven't got the time to cook. i never, ever really did the cooking before so it's been a big change for me, but now i'm settled in to it i can't believe i didn't do it before! are you going to stay on ee, or mix it up a bit? x
Thanks McG, I probably need to get some time to sit down and read the book through properly to see if moving onto the other plans would benefit me, at the moment though ee seems fine, to be honest, I'm eating more on it than I did before starting the diet, always just starved myself basically and wondered why my weight wasn't changing SW is a much more sensible option and I've been impressed both times I've gone with the weight losses in the class.

Unfortunately I'm out all weekend this week, so Friday night might have to be cooking night this week so I can prep enough meals for the following week.

Enjoying it so far though, just had a great home made SW chili with baked potato for lunch and that will keep me going for the rest of the day.
Wow, what a way to start the day...a test of my willpower, birthday cookies & cakes in the office! Normally I'm a slave to the cookie but now I'm more interested in the pineapple and fat free yoghurt I have in the fridge.

Was out late last night so couldnt eat again till I got in at 10.30pm so just had some rice and quorn sauages to keep it light. Didn't eat too badly yesterday, plenty of fruit, just need to up the veg to match.

Went to gym, ran for 40 mins, cycled for 20, cross trained & rowed for 10 each. Then it was time to go to my sports group so had 2 hours there till home time...long day. Was starving when I left the gym though and hadn't got anything prepared so opted for a big pile of fruit and 0% fat yoghurt, will need to come up with a plan for post workout eating.

Feeling good though! I'm determined to kick that flabs butt!
Still going strong! Went to the gym again last night, couldn't spend as long there as normal though, so did a 40 min run and 20 mins cycle before heading home.

Tackled the SW chips tonight, was pretty impressed! Nice
home made feel/taste to them! wiht plenty of chicken and
corn/peas/beans on the side...Mullerlight to finish of course.

Friday finally! Finish work early today so either have the choice of getting home at a more reasonable hour or going to the gym again, not sure if I should rest the legs or just go for it while my willpower is strong and I'm "in the zone", bit of sofa time does seem appealing though....

I'll let you know if I'm swayed either way! ;)


Going for it.
Hello SkaterBoy! Sounds like you're doing really well. And I agree with McG that the first week or so is really a 'settling in' week. I started ten weeks ago and read anything I could about it the first week. I remember reading about Extra Easy (hadn't done SW for years - no EE then) and thinking it sounded far too good to be true. Well it does work and even better sets you up for a life of eating well and making good choices I think.

I too make a recipe for 4 then freeze extra portions for when I'm too busy to cook. I get ten freezer containers for a pound from Poundland! My freezer has enough SW food in it to deny me any chance of finding an excuse to deviate from the plan!

Good luck and I know I'm going to enjoy reading your diary.

I too make a recipe for 4 then freeze extra portions for when I'm too busy to cook. I get ten freezer containers for a pound from Poundland! My freezer has enough SW food in it to deny me any chance of finding an excuse to deviate from the plan!

Good luck and I know I'm going to enjoy reading your diary.

Thanks Sorus! I was lucky enough to be given an extra fridge/freezer before Christmas which is currently empty in my garage so I've no excuse but to fill that sucker up.

Sounds like a good plan to have a big supply of different meals already cooked, then as you say it's a lot less easy to deviate from the plan! Mind you I'm kinda lucky in the sense that take-a-ways don't really do it for me and I don't drink alcohol, so thats two major hurdles some people have to deal with that I am lucky to be able to clear easily.

Well done on your loss so far, I see more minuses than pluses so you're doing a great job!
hey sounds like your doing really well esp with the gym. instead of going today why don't you go for a walk after work?
hey sounds like your doing really well esp with the gym. instead of going today why don't you go for a walk after work?

Cos I'm in the city centre and I'll end up spending money ;)

Something different would be good but unless I get a sweat on I don't feel like I've worked hard enough, I wont be able to any exercise over the weekend as I'm in Leeds all day tomorrow and Manchester for a bit on Sunday, gonna pack some food to take with me, got a meal out Saturday night at one of those all you can eat buffet places, but I reckon the safest route is stir-fry with as little oil as possible and chicken etc
ahhhhhh city centers, sorry i'm a country bumbkin and hate them with a passion.

i live in a large village currently, the largest in europe! and i even find it a bit crowded, loved my house in NI, 10 min walk and you were on the beach and could walk along the coast, right beside the sea on a story day you got soaked but i truely loved it.

you thought of a fitness DVD, i've got one, turned it on once, best work out ever never laughed at the tele so much. ha you think i can do that, away and hoke!!!

i must get myself a bike so i can go a cycle, just wish were i lived was flat.
Yeah, I live in a rural area just work in the city centre (unfortunately it's a bit of a mission to get to in the morning - very early starts :(

I'm sure the dog would appreciate a country stroll though.

Fitness DVD....hmm, yeah I'm not too sure I could take being preached at by Davina or Martine Mcutcheon in my own living room! I have just gained my garage space back after selling a car so perhaps that dream of turning it into a disco can become a reality and I can dance myself slim?

I did actually put up a glitter ball in it already! :cool:
is this a forum invite to dance yourself slim

garages aren't for cars there for motorbikes silly man
ok, let myself off this Friday gym wise. Have quite a bit to do this evening so a dog walk will have to do I'm afraid. SW Quorn Chilli for tea with rice. Hope you all have a good weekend!
Hope you all had a good weekend! I did, was in Leeds on Saturday evening and had to go to one of those "around the world all you can eat buffet places" but I opted for the stirfry and fruit to finish, avoiding the chocolate fountain! Snacked on chicken and rice during the day to keep me full up, then Sunday was an early start with a trip to Manchester, didn't really get much chance to eat anything during the day so just got by on fruit till I finally got home at 9pm, for SW chicken tikka masala for dinner, not an ideal time to eat but didn't have much choice.

Weigh in is on Tuesday, don't feel too light at the moment, but have a couple of gym sessions before then and think I can work off a pound or two leading up to it! fingers crossed.

Tonight's the night! Went to gym yesterday and did 40 min run and 40 min cycle, pretty much wiped me out as I hadn't had chance to eat much during the day.

Feel ok about tonight, not as "light" as I did the first week, but I guess that was because my body had it's first week adjustment to the diet?

Tempted to get out of work a little early and go to the gym for a 40 min run before heading home and to class just as a little extra boost to my chances of success, or is that overkill? ;)

Here's hoping for a good result!
Well it was weigh in day yesterday and....lost another THREE pounds! yeah! Really didn't expect to lose that much again, I would have been content with one but that was a really cool surprise. :)

Now I'm really determined, I only need a pound this week for my half stone award, it's in my sights! Everyone else had a good loss too on the whole, there's one guy there who is a pretty slim looking guy but whose book is covered in stickers, found out he's lost over EIGHT stone! and is only 1 and half pounds off his target weight, really inspirational what he has achieved.

Tried the Hi-Life bars too for the first time, not bad, but too easy to munch in quantity so I dont think I'll be buying them. We also had a taster session with some Choc Fudge cake made with all-bran, didn't taste too bad! though it could just be because I haven't had anything chocolatey at all in two weeks!

In a great frame of mind now as I head towards my third week of weight loss (hopefully) and I'm feeling better and slimmer already, though I still can't get my pair of trousers on from two years ago!! As soon as they do up, you'll all be the first to know! C'mon you trousers!!!! :p
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Going for it.
Well done SkaterBoy! Wish I was losing 3 lbs a week at the moment! In fact I'd settle for 3 oz a week. :rolleyes:
Well done SkaterBoy! Wish I was losing 3 lbs a week at the moment! In fact I'd settle for 3 oz a week. :rolleyes:
Thanks Sorus! Any idea what's been causing your little gain the last few weeks? or is it just one of those quirks of dieting before your body settles down again.

Off to the gym now, got a good two hours+ to fill before going out somewhere later so intend to use it fully. Had a big lunch of Golden rice with asparagus, corn, sweetcorn and tender stem brocolli so I have fuel and I intend to use it! Can I top the 40 min run? Probably, but I just end up getting bored doing the same thing for that long! ;)

Have a good evening everyone.

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