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The weather


Leahs Lightweights


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Tonnes of it here, was cloudy this morning now it's sunny - was really hot earlier, but I swear there is now a bit more of a breeze and feels way cooler - or maybe thats down to the 1/4 litre of water I've had over a short space of time!


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Very warm in the South East feel we may pay tho with thunder storms tomorrow...

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
absolutely gorgeous here all day & still is now! x

hey 161ds where abouts in the south east are you?


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its cloudy here now but still very warm & muggy. Was sunny earlier & very hot.
Think we may have thunder storms.
I've been reading few posts over the last 10 mins and have seen numerous mentions of sunshine.... i say what??? sunshine???

there's none bloody here!

right whinge over
Bloody Gorgeous here love!!! But saying that its the first time we have seen the sun this month! lol.

All I can say is that is what you get for living in Staffs :p Used to live in Dudley and work in Staffs until about a year ago :)

Frijj - I'm not far from you! Didn't know real people lived in Bognor - I thought it was just a dodgy Butlins ;)
Sunny here in Colchester today, best weather for ages. Its sod's law though, bound to be sunny the next month as the kids are back to school Tuesday and won't be able to enjoy it!

Laura x


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It was lovely here today!! too hot infact.


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It's been pretty hot and humid up 'norf' today, but I've been at work so haven't been out in it. I hope it stays dry tomorrow cos I've got to mow the lawn Booo!!!!!

** Just Jools **

Slow & steady does it!!!!
bish bosh - ha ha ha, maybe i'm not real, i might be a figment of my imagination. lol :giggle:

so where near portsmouth do you live then?


Leahs Lightweights
funny bish bosh! i guess its my fault forliving in the middle!!! hey there's always today!
Well we had sunshine yesterday but doesn't look like we're gonna have any today - thank goodness for holidays, where I am going on Tuesday is 33-34 degrees C . And at night it's 25 degrees! I won't know what to do with myself! x

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