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The *Wonderful, Winning* Wednesday Thread!


Why Be Normal?
Morning All --

In the U.S. people refer to Wednesday as "hump day"... if thet can just get over this middle of the week "hump" then the rest of the standard work week will be all downhill and we can look forward to the weekend.

I've noticed from reading a lot of the posts on this site, that many of our members do not work a standard week (I have read that there is a correlation between working unsocial hours and weigh gain -- interesting, wonder why this is so). Even so -- whether this is your "hump" day or not: I hope that you get through this day and rest of your week is smooth sailing.

I'll be facing a challenge of my own tonight -- it is my first ladies' Bunco evening (a game night) at the RAF Base. We sit a tables with little bowls of tasty treats on either end (more than one bowl on each end). Things like crisps, Roses, Jelly Bellies, and even "excuseable" things like carrot sticks, etc. It is going to be very difficult to not nibble.

I avoid the alcohol calories by being the designated driver -- so only water for me is not a social issue. I just hope no one notices my not nibbling, and I need to remind those that know I am on a diet to please not discuss it. Many of these ladies will remember when I did LL and I do not want them thinking things like, "Oh not again..."

Sorry to ramble on... I hope we all have a Wonderful, Winning Wednesday!

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Why Be Normal?
Sorry, Charley -- I looked for a thread and did not see one.

How you this morning?



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**We Will Be Slim Wednesday Daily Thread**
Morning All

Sheesh I am soo tired this morning and had a little lie in, may as well make the most of it, back to work Friday boooo!

My usual routine, get ready, shake, walk, home, do some ironing today.

I really hope I can keep up with the walking when I am back to work!!!! I will have to go either very early am or after work at 6.30pm ish.

How is everyone this morning ?

Oh Minnie, I am loving the little bowls of treats ! Sounds divine, but hard on CD !!!!

I work full time flexi time term time only ! I have been off work as I had a shoulder injury after a fall at work.....not going to be easy getting back into the swing again !


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haha same here Minnie, we must have been typing at same time !
I am ok, just tired and fancy another sleep !!!!! Trying to get into hump day lol !


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Oh Yummy, sounds good, is that like vibroplate? my friend has some vouchers for some sessions and has offered me some so would love to know what it's like !
I am also starting the dreaded shred today ! Eeeek !


Why Be Normal?
@Charley -- Ironing, UGH! I must make myself do some of this torture, too.

@YummyMummy1972 -- Please do let us know what you think. I've never done power plate but I am interested in trying it.



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Morning all. Thinking positive. Picking up son from nursery and then the kids nap! So have to stay upstairs and avoid the kitchen lol!
Good luck for today!

Mrs Taurus

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Morning all, just listening to the lovely Gary Barlow on The Chris Evans show, good start to the day!
MM I hate Wednesdays, completely agree with 'hump day'.
Power plates sound amazing, maybe I could combine a lie in power plates and go to sleep on them and wake up toned......however it would have to be a fairy tale 100 years length of sleep for me to get toned.
Weight coming off much slower now, but still feel so much better for being in control and doing something constructive about my weight.

Happy Wednesday everyone, don't let that ironing ruin the day x


this time - the last time
Ooh....I love power plate classes.

There is a power plate only gym near my work.

I went last year, 3 classes a week, for about a month. I was nor dieting, and my shape completely changed. Once I have been SSing a month, U am going back. My classes for first week of Feb are (almost) booked in!

I loved it. The classes were 25mins and were advertised as a "non-sweat" class. Each exercise lasts one minute. We used to do 10 mins legs, 5mins arms, 5mins abs, 5mins cool down.
The class felt ok, not much pain, but the next three days I literally couldn't walk! LOL
After that the recovery time got Much quicker, although I never braved a class two days in a row!

Can't wait to get back. The only draw back I had was the cost - its really expensive in London.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
I've wanted to get in on the powerplate action! I've heard it's fantastic! They had one at my old gym but it was always in use :( I've just found a powerplate studio near me which is awesome and just contacted the guy regarding pricing since they don't list it on the website (which makes me think it's gonna be expensive! :() but that would fit in perfectly into my days as i work 60 hours a week across 2 jobs so not a whole lot of time to dedicate to toning, just about manage a bit of walking every now and then but 13 hour days (including weekends) are not fun!


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Hi again....the ironing still not done ! Managed a 1 mile walk this morning and tried the shred, she nearly killed me....going to try and do the hole thing tonight with hubby and another mile walk.

Nurse rang and asked me to go for a smear :( it's 9 months overdue so I am going there in 5 mins.

Hopefully everyone still having a good day, I am making hubby chinese noddles/stir fry for tea, nom nom ! Wish I could eat it, but I shall not ! xxx


Why Be Normal?
Hi Charley --

Great minds to think alike... I made my DH a Chinese Stir Fry for dinner (pork which I do not like and he does) and that was after taking my DD to McDonald's (Quarter Pounder with Cheese = my own true love) on the way home from cheerleading practice. It was a treat because she did well in her class assembly today.

Coffee for me at McD's and a bar for me at home -- now for the big trial: the ladies' evening with all the little bowls of treats on the tables. I am going to imagine that in every Roses wrapper is a cockroach, and that someone spit on the crisps, etc. (That ought to do it... I am bit of a germ-a-phobe sometimes). I should get my water in -- as I always buy a big bottle of sparkling water and the others buy bottles of wine. (I drive -- can't drink.)

Night -- MinnieMel
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