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The worst/best flavours on the CD


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I think a lot depends on personal taste, everybody is different. Personally favs are vanilla, butterscotch and banana, can't stand soups.
some people love tomato soup, I must admit its evil to me, but icemoose was a big fan!!!

My favs was chocolate mint, especially warm!!
Toffee and walnut made in a muffin with custard from a teaspoon of pack
Strawberry Mixamousse (angel delight or what!)

I miss em now, sounds daft but every now and then Ill have one instead of a meal and its yum!


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I love ALL the milkshakes....and Chicken & Mushroom....

am I sad ???!!! :confused:



Need help
Hi ya, :D

Personally my favourite are chocolate mint, vegetable soup, butterscotch, vanilla. Everyone is different so it is wise to try them all and then pick and choose. This is what I do for my customers and I find it works well.

Nick :) :)


i love minimins me :)
my favs r choc tetras, mint choc, choc, butterscotch and vanilla shakes and only chic and mushroom soup

hate al the rest of the soups


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in order i love

veg soup
chicken and mushroom soup
toffee bar
choc tetras
oriental chilli soup
choc mint shake
banana shake
strawberry shake


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Hmm me likes Chovolate and mint shake, chocolate tetra pack not keen on the Fruits of the forest ot toffee and walnut dont like Broccoli and cheese soup.

wow, choc tetras too!!!!!!!mmmmmmmmmm!!
i love the choc i have that the most and choc mint. i like cheese and broccoli,chicken and mushroom,oriental chilli,and veg i also have had the odd bar .
I cant stand any of the soups, i think they are vile.

I like:
Chocolate (with extra water)
Choc Mint

Banana was my favourite for the first few days but then it started to taste icky, like the soups.

I hope you find some that you like.

xx :)


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Do the tetra packs cost the same as the powders?.
CDC's charge differently - but I charge £1.70 for tetras and bars and £1.55 for shakes/soups.

I like tomato, oriental chilli and cheese & broccoli soup
banana, cappucino, vanilla, choc mint shakes
banana and choc tetras
and ALL the bars!!

I'll also exchange any shakes/soups etc my clients don't like.


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My absolute fave is banana (altho cant stand banana tetra!). Also love choc tetra frozen, like yummy choc ice-cream mmmmm!!! Also love toffee and walnut shake. Hate all soups!


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some people love tomato soup, I must admit its evil to me, but icemoose was a big fan!!!


I agree, i tried it first time yesterday...was gaggin :( (it tasted sweet too??) was straight down the sink.


a bit different everyday
to me broccoli and cheese is the most vile invention ever !!
it tastes to me like melted plastic and watery cabbage water bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrgghhh

i love
choc tetras!!!!
veg soup
chick mush soup
peanut bars

thats it haha

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