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Thelma & louise of the weight loss world

myself and fayhamy are yo-yo dieters and have decided to unite in our quest to get slim (mer) we hope that the support we will give each other (and get from u luvleys) :copon:will help us to succeed this time, i'm not sure which of us is thelma or louise but i have bagged the lower half of brad pitt lol :kissass:
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good morning thelma & all (i have decided to be louise) ;)

i must say i feel very positive once again and what a great feeling it is :happy036: if being positive feels this good why oh why do i let it go :cry:(note to me and thelma keep thinking positive thoughts) :vibes:

hope you have a great day thelma will catch up with u later to see how u've faired today
love louise :rolleyes: xxx

i am halfway through the day and have managed to stay on track ......so far so good hows ur day been thelma xx

good morning thelma well i'm afraid my day went completely tits up :banana dancer: brad rang me for a date (without u this time) i said i would love to but then at the last minute he cancelled :cry: i was sooo upset i turned to food for comfort:
1 egg, 2 bacon, beans, toast which would have been fine all cooked s/w way

big bowl porridge with butter sugar and cream
pkt healthy crisps
kellogs fibre plus bar
bar dairy milk (small one)
half of b/f s apple turnover with synthetic cream ( he thought i had bought 2 as it were sooooo big he couldn't tell it was all his really hee hee)
i'm sure i've missed something out went to bed with indigestion and couldn't sleep cause i felt sooooo sick :9529:
sorry to let u down i promise to be good today xx

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