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  1. Marti

    Marti Let's attack this fat!

    Weight Watchers
    Hiya Everyone,

    I need to be severely reprimanded!

    I went back to WW on Tuesday nite & decided this it, no more excuses I need to get back on track & lose the rest of this weight!

    Wednesday - was under by 3 points!
    Thursday - went to 4th bday party (Ate loads!!!!)
    Friday - went for meal, drank whole btl of vino!!!

    Today - woke up, ate weetabix, drank litre of water then........took the little one to macdonalds & couldn't resist the call of crunchie mcflurry!!!

    What is wrong with me???? First week back and already off the wagon?! :confused:
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi Marti,

    The rebellious child inside of you has come out to play...

    First thing is be patient and forgiving to yourself when you slip up.

    Always go back over any mistake and mentally see yourself in the same situation with perfect results, this way you make a template for the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.

    Just remember, you learned to walk by getting back up every time you fell, and that is how we succeed in life.

    Set yourself mini goals...looking at what you want to lose in one big instalment is too much for the head to handle and can be overwhelming.

    And for each mini goal achieved treat yourself to something non food as a reward.

    The good thing about WW is that if you do have an off day you can pull it back, all is not lost.

    We have to break the cycle of throwing in the towel and having an all or nothing attitude.

    So pick yourself up and dust yourself off and keep going...

    Believe in yourself and know others have lost weight and so can you.:hug99:

    Love Mini xxx
  4. sun

    sun Gold Member

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    Marti, there's nothing more to add that Mini has not said except good luck hun, you can and will succeed.

    sun xxx


    Ummmm, none really at present
    In the grand scheme of things you probably haven't doen too much damage points wise.
    Best thing to do is to come on here, while away hours reading everyone's diarys...there is lots of inspiration to be found here....and whilst you are busy at computer you are neither eating or thinking about eating.
    You haven't ruined the whole week..just gone over a little bit.
    Good luck with the rest of your week
    L x:)
  6. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    Mini that was lovely,and has helped many of us im surexx
  7. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    good luck loveyxx
  8. vodaka999

    vodaka999 Silver Member

    Weight Watchers
    Hi Marti

    Like others have said you are not the only one to be like this, i have days like this sometimes but the inportant thing for me is not to let a day like that become a week like that because im thinking i have blown it anyway with that one day, then im on a downward sipral and if i had picked myself straight back up i would have done way less damage.

    Hope your feeling better about it now
  9. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

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    I am so with you on this subject! I think we all have times like this .... i definatly do! .. Dont let the wobbly days turn into a wobbly week! .... i think everyone else has said it all! ...

    Just start each day as a fresh day hun ...

    Kirsty xx
  10. Marti

    Marti Let's attack this fat!

    Weight Watchers
    Thanks for everyones postings!

    Worked out my points for yesterday & it was 18.5 not as bad as I thought (I'm on 22 a day) drank 2 litres of water and called it a day.

    Today I have drank 1 pint water, ate 2 weetabix with 1/4pt of s.milk - have weighed myself (forbidden I know!) & am the same as Tuesday nite!

    If I'm really really good for the next 3 days & keep all my fingers & toes crossed I might be able to stay the same :rolleyes: x
  11. DecemberBride2008

    DecemberBride2008 Needs to succeed

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    Good luck Marti, and congratulations on your weight loss so far!!

  12. Joanne W

    Joanne W Full Member

    Slimming world
    Dont let it get you down. I have had a few days like that lately, but the support that you get on here is great it makes you realise that you are only human and we are all the same.

    As I have been told ol here - draw a line under the bad day(s) and start again - dont let a bad few days ruin your whole week.

    Good luck with your wi.

  13. Marti

    Marti Let's attack this fat!

    Weight Watchers
    Just got back from a 2 mile walk with the little one - Hopefully that will help heal the damage of the last few days! x
  14. Laurie

    Laurie MM addict

    Slim and Save
    how are you getting on?
    i had a slip up last wk was out for a meal, let thinks slide...thankfully i never put on and am now on kickstart and really hoping for a better loss this week.
    dont dwell on it, move on and put it behind you.
    well done on the walk better than i could ever do, i never have the motivation to go for a long walk! my feet ache after a few mins.
  15. Marti

    Marti Let's attack this fat!

    Weight Watchers
    Feeling good today - got WI tonight at 6pm (Fingers crossed!) Stuck to my points ystday & Sunday - haven't had much to eat today so am optimistic of maybe 1lb weight loss!

    I know the key to WW is to plan ahead, know your going for meal & choose sensible options but I get suckered in by the delicious things on the menu!!!

    Who else feels like that? :confused:
  16. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    You are doing so well fingers crossed for tonight's weigh in

    Irene xx
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