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these shakes are killing me

It is safe to say I have been reaquainted with my bathroom the past two days. The shakes go right through me and I am at a point where I can barely drink water anymore.

I'm not for one minute considering giving up, but does anyone else have these side effects? My stomach is so sore, and I have a 5 hours journey back to uni tomorrow without a toilet!
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I had the squits and stabbing stomach pains last week Racheal.. The chemist checked with LT and they said i could have imodium... It only lasted a few days and then i was back to normal (without taking anything).. How long have you been like it?

Is it worth trying a straw to drink your water through?

As for your train journey, i suggest a holdall full of clean knickers and a collection of wet wipes!! lol

Seriously though, you might have to time your shakes around your bowels.. Can you roughly time how long after each shake you need the toilet? I really do not know what to suggest hun... sorry x x
since my first lt shake yesterday, I'm wondering it its because its quite rich in vits and minerals and I'm getting used to it?

i may have to have my shakes later in the day tomorrow after my journey maybe :(


Getting married in July!!
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dont worry this wont last long. when u go to the bathroom is it no1s or no2s? cos if its just the water it is just while your body gets used to drinking so much and the trips to the toilet do get less (although still annoying!!) r u driving/getting train/ bus/ flight tomo? whatever mode you'll prob need to make toilet breaks cos i cant imagine being able to go 5 hours without the toilet these days. you were already on quite strict diet before this so it will prob take your body a wee while to get used to all the changes but dont worry about it and dont let it put u off, it all gets easier and all these things stop happening so much/become normal! xxx
i'm on train and coaches!! nightmare! it wont be put me off though i'm too determined now x


Getting married in July!!
S: 15st4lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.1 Loss: 3st13lb(25.7%)
exactly and at least there are bathrooms on trains so you'll be ok there. only the bus parts to time yourself for. dont forget that just for tomorrow you could hold off on drinking the lions share of your water untill the evening to make it easier. xx
I am going out tomorrow night aswell so I will get through a fair amount of water I think so I should be ok :)
My first sober night out, going to be strange!
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I know this might sound delicate but i've only been on the diet since last Friday and i am loosing water periodically from the no2 department, is this normal, it will happen two or three times a day in between normal movements. can anyone help?
I am, although I seem to have gone the other way now! I may have to invest in some fibre :)

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