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They say 'staying in' is the new...

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Yeah, we've got it on too - not seen it before x


One day at a time
Me and Mr Boo are in too!! Oh we are soooo trendy lol :D:D:D Boo xx


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Well I'm on a train home from London and I'm very drunk but only because I've been to a wedding. My choice would be to stay at home!
im home! OH is out, kids are in bed and im watching a documentry about the 15 most notorious women.... i am so cool! lol x
Staying in tonight as I had a long day starting by going out at 7 (and I just don't DO mornings!!) and dodging the showers while manning a stall at a fete.

I had a little snooze when I got home, now I am having a little glass of wine while my dinner cooks, and then I am going to watch some of the Kennedy programmes which I am recording on BBC2. And I will do the crosswords in the Times and Telegraph.

And yes, that does sound rather boring, but I am enjoying it!!


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Well here the boys are Xboxing and WoWing in the other room and their father has just a dvd on!! Some "hilarious" Japanese film ~ he's learning Japanese and says it helps him to understand better! Personally I think pulling my teeth out without anaesthetic would be more fun! lol
Staying with my gorgeous oh watching Jonathan Creek xx
I'm enjoying a nice chilled evening indoors. Very unlike me to be home on a Saturday night but i have work at 7.30 tomorrow so need an early night. Think me and the mr have had a role reversal tonight. Hes out with the boys boozing it up and I'm home its usually the other way around hahha x


Losin the baby weight :-)
Me!! :wavey: I am having a night in with the pooches and sky planner!.... and some vin rouge of course :D OH is out at a cricket presentation do :4635:soi am making the most of some me time! luvvverly xx
I will deffo be out next weekend.... i have a bit of cabin fever! my OH is in blackpool at a posh hotel for a football presentation evening, he isnt drinking though as he has to drive home so no sick for me to clean up... he is such a rubbish drunk! me on the other hand will be wasted this time next week lol x
wrapping my OH's presents as it is his birthday Friday and sorting my fiances, on what fun! But got the reward later on in the evening with a chinese :) Now of to bed shortly as completely wiped out with having a baby kickign me all day and spending a lot of time in town trying to find my OH presents!
Me! Been in all night, lying on the sofa with my eye firmly shut. Stupid scratched eyeball and stingy cream!
I love staying in and making a dinner party.

We were in last night along with the rest of you

Cuddling up to my DH has no price and no comparison.


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WelshCake said:
I hardly have the energy to paint a door pale pink let alone the town red, I am however enjoying a nice voddie and diet cherry coke :)
Lolololol that sounds so much like me!

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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
I love staying in and making a dinner party.

We were in last night along with the rest of you

Cuddling up to my DH has no price and no comparison.
Sounds like my perfect evening! Obviously cuddling up to my Paul and not your Paul hun - unless we all cuddled up together!!! Lol xxxx
i must be the most hippest of the lot then if staying in is the new going out, i have not been out since august 2006

Bloomin' 'eck !! That is a big stay in !! Almost 5 years.

The hip chick award.

hugs xxx

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