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think i am going to give it up


is getting better at it
i think something is trying to tell me to give up going to slimming club, every time i join one i get to go for a couple of weeks and then something happens so that i cant go, joined my new club two weeks ago couldnt get there last week and this week the car is in the garage.
i dont think i can do it on my own, i only have to miss a week and i think its a licence to eat
sorry to moan

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Hi Karen

Please don't give up hun. It doesn't matter if you can't get to class you can speak to people on line here and also you can join in with the weekly weigh in threads. People are so helpful and supportive on these forums, you have so much support available on here and you certainly are not alone. We are all in it together.

I think you need to give yourself some tlc and change your negative thought patterns to positive. Instead of thinking I can't change it to I can and I will. We are only a few words away hun just give someone a shout there is always someone at hand to listen to you and to give you support.

Chin up hun.xx


this time I will succeed
Hey Karen
Dont' give up, I'm doing it on my own cos I simply don't have the time to attend all the classes. I could be here to help if you want. My books are quite out of date and I'm not sure about any new updates so I can help you with just keeping on track rather than the ins and outs of the diet.
Let me know, but either way keep at it.


is getting better at it
thanks guys,
i just feels like everything is going against me to stop me trying to lose weight, i have all the new books i brought them not so long ago and with the help on here there is no reason why i cant do it on my own is there? im on a bit of a downer today and it is easier to give it up than to try that little bit harder to suceed in my mind and i do like the easy option.

thanks again and help would be very much appreciated


This is really the time!
You could even contact your consultant, explain about the car and just go back to class when you are able to. I know you used to be able to have so many holiday weeks, where you don't have to pay when you get back.

So, you can decide if you want to do it at home until you are able to get back to class or do it at home from now on.

But please be positive. Negative thoughts make everything seem dark. Hence, no positive outcome.

So, chin up. You can do it!


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Hey Karen don't give up! I totally know what you mean though, I can't do it on my own either! I'm not going to bore you with all the details of my problems since starting but I will tell you this:

I have been on SW for 5 years now, I have had a couple of years where everything seemed to conspire against me. I felt like I had given up but I hadn't, I was still sticking to the plan the best I could and although my weight was up and down I was not gaining all my weight back which I would have done if I went totally off plan.

When you can't get to class tell yourself that you will have to stick with it til next week. You can do it, a missed class isn't going to ruin it x


Desperate to be slim!
You can do it alone!!!

I know what you mean though... I can't get to my class this week, so I'm going to another class my consultant does instead, as I know if I miss one I'll go haywire.

My consultant always says to us all if we have any problems she's only on the end of the phone... If I were you I would give yours a ring and explain, and get some advice! That's what they're there for, and there's no point in joining unless you take advantage of the benefits that are available.

Good luck, keep positive and stay on here! :eek:)


is getting better at it
thanks, have been looking on the sw website and have found a meeting 100yrds up the road from me so i dont need a car, the only prob is its an evening one and on a thursday and i go to mums for dinner that day, but that can be changed. never been to an evening one before

thanks again


This is really the time!
Good plan! Good luck with that karen :)


is getting better at it
ohh you frightened me lol, no not giving up thanks to the lovely people on here am going to speak to my leader about changing to the night one up the road

thank you all again