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Original Think I'm going to join SW


Intuitive Eater
I used to do SW and lost over 2 stone very easily and never was hungry. My friends were concerned at my weightloss and thought I was on some sort of starvation diet and I remember saying gosh you want to see how much I eat!!!! I'm struggling to remember a lot of it off the top of my head as it was back in 2001 and I have binned my books, and I have considered going back to class or doing BodyOptimise. I did enjoy SW. I feel that intuitive eating and eating whatever I want was a very slippery slope especially when I ate when not hungry (which defeated the object!) and I have put on a lot of weight and my eating is out of control. Peversely, I think I like having parameters around food and my eating. Not sure if anyone remembers me? I'm vegetarian so I would be doing the green day. Eggs are free aren't there (without fat I realise)? I remember eating lots of pasta, fruit and vegetables, and pulses. Is that still the same? If so, it might be worth me rejoining. Hope it hasn't changed much!

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Starting Again!
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Hey, welcome back!

Your best bet would be to go to group, if to the all the up-to-date books at the very least. Even if you don't go back you've still got the latest info, and expert advice from the consultant. This also seems the cheapest way as ebay seem to sell them at a marked up price and claim the 2006 etc., books are the latest.

A few things have changed, a lot the same. The biggest change is stock cubes are now free! It was a big this when it was announced on here :D

Some other advice I'd give is

Firstly I will say give the Slimming World Advice for Newbies thread a read. It will hopefully answer lots of your questions about the plan.

* Try and plan ahead best you can - especially important when going out etc.
* Don't weigh everyday - only at your official weigh in once a week
* Keep track of your measurements as well as weight, so if you have a bad couple of weeks, you can be reassured knowing you are losing inches as well as lbs. Take your measurements about once a month
* Make sure you use the plan to your full advantage, fill up on free foods, weigh your HE's properly and use all 15 syns a day - then when you are closer to taget you have something to cut back on if you are struggling.

Hope that helps, good luck on your SW journey,

Natt xxx


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Hi and welcome back.

I would definately rejoin, the basics of the plan will be the same as when you last did it, the things you said are still free foods but there will be new A/B and syn value lists and some things which may have been free years ago no longer are (tinned macaroni cheese for example).

It's always worth going along to class if you can (in my opinion) as you will get all the information and of course the support of your consultant and group.

Good luck!


Starting over
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yes, definitely rejoin if you can, the books are essential in planning. You also get access to the syns online bit of SW if you are a member. I also follow green each day as I don't eat meat. It's working well for me, over 3 stone in four and a half months. I'm never hungry:)
good luck and keep us posted about how you are getting on.


Intuitive Eater
Gosh, how wonderful. I remember when this forum didn't have this much activity in a month let alone a day!

When you say stock cubes are free, are any stock cubes free say, Kallo vegetable ones?

I'm still thinking about joining/doing SW - it's been many years since I last dieted but I'm seriously considering it.

Janey xx
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Hi Janey,
All stock is free! and if you're unsure you can check on the online syn directory on the slimming world website.
I joined 5 weeks ago and im hoping that when i have my 5th weigh in on wednesday i will have lost a stone!
I'm a vegetarian as well and my cooking has been so much more creative and fulfilling since starting SW. I found loads of great recipes that i never would have thought of on my own so i'm finding SW brilliant! i've even started a recipe folder!
This isn't a diet at all. Get on board, i think you'll really enjoy it!


Intuitive Eater
Thanks so much for your help. I've decided not to go back to dieting afterall - it's been too many years and I'm going to stick with intuitive eating. Thanks anyway and good luck to you all!!

Janey xx
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LOL! I wish I knew what intuitive eating was. My intuition tells me to eat pizza...

Good luck Janey