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think im pregnant eeekkk:S

well i was due on thursday and my period never came im still waiting but did a test on friday and was a faint line??
whjat do i do? do i wait 2 have it confirmed or ruled out and when i do can i still do refeed and matinance ??? very confused and disapointed in myself. also i read losing alot of weight b4 pregnancy is dangerous is this true?
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Losing a lot of weight before pregnancy isnt dangerous! There is a whole section here on minimins dedicated to losing weight whilst TTC. In fact, that's why Im on a VLCD, in order to TTC later on this summer!

There's been a lot of people on minimins who have done a VLCD and then gotten pregnant. Obviously, if you are pregnant you will not be able to TFR so I would go get a decent test from Boots and confirm it yourself. I must say, VLCDs ALWAYS mess my periods around though.

Dont be disappointed with yourself, it happens! *hugs*

A Whole New Me - I Hope !

A Whole New Me - I Hope !
I Would Go And Get A Test And Check Again - But Do It In The Morning As Your Urine Will Be More Intense And You Will Get A More Exact Reading !!
Hope Your Well - Let Us Know How It Goes x
Dont be disappointed. Look everything in life happens for a reason.

I agree with the others, you need to get a good pregnancy test kit and def first thing in the morning is the best time to test. It is actually very common for people to loose a whole load of weight rapidly and then get pregnant.

Dont fret about it. It was only a faint line so still only a possibility. But you do need to know as yours and the babys health comes before any diet. Ok so if you end up taking a break from this then thats what happens. When, and I mean when, you come back, some of us will still be here!!!!

I hope everything works out for you and do let us know. We are all rooting for you whichever way it goes.

PS - you did say you were a yummymummy2b!!!!
lol very true. iv just ordered some clear blue tests they should be here in the next 2-3 days. im never ever late im usually on every 3 weeks this is 4 weeks 1 day now just wish i left that test on friday till 2day then i wouldnt be worrying so much. will keep u posted tho thanx 4 replying:)


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Everything will work out in the end, it usually does. :) xxx
well took anoter test and im pregnant....gunna have 2 start refeed on thursday:S soooo scared


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congratulations :) xxx Yummy Mummy 2 Be FOR REAL


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Aww hunny congratulations :) xxxx
Congratulations - wishing you all the best.
Well done, congratulations! I'm delighted for you, you take care of yourself now and your little bub xxx
(Plenty of time for weight loss after your little one is here)
Congratulations! Please keep in touch with us and let us know how everything is going with you and the little bubba!
Laura xxx


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Congratulations, good luck and I hope everything works out for you x
quik update... well yet another angel grew its wings :( thought this might tip me over the edge in the sence of my diet but it hasnt. i am very upset and hurting a little bit physically but im blessed to ahve carried a little angel even if it was for just a few weeks :( i decided tyo stick to refeed for now as i think i need all the energy i can rite now as i have this going on and also 3 very active little boys who need a happy mummy and total food replacement isnt going 2 do it 4 me rite now, see u all in a few months perhaps and if now keep going it is so worth it in the end ..
Oh Im so sorry. I think your right to refeed for now hun, focus on your lovely little boys and getting yourself back on your feet.

Keep in touch xxx


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Oh darling I am so sorry to hear that. You poor pet. You are right to take a break from tfr for a while - your health both emotional and physical is more important. Dont you be leaving us though - pop back and let us know how you are doing.
Niamh xxx
Im sorry to your sad news. I wish you all the best in the comming weeks whatever path you choose to tread. sending you my thoughts though cyberspace

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