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Thinkin about postponing my surgery


time to get focused
As some of you know I am booked In to have my breasts enlarged 1st dec but im really struggling to get my weight off, iv been on cd since April and am struggling to even get in the 11's so I'm thinking about puttin my surgery off untill the new year after iv been to Cuba! What do u guys think cause I'm really struggling to make a Decision! I can either have the surgery done at whatever weight I am by then and lose the rest after or wait till the new year wen I'm hopefully closer to my goal xxx
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Hon I really think that's a good idea. Your head is all over the place and the moment and the type of surgery you are going for is a pretty big deal (even though it's cosmetic) with a significant recovery period. You are putting so much pressure on yourself I think a bit of breathing space would do you the world of good. And that way you can focus on the day to day and weight loss and book your surgery when you feel happier with everything xxx


time to get focused
Im just so angry with myself, iv been on cd since April and im lucky if iv even lost a stone, iv had so long to prepare myself and the deal was I'd have my new boobies and a nice flat tummy for wen I go Cuba :(
Anger is a waste of energy hon as it doesn't change anything and will just send you to the fridge to comfort yourself. Emotionally you have a few things to sort through and until you do that I think there will always be a "block" for you with your weight. But try and think of this as progress not failure. You know yourself better now, you are taking steps to make changes... focus on the journey now rather than some target in the end that just puts pressure on.
Hon... force yourself to see it as a positive choice not a negative. It's not as if this is your one and only chance to have the surgery. You need to focus on trying to get out of this negative thinking loop you are in.
I think postponing it is a good idea but then you've wanted these new boobies for a while and well its seems odd that you have wanted something for so long but you are sabortaging yourself so you can't have it, so then postponing it is like punishing yourself, your trapped in a circle perhaps you think you dont deserve to have nice new boobies,perhaps your own self worth is the issue here???
I have been on CD for a month, I have had days were I have eaten, not huge amounts but most days I have stuck to it, I just keep in mind that I deserve to be thin and I have to keep trying and trying, I have lost over a stone now, which isn't gonna beat any cd records but its heading down, every week I've lost a lb or more so I feel in control. If I wake up one day and I feel like I need to eat something I make a sensible decision and make sure its still only around 800-1000 cals, I dont take my cd packets that day but we all have our own journey. I dont think I have ever been in ketosis lol. This is working for me. and I have an understanding CDC :)
good luck and remember you do deserve to have the body you want
A tough decision. I was just thinking if you do have them done and then lose weight what effect will that have on their shape/size? If its likely to have an impact it might be worth waiting til you have lost the weight rather than having lovely new boobies and then 'losing' them as you lose more weight. I've been on CD a month now and have lost 28lbs, 4 inches round my chest and dropped a cup size - i would be really cross if that happened after I had paid to have lovely boobies. Am I making any sense here?

Hope you make the right decision for you - and enjoy your holiday anyway!!

i have been around the block a bit on cd. im back on now and have been on n off mins but just not posting............. but thought i wanted to add my pennies worth....... this is so not what you wanna hear....

in reality i htink you should wait antill you have reached your target wait and maintained for a while. i know that seems like forever away but it doesn't have to be.

its just i am sure we have all seen how the weight loss leaves our real boobs shrink and shrink and shrink so i can only imagine what it will do to your nice new ones n how deflating and gutting would that be! i know i would be so p****d off!!

just my oppinion though!

all the best x


Fitness Freak!
I did the opposite to you and had mine reduced, but I do feel you are absolutely right to postpone just now. Being in a better place emotionally can only help you. These procedures are operations and can be painful, have a risk of infection, and (God forbid) go wrong. If you are emotionally fragile then any of these will be very hard to deal with.

I had my surgery nearly 10yrs ago at 21, having wanted it from the age of 14 and been seriously looking into it from 17. The staff at the clinic couldn't believe how calm I was, they said they had never seen anyone so relaxed! Afterwards I was violently sick from the anasthetic but had no pain relief whatsoever - I was actually written up for morphine!!! My recovery was fairly easy, and I have embraced my scars (which are quite significant with a reduction). I truely believe a lot of this was because I was so ready for the surgery emotionally.

I wish you the best of luck, and hope you will soon be happy with yourself before surgery, as sadly it won't in itself make you so.
aww hun , I know how much you have been looking forward to your surgery but I think you are right to postpone , like people have said you will get a far better result if you wait till you are at goal weight , this way your new ones wont shrink and you can be more sure what size to go ... if you have massive implants now then loose loads of weight, you could look really out of proportion ..
You know you want to do CD and you CAN do it , you just need some faith in yourself :)

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