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  1. cooky888

    cooky888 Full Member

    Hi folks,
    Really struggling trying to think what to do my hubby recently got made redundant and at the minute struggling to find another job so only one wage coming in to pay mortgage n bills etc so paying the 38.00 a week is a bit tight on the purse strings i also am starting to feel really depressed one minute im on a high all determined that im going to stick to this then next im daydreaming about food and thinking shall i just go back to ww or sw?
    Dont know what to do, spoke to counsellor last week and she recommended i stay on ss a bit longer even though i wanted to do ss+ as she said it would slow my weight loss down and i want to do the diet in the quickest time ?
    Please give me some sensible advice x
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  3. Thelma

    Thelma Silver Member

    Hi Cooky,
    Sorry things are tough just now. You need to do whatever's right for you. You CDC may be technically correct about slower weight loss, but if you can't afford the SS price, then that's a way to still lose weight (and by all accounts, people still get good losses) but keep to the CD lifestyle. Sounds like your CDC may not have your best interests at heart if you've told her your situation,yet still she is recommending SS?

    The other option I've heard people think about if money's tight, is to move to SlimFast. Similar diet ethos but less pricey.

    I really feel for you. Hope you find something that works for you.

    T x
  4. Zoe.D

    Zoe.D loving life

    Hiya, I have only been on ss 6 days but if you are finding the diet is working well for you with regards to weight loss then stick at it. I know where your coming from with regards to money being tight and I'm sorry to hear about your Husbands job but if you can find the penny's for a while longer it seems a shame to end your journey when you are doing so well.
    With regards to soing over to ss+, if you really are struggling on ss and are thinkiing of quitting altogether then maybe a go on ss+ is better than finishing alltogether even if it is for a short period until you feel your mood and determination comes back on track. I know you want to lose the weight the quickest way possible but it's important to be happy whilst on your journey.
    Don't give up though you are doing so well - I would love to lose what you have lost in such a short period. Good Luck. Zoe x
  5. Keira82

    Keira82 Full Member

    I did ss fr my first week and lost 9lb... I moved to SS+ for the 2nd week and lost 5lb - now that I was very happy with and i get a small meal (so far in 3 days another 2lb has come off) I don't see that as slowing down on weight loss...

    Its what you feel comfortable with and what fits in with your personal circumstances...

    Good Luck x x
  6. Hi Cooky

    My husband was made redundant earlier this week so I know exactly what you are going through and been having the same thoughts, £38 is a lot to spend on food. For the moment I am going to keep going, mainly because it's the one thing I can actually control whilst everything else feels so unsettled - also because my weight contributes to me feeling depressed.

    Hope this helps and good luck

  7. cooky888

    cooky888 Full Member

    thanks defo going 2 tell CDC tomorrow I'm moving to ss+ not going to give up all together thanks x
  8. SharonJayne1970

    SharonJayne1970 Silver Member

    the difference with SS and SS+.....on SS at least 14lbs a month, on SS+ 12 -14lbs a month....small difference really not massive
  9. Soel

    Soel Final Time on Cambridge

    If you did change to SS+, you will still need to buy the same amount of shakes etc, but you will also have to but food as well. In effect SS+ would be more expensive. I think that the 1000 cal step is the first one where you reduce the number of CD products used per day to 2 from 3, but the weight loss rate would be reduced. I'm on the 1000 at the moment and pay approx £25 per week, dependant upon what I buy.

    This is just another point of view, but I wish you all the best with whatever you decide. :)
  10. Louie lou

    Louie lou Full Member

    Hi cooky888, my husband was made redundant in Nov 08 so I know what you mean about living on one wage.
    I'm the sole provider also.
    But believe it or not he’s going on the SS+ on Monday too, we worked out what we spend each week on the food bill and what I spend at work in the canteen, what he spends on sweets and bits and bobs and what we spend on takeaways it works out about the same.
    It would be such a shame to give up now when you have done so brilliantly so far.
    Hang on in there. Xx louie

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