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thinking about surgery

hi all i did cambridge about 8 months ago and lost 2.5 stone trouble is i put it all back on i really want to lose the weight again but i m scared of failing again, so i m thinking about having a gastric balloon fitted to help me ,this is the last option ,i have about 4 stone to lose but i m a typical yo yo dieter what should i do please help, been in constant tears for the last few days,feeling so fed up
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I dont know much about gastric balloon surgery so Im prob not the best person to comment, but I think it is a very drastic measure if you are "only" 4 stone overweight. I dont even know if you would be considered for surgery with 4 stone to lose.

I know that 4 stone to you seems insurmountable and everyones weight loss struggles are different, but CD has worked for you before so why not give that one last try before resorting to drastic measures.

Please dont be offended by my comments. I am just trying to be honest.


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Hi itsnowornever and welcome to Minimins :)

I'm also not sure if you can have gastric banding with 4 stone to lose. We have a weight loss surgery thread on here that is great for info and you can read about other peoples' experiences. Maybe that would help?

I'm sure another member will be along soon with more info,

Lacey :)
thanks for your honesty i have researched it you have to have a bmi of 28 or more to have a ballon they insert it via endoscopy down the thrat and inflate it with saline it stays in your stomach for 6 months, have just come of the phone to my old cdc and think i m gonna give cambidge one last blast , she s gonna weigh me twice a week for extra support


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Hi itsnowornever,

Surgery is a huge step and I know you must of thought about it long and hard.

I also considered the gastric band not sure if this is similar to the balloon, but I have heard so many say that you can out eat it and this is I believe one of the reasons why Sharon Osbourne had Gastric Band, she was talking about have it taken out as she felt it thought her nothing about eating and she still managed to gain weight after first having lost initially with it.

I myself had lost six and half stone on my way to wanting to lose 10 stone and then I fell off the wagon on and off and up and down since. I am a slow loser and I had set my goals too high and out of reach and this I believe set me up for failure. Now I have revised my goals to losing 8 stone over all and I feel this is more doable and realistic. For now I am aiming for 7 stone off and when I get there I will review how I feel.

I have given up trying to do SSing and now I am focussing on doing 790 CD plan and I am finding it surprisingly easy to do and I will be four weeks on it this Monday:D Now I am seeing once again the light at the end of the tunnel and this is motivating me forward.

Your not alone in how you feel as most of us have felt like you from time to time and it is heart breaking place to be.

Whatever you decide we will support you:hug99:

Love Mini xxx


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I'm really pleased to hear that.

You know that CD has worked for you in the past, so hopefully with the right support you can make it all the way to goal this time and maintain successfully.

Best of luck, and keep posting so that we can congratulate you on your losses, and kick ass if you think you are going to fall off the wagon.



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If you buy the latest Lighterlife mag it has an article about this surgery - along with horror/success stories.

I would do anything to avoid this surgery if I was you. In four months you could be BMI25 and it will be all over - keep telling yourself that as having this surgery can potentially (small risk) leave you in wheelchair forever.... surely trying CDC again is much better than taking this risk. Love bunny xxx
thank you all i am gonna give cambridge another go bunny you are such an inspiration you look fantastic you must be so proud of your self,just hope i m strong enough to do this again


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I think it's a great idea for your CDC to weigh you twice a week. Also start a diary thread on here .... and join our fallen angels thread. I lost 4stone on LL/CD and ended up putting 3stone back on. Now have been on fallen angels thread since Wednesday and already lost 7lb with CD SS. I've upped my water, made the ice cream with shakes, and that's made a big difference to me.

Good luck!

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