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Thinking differently this time


Want to be a yummy mummy!
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One thing I have noticed about the way I am on SS this time is that I am completely going to abandon any thoughts of food, and am going to stop myself from thinking "its ok I can have it when I stop" - I think it will definately help me in preparation for maintenance.

I am going to tell myself I am on this for 12 weeks, no breaks, no treats at a weekend for a birthday; nothing - its not a lifetime, its for 3 months. The lifetime thing comes afterwards - the life of chosing to be slim and eat healthily!

My birthday is about 14/15 weeks away.....perfect....who knows I could even get under 10 stone by then!

Have got the tummy rumbles already, have nearly done 1ltr of water and have a choc brik for lunch chilling in the fridge!

Anyone else on their 3rd time lucky, and tried to make themselves think completely differently to last time?I really need to grow up and think about this long term this time, im fed up of messing about.

Lauren xxxx
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loving life
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It's my first time on Cambridge but I am definatley retraining my brain already so that when I come off I don't go back to eating the way I did before. I see it as a second chance for my body to treat it the way it should have been before when I was slim. I took it for granted being a size 12 before and slowly the weight crept on until I was huge, I will not make the same mistake again once I have got rid of my fat suit.

It's good to be thinking like that Lauren, you will be at goal before you know it and maintaining it really well because of it. Good luck xx


Want to be a yummy mummy!
S: 13st10lb C: 13st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Its just all good saying it though isnt it, its whether you are going to be in the same frame of mind when you are a size 10, from when you were an unhappy fat size 16 verging on 18...you know.

As I said its time to grow up and start taking care of myself - food is so over-rated and I need to remember that when my boyfriend suggests getting a takeaway - I remember last time I had a Choux Bun - cream cake thing, just after i finished the diet - all went downhill from there! Need to stop it. I have considered myself told off today!!!

Good luck with your first time on CD - i really hope its the only time you ever have to SS. xxxx


Full Member
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lol!! this is exactly the same here,3rd time lucky!! I have been avoiding minimins for the last 4 weeks, i had a break for my birthday and couldnt stop my break for 4 weeks!! i was on a complete food rampage and just couldnt help myself.

So i went back to my cd yesterday faced up to my weight gain (which wasnt as bad as i had first imagined thankfully) and i back on it today, i went to holland and barratt yesterday and bought some natural appetite suppressants just for this week to help with the horrible evil sugar/carb cravings and food pangs.

So this time this is it, i have to do this, otherwise i will go on holiday feeling like a whale on the beach, and i cant just let all the hard work i have done so far fall to nothing either.

so today is a fresh day.... and its all good from here! GOODLUCK!! xx


Mistress of the Dark
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It's my 3rd time too!

I lost 7st 1st time round because I was so desperate to lose weight but as I liked what I saw, the urgency to lose weight went and I started picking. Before i knew it I was binging again and put 3st back on!!!

2nd time I only lasted a couple of days and I cheated throughout!

3rd time lucky for me and already doing better. I am steering clear of food and will not be making the same mistakes! A Big Mac is no substitute for the warm glow of getting a compliment about how much weight I have lost! x


Wants to be a yummy mummy
I'm on my second go at it - and agree, it's definitely easier this time because my head is completely in the right place.. And I wholly believe that you do have to change the way you think - we were all big for a reason and it's naive to think that we don't therefore need to change our whole approach to food, portion size, food choices and the way we respond with food to emotional things (boredom, sadness etc).. I'm going to follow a 95%/5% approach when I'm at my goal weight - if I eat healthily 95% of the time then the odd deviation from that won't harm.. Certainly from watching friends who are the same weight they were 5 years ago (and size 10-12) that seems to be what they all do!

Plus I think your approach of lifetime rather tha 12 weeks is a good one too!! Good luck with being there by your birthday, what a lovely birthday present to yourself!


One Day at a Time
S: 17st10lb C: 17st10lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 36.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I definitely know how you feel Lauren. The first time around my goal treat was a girly holiday to Mexico. Actually, that turned out to be the aim not the goal and after it was over, I decided CD was too. No maintenance!! Stupid! Now I'm back where I started with more sensible goals. Mainly to get back to a sensible weight and maintain it long term - whatever it takes. Its one thing dealing with the fact you are overweight, but another to receive all the compliments and then go back to the way you were before with no-one mentioning it. Its very isolating.

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