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Extra Easy Days Thinking of converting!!!

S: 20st4lb C: 20st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 50.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi, I have been doing Weight watchers on and off for a good while and I do like the flexibility of it. Recently I fell badly off the wagon and feel like I need a change. I would like to ask a couple of questions.

1. What do people have for breakfast besides what is on offer with A & B's.

2. Can I really have as much free food on EE as I want and use syns and still LOSE WEIGHT???

I think it is probably hard to get your head around it because I am programmed to think of points and pointing everything that I eat! I really feel like I could do without measuring and pointing at the moment as I don't want all the hassle of it. Although I must make some kind of an effort as I put on 5lb in 10 days from comforting eating!

Do people still enjoy chocolate/crisps on EE as I used to allow myself enough points to have a treat here and there.

Thanks for letting me waffle on - I will probably end up waffling even more in the future.

Need alot of support and help at the moment. :sigh:
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Hi there I have moved from WW as i was always hungry. Only on day 4 but its great hopefully i will of lost this week but im defo never hungry. there is a lot less convience food so a bit more cooking involved. Ure allowed 15syns a day which u can use on a little treat :)


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i have also moved from ww I lost 1 st then i struggled, I have done EE for a week NEVER been hungry and certainly didn't expect the 2.5 loss i had ! have a look at some diary's to get an idea.

breakfast i have grilled bacon, egg, beans, mushroon tomato and slice of wholemeal ( as my healthy option b)

it's LUSH
Its definitely worth a try if you feel youve hit a slump. I didnt find SW just as convenient as WW when it came to eating out or grabbing something for lunch if I was disorganised at work lol It works on most of the same principles as WW when it comes to meals. Cooking from scratch, making sensible choices etc.

I have to admit I LOVED my breakfasts on SW. Syn free sausages, beans, egg, bacon.... magic :)

As far as free food goes, its IS free but you need to remember that no matter what diet youre on if you eat more than you need/burn you wont lose. Things like Mullerlights which are free are over 100 cals each so its not rocket science that eating 8 a day is probably going to impact your weight loss ;)

Give SW a go, you may love it as its so different to WW and itll get you back on track, or you may hate it and youll realise WW is the way to go.... one way or the other - you cant lose ;)
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I always save my syns so at the end of the day i can have a little glass of wine, or a fudge, or a curly wurly. Find myself looking forward to it every day!

They say breakfast is the most important meal on slimming world as its kick starts your metabolism. This morning i had turkey rashers and an egg :) xx


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I've found extra easy really suits me so far. I've only been doing it for 4 days too but normally by this point I'm struggling, not this time though!

It's so good filling up on pasta and rice, I've been having 2 muller lights a day lately (normally vanilla and chocolate) and I keep feeling guilty but then releasing I don't have to. Very good feeling :)

Best of luck with your weight loss whatever you choose!



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I'm a big fan off eggs for breakfast or lunch, I honestly feel they keep me fuller for longer.

Many people I know seem to have fruit and yogurt for breakfast saving their healthy extras for later in the day.

You can definitely have treats, I like to have crisps or a couple of biscuits in the evening.

I still enjoy a takeaway every now and then some dishes like chow mein would sit easy within your maximum allowance of 15 syns a day.

Occassionally i will have a evening out and spend some on vodka although i'm definitely going of alcohol :eek: so that no longer bothers me.

I have have been following sw for nearly 10 months now and of all the plans, personally for me EE fits in best with the family and their main meals are exactly the same as I eat, they just indulge a little more in the more naughty stuff.

I completely agree with starlight about still watching portion sizes though, although some food is free its best not to make it a personal challenge to eat as much of it as you can :D

if you decide to give it a go, good luck


S: 15st12.5lb C: 15st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 35.3 Loss: 0st3.5lb(1.57%)
1. What do people have for breakfast besides what is on offer with A & B's.

2. Can I really have as much free food on EE as I want and use syns and still LOSE WEIGHT???
1. Eggs, bacon, baked beans, fruit salad, low syn sausages, rice pudding and yoghurt, free yoghurts, kippers, mackerel. You are limited only by what you want to eat in the morning. You don't have to have your A&B's in the morning.

2. Eat until you are full. I didn't believe it either and I've lost 27lbs in 9 weeks. And I eat. That's including 2 * weeks, multiple meals out and a takeaway.

I eat curries, fry ups, pasta dishes, omlettes, salads, Wagamama cookbook, meals out, fried rice, noodles,

Basically you are only limited by what you want to eat.

With regards choc etc, if you are canny and work your day to include your HEB later as a treat you can have a Kellogs Fibr bar ON TOP of your 15 syns. These count as a B choice and are rather chocolatey!

So you could have on an average day doing EE

B: Yoghurt (Activia, Muller etc), Fruit salad, cup of tea (Using a dash of milk from your HEA)
L: Omlette with cold ham and veggies chopped though, and a side salad. Or Baked potato with Tuna and veggies on the side
D: Spag Bol. Or, cooked meat and vegetables fried with rice to do a special fried rice


Have your HEA milk with some hot water and coffee as an after dinner latte.

Then have your HEB Fibre Bar

Then have whatever you want to use your syns on

Walkers Baked 5.5 syns
Freddo 5 syns
Options 2.5 syns
and that still leaves you 2.5 left over :D
I tried WW but just always felt hungry, I suppose it depends what suits you some people prefer WW... I didnt like the way the weekly group was run ...much prefer SW group and I have lost 2.5st so far so it really works!:D
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Weekday breakfast for me is Oasto Simple porridge. I put it in the microwave and, by the time I have put my face on, it is ready. I have it with chopped banana and berries or grapes.

Weekend breakfasts are huge 'fry' ups. Toast, beans, quorn sausages, scrambles eggs, mushrooms.
S: 9st11lb C: 8st9lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st2lb(11.68%)
For breakfast I usually have fruit & yoghurt, with either, eggs, quorn sausage, beans, mushrooms, rice pudding (made with water) then add fruit & yoghurt, it really depends what I fancy.

You could try taking a look at peoples diary to see what they eat.

Good luck with whichever plan you chose to follow;)

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