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thinking of giving up now

150g cod
50g cheese
2 tbsp mayo
20g onion
6 slice courgette

150g beef mince
50g lettuce
40g mushrooms

2 eggs
30g cheese
50g lettuce
40g mushrooms

Snack: half sero bar

total carbs: 19.6g total cals: 1458
according to fat secret


Mines a V&T Please
i would try cutting out one thing see whats stalling/putting on the weight looks like the cheese to me, scratchings are a no no for me.Water intake? must drink 2ltr min
I havent been exercising because I havent been well, gonna cut out scratchings

trouble is without cheese my calorie intake will be very low because I have trouble eating large amounts of meat

I drink about 3ltrs of water per day too
I feel like I'm having lots of salt! but then I was never one for salty food before atkins. I have read the book over and over again :(

thanks for your help though :)
definately a few more greens, you might find the good ol' pipes need flushing hun. Don't give up xx
I am starting to debate exante now, feeling really disheartened with this, everytime i get on the scales I gain and I am working HARD. Food is starting to take over every thought and that is not healthy.

But, at least I know I can maintain on atkins so thats a thought
I agree that cheese might well be the problem. I am vegetarian but cannot eat as much cheese as I would like to, because even a little too much stalls me.

I also agree that you need tons more leafy green veg and other low carb veggies. They are vitally important when doing Atkins.

I replied to you on the Exante thread, too. Watch out that the sudden leap to 60g carbs a day doesn't make you gain and turn up your appetite. It did with me!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
the advice offered is allready wha ti would say and dont judge a weeks water gaina s thats all it will be on a week you are ill as it plays havoc with the body hope you feel better soon x
Well today is official WI day and I have gained 5lbs this week.


I officially give up, out of my 5 weeks on atkins I have gained or stayed the same for 5 of them.

Until I get paid in 2 weeks I will be using the rest of my protein shakes to substitute 2 meals and have a low carb dinner. I can't risk keep gaining like this otherwise I will be back to where I started.

Thanks for all the advice, I hope I'll still be allowed back here :) xx
You'll always be allowed to post here Racheal love. I'm sorry it didn't work for you.
thanks Jim, I really wanted this to work for me :(
rach sorry to hear its not worked for you this time i am only new to the forums but of course keep posting x and good luck with your next diet x

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