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thinking of returning. i miss u guys...


on the shrink.!!
S: 14st13.5lb C: 14st10.5lb G: 9st13.5lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st3lb(1.43%)
hey everyone,

some of u long term members may remember me as 'lay off the fries' aka emma.

i came off cambridge back at the end of august after only sticking it a few weeks because i had found it quite hard, but a lot of that was down to me giving in to cravings etc. ive been going to rosemary conley for the past 2 months but it is not going according to plan. i keep fluctuating between the 5 and 8lb mark and cant seem to get any further. and its getting me down as before starting RC i had put on nearly a stone in between CD and RC.

ive been on the site all weekend and reading all ur recent posts and there are so many of u that have had so many fantastic results since i was here last and are sticking to it so so well.

i want to try CD again. i have about 10 days worth of shakes etc which are still in date and i think i mite have a stab at it from 2moro. if i manage a week i think i'll give the CDC a ring and try to get back on the bandwagon..

i still think that i really need to get a grip on healthy food and i reckon that going up the plans is the only way to do this. i need to forget about food for a while and then re-introduce it carefully.

i have had enough of eating crap and then feeling crap. i only have about 45lbs (ish) to lose so its not gonna take me that long if i can just put my mind to it. so so many of u have a much bigger mountain to climb and are having fantastic losses and a few who have reached 100lbs..............that is an amazing loss and must feel fantastic. so when i read these posts it makes me think for f*** sake emma could u ever just get a grip on urself and just focus for a few months.

i hope i havent rambled on too much i just really need to get it off my chest and re-read this when i feel im falling off the wagon. i really hope i dont let myself down again, i'm sick of it.

thanks for reading and i hope u are all keeping well

Emz xx
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Don't be so hard on yourself! You're still trying, and that counts for a lot. You sound like you're in a good place, with regards to food, to try CD again - you say you want a break from food, and when you treat Cambridge as a positive escape (rather than a prison where you're denied what you want) is becomes much easier.

Good luck.
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the first time i did cd it was a disaster. i tried the old 790 plan (now the 810 plan). i was constantly hungry as i didn't fully understand the diet and ketosis etc. i lost about 10lbs altogether doing what i was doing. then i got pregnant. after my daughter i was huge and tried again but that ended in disaster as i couldn't stick to it. when my daughter was a year old i was still in maternity gear and they were falling apart. i didn't want to buy any new trousers cause i didn't want to acknowledge my size. in the january 2008 i started trying to eat healthily and lost about 10lbs then decided to give cd another go. my old cdc told me that she could no longer come out to see me as it was too far and she was concentrating in her own area and was massively busy. she told me about another cdc so i went with her.

i was planning on doing the 790 again and was very put out that she told me that i should do ss. i felt very angry and upset but tried it and have never looked back. ss is scary that it what i was scared of. i was scared that i couldn't do without food whereas it did me good not eating as it makes you realise what sort of rubbish you pop in your mouth and don't even realise. my first proper experience on ss took my over easter and the fridge was full of easter eggs. i got over this by inventing my boxes. i have boxes in my brain that i put food into. so x belongs to my kids and it's not mine so i can't eat it. x belongs to my hubby so again it's not mine and i can't eat it. this got me through easter and i've always used it since.

the weight dropped off me and in the july i got pregnant again, i lost the baby but got pregnant straight away again. i had to come off cd and was exercising like crazy still. i didn't eat as badly has i'd done with my daughter, no takeouts, i was watching what i ate. i still managed to put on 5st :( this time round things went better with my son who was born in the april (i had an awful birth with my daughter, PND etc). i started ww in the august as i was still feeding him. by the following february i was ready to do cd again. i jumped straight back onto ss with ease and confidence.

what all this is about is... don't be scared of ss and not eating use it as the way to get what you want from your body. use ss to get to the right size and weight to be healthy. look on it as a learning experience to find out more about yourself and your food habbits.


on the shrink.!!
S: 14st13.5lb C: 14st10.5lb G: 9st13.5lb BMI: 35.4 Loss: 0st3lb(1.43%)
hey girlies

thanks for the replies. i'm gonna give it a stab and see how i get on. had shake fro brekkie and then soup for lunch and then gonna have a porridge for dinner.

so heres hoping that i can nip it in the butt this time. i will let u all know how i am doing

Emz xx

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