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Thinking of starting Exante, advice please :)


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Hi everyone,
I've been thinking a lot about my weight loss, or lack of it, I have joined WW, SW and RC more times than I can remember over the years and I'm thinking it's time to try something new. I've been looking on the Exant forums here over the last few days and I'm thinking I might give it a go.

My main concerns are whether I'll be able to cope with it, although I've been reading about ketosis and that it stops you feeling so hungry, so maybe it wont be as bad as I think. Also I work one night a week so go about 38 hours without sleep due to having my youngest at home all day, wondering how i'll cope with such a low calorie intake during my nightshift and the day after as this has always been my problem time of the week. I've seen on the Exante website that shakes bumper packs and soup bumper packs are half price, are they always this price or will they double in price again soon?, for me £200 a month is a lot of money. I'm thinking that maybe by not eating 'normal' food for a while it might kick start me into realising that I can survive on much less than I eat at the moment. I think I will probably try just the shakes and soups, wondering if the bars might make me want to eat more?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance:),
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Hey hun.

I work silly hours sometimes too and I was also worried about the lack of calories. So I am going to be doing the 1000k plan for a few weeks perhaps long term. 3 packs a a day and a low carb evening meal.

For the first few days you will feel very hungry, I would suggest (This is what I did before and am doing now along with lipotrim as I bought it before I even knew about exante) is having a few low carb treats. Today was my first day and I have had 2 shakes, and a chicken breast with lettuce and a soup made thick as a sauce. And I have also had an atkins bar. And I will more than likely repeat tomorrow untill I am in full ketosis and then I will review again depending on how my body/mind feels.

Or you could just go down the low carb route untill your comfortable with the hunger pangs at bay. Eat just, meat, eggs, poultry and stick to just 2 cups of greens, can also have full fat mayo/butter This will get you into ketosis and into the right frame of mind as your still eating, and can eat and eat aslong as low carb and get into ketosis where by then your not hungry so you can then settle into exante.



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Thanks for your reply Amethyst, think I may go down the 1000 calorie plan for a while to begin with, I do want to try and manage the TS plan eventually though, although maybe might stick with WS for the day after my nightshift, think that maybe I might be less likely to fail if i do that? How are you finding it so far?:)


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Thank Starlight, I feel much happier about it now, I think I will order soup and shakes packs tomorrow :)
AM only on day 1 but I have managed pretty good. Day 2 tomorrow and I am going to do the same. I feel 1000k for me to start off with will be enough for me to lose weight aswell as not feeling to light headed. My jobs also involved bending down and up again. And I can't afford to pass out lol..

3 packs a day with a low carb meal (of 400cal) will do you good. And these atkins bars are a life saver for me. I will be ordering exante next week and can't wait as there are more calories in these than lipotrim etc. :)


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Well, I've just ordered bumper packs of soups and shakes, should be here Friday, so will start on Saturday, even though we are going to my parents for the weekend as it is my sons 2nd birthday on Sunday. We have lots of activities planned, so I'm hoping the distractions might stop me noticing being hungry so much. Going to buy a flask so that I can take a shake when we go to the zoo on Saturday, feeling quite excited now, thanks for your help, good luck to you :)

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