thinking of swiching from celebrity slim to Atkins

Discussion in 'Atkins Diet' started by superslim1972, 6 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. superslim1972

    superslim1972 Full Member

    Hi at the minute I'm doing celebrity slim but looking at Atkins it looks like you have more choice could you please give me a typical day suitable for a vegetarian please :greenapple:
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  3. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    It's harder to do as a vegetarian but we can substitute quorn and soya protein for most beef, poultry, pork etc. So long as you eat eggs and cheese you should be fine. Later on you can also eat nuts, pulses, etc. You need to buy or borrow (from the library) Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution (2002) or one of the more recent books. They have specific vegetarian sections
  4. superslim1972

    superslim1972 Full Member

    Thank you I've got the shopping guide & the new Atkins made easy books I just need to sit down & read them now:family2:when I get time xx
  5. serialslimmer

    serialslimmer Silver Member

    Go on the official Atkins website (just google it) and find the vegetarian advice section. There's a very good forum, too. Every possible question has, I feel sure, been asked and answered there!

    I've almost finished my first week of Induction. Five pounds in six days - haven't weighed since yesterday. I don't want to get hooked on scale-hopping. Take it slow and easy; low carbing is a way of life and can take time to become second nature. We're at the same stage - I am returning after regaining 70 of the 140 pounds I lost. I have to lose them again because I got used to being slim and can't bear being fat again! xx

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