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Thinking of switching to join you - couple of questions :)


maintaining since June'09
Hi Everyone!!

I am struggling a bit at the moment and I'm very tempted/have almost decided to switch to Lipotrim. I just have a couple of questions if you don't mind .....

I know there can never be a perfect time to do anything like this but the next few months are particularly quiet for me except for a short break in Scotland at the end on March. Obviously I don't want to wait till after that for all kinds of reasons ...... will probably stuff myself up till then and 3 months of it taking me through lots of birthdays and things to name but 2!

SO! Is it possible to 'ease up' a little bit for a few days without doing too much damage? Perhaps having a 'healthy' evening meal for example so OH doesn't do a 'billy' in the restaurant every evening? I've seen the term re-feeding bandied about but don't really know what it means yet so don't know if it would apply .....

Also .... having spent the last 3 days psyching myself up to do this I'm kind of assuming that I'll just be able to go along to one of the pharmacies near me that does it (according to the website there are 2 within walking distance - it's an omen!!!!! ;)) have a chat etc and get supplies to enable me to start tomorrow ....... is this a realistic expectation do you think? Or do I need to be thinking in terms of the middle of the week .... I realise this may not seem important but I'm very much a 'made up my mind so want to do it NOW' type of person - and I can do a serious amount of damage in a few days as well!!
This would also give me 4 full weeks before Scotland which would be good.

From being quite scared at the prospect of doing this I now find myself almost excited! How strange am I????

Thanks in advance.
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Hi Jan,

I don't think there is a way to take days off from Lipotrim to be honest! Because the diet is liquid - we are free from calorie counting and portion control. We go into ketosis which is where the body starts to live off the fat in your body because your calorie intake is very low.

To maintain ketosis you cannot have carbohydrates. Some people have had grilled chicken and green beans when they have been desperate for food. This keeps you in ketosis - but its risky!

Other LT'ers have adviced not cheating or eating as it can be a very difficult diet to get back into.

My presonal advice would be that if you are serious about Lipotrim then go into it 100% and don't consider eating as it will slow your weight loss down.

Also as one fellow LT'er says 'you pay £36 a week to lose weight - if you cheat and maintain that week then you have paid that money for nothing'.


Here we go again!
Hi Jan. Good luck if you decide to try LT. If you want to lose a lot of weight then this is the diet for you. You can lose a lot of weight in a short period of time (compared to other diets). It is hard to start with but once you get into it, it becomes normal not to eat. I was excited about starting it too but didn't know if I would be able to deal with the no food part of it.

I've just completed week 6 and feel great. 37lbs gone in 6 weeks and I can't believe I've lost that much in such a short space of time.

I do think this is the type of diet you have to commit to 100% or it wont work. You can take breaks but once you take a break it is supposed to be very hard to get back on again.

I for one am very glad I decided to try it and am determined not to give up until I reach my goal. Good luck if you decide to do it.


maintaining since June'09
Thanks very much guys ....... If I do it I WILL be 100% committed.

Any idea about being able to get supplies so quickly?


I will be skinny again!!!
Yep everything is true as they said above..

Some people do refeed the week before an important event that they feel they will have to eat at... Refeeding makes sure you dont put too much weight on too quickly...

Best of luck what ever you decided to do :)


Here we go again!
I think most chemists like you to have watched the LT DVD before they give you any supplies. You can do this online though, just find it on the Liptrim site. This will give you a head start and they might be able to start you there and then. All I had to do was fill out a few basic questions on a sheet and I was away.

The DVD is very basic but give you loads of information. Watch it before you go and they should be happy with that.

Good luck and I look forward to following your progress!


I will be skinny again!!!
Just go down to you chemist, You fill in a form.. Get weighed and your height measured and then you pay them and get the supplies :)


maintaining since June'09
Thanks a lot I'll watch the dvd later on and phone both of the chemists in the morning to get a feel of them.

I appreciate your help and I'll definitely be back looking for support if I DO go ahead!!! xx
Hi good luck if you decide to go on it, its a great diet to do although slightly antisocial

if you can get into chemist tomorow morning then you should be able to get started tomorow, so i would advise not to have anything to eat in the morning before you go

this is what i did and i started it the day i went down to the chemist


maintaining since June'09
That's the plan thanks Adam!

I've watched the 'dvd' now - if you can call it that :) but I do feel a bit more clued up!
good stuff seems like you have done your research so best of luck and let us know how you get on
Good luck! It is a great was to get rid of the extra weight. I am exactly one month in and have lost 2 stone! I look forward to hearing how you get on!
Hi Jan and welcome to LT world. Hopefully you will be able to get an appt with one of the Pharmacies tomorrow and start LT straight away.

After our chat last week I wasnt surprised to find your thread today, good luck hun.
Hi Jan,

Good luck, I also hope to start this week, See my post in sticky New Lipo Trim '09 thread.
Maybe we could support each other!!!

Good luck,;)

Rachel xx


maintaining since June'09
Thanks for all your good wishes! I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.

Rachel - yes I'm all for supporting each other!!

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