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Thinner Thursday - What is good for you?


Enjoying life!
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Ladies & Gentlemen!

Today is "Thinner Thursday"

What is good for you about today?

I have a lil black dress on today in a size 12 <laughs> :D with knee high boots, some thick opaque tights, a teal & black striped silk scarf and teal bracelet, ring, necklace and handbag!

I have had lots of compliments from alsorts of people - it is fabulous!

My boss, bless her made me laugh. Her jaw dropped, she repeated "oh my god" several times and then said I was lucky to have the figure I do!! :D:D:D She said with my looks, height and the length of my legs (34" inside leg) I could be a model! BLESS the woman is delusional LOL

So, my thinner Thursday is rather good!

I love my new hairstyle, I love my clothes, I love that I look younger, I love that I am slimmer, I love that it is nearly the weekend! I LOVE MY LIFE!!! :D

Kat xx
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Happy in my own skin
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Wow, another great thread Kat.

Well my Thinner Thursday did not start too well with me being unwell. However, I'm appreciating now feeling slightly better, having a duvet day, sitting in my jammies and my dressing gown and looking out at the beautiful day it is.

I'm also appreciating the fact I've got some clothes on ebay selling at the moment and I should be about £220 richer by the end of the day.

Ohh and one last thing, I'm appreciating that due to being ill, my weight has temporarily dropped into the 8 stones mark with me being 8 stones 13 this morning. I'm usually 9st 1lb so I can love the fact that due to dehydration, for one day only my weight was 8 stones something.....wooohooo....:D
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Congratulations Kat on your compliments today - no wonder you are feeling chipper!
Morticia - hope you are right as rain tomorrow ....
I am only on week 3 of my wieght loss journey so am way behind you guys BUT i do already feel an improvement. The clothes that I was bursting out of 3 weeks ago are just about ready to be ditched ...at the weekend I plan a huge trying on session to see what I can fit into again:p
....It's also my birthday tomorrow so that is adding to my bright mood ....as long as I don't think about the birthday number:D


Happy in my own skin
S: 13st1lb C: 9st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 4st0lb(30.6%)
Ohh Looby Lew, how did I miss another Scot on the board. Not many of us about, so welcome and thanks for your nice comment. You will have great fun with the wardrobe, it's good to section things off into what fits just now, what will fit soon and anything you've got that will fit at target, otherwise like me you might not get to wear some things as you by-pass that size...:)


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That sounds like a day in heaven to me Katalena - well done you must feel great.
Well my Thinner Thursday started with me getting on my own scales (I know I shouldn't but my OH had been on!)
I weighed 3.7 kilos less than Monday night!
Then I had ordered some clothes in the Next sale as my own are getting too big and I was in a size 20 so I ordered the 18 and 16 and the 16 fit already.
So I too am happy today, not to the scale of Katalena of course but hey it is a step in the right direction right.

Hooray for LL
Milli x


Enjoying life!
S: 18st13lb
Milli anything that makes us feel good is right up there on top of the list regardless of what stage we are at! We all have to start somewhere! So well done you!

Kat xx
S: 13st2lb C: 11st12lb G: 8st12lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 1st4lb(9.78%)
Have to say Thinner Thursday has been a pretty good day for me too..... put my clothes on for work this morning & decided the trousers just looked way too big to wear - woohoo! So I opened up my "smaller" wardrobe (not to be mixed up with my target wardrobe;)) & popped on a pnecil skirt which was lovely & roomy too.

I felt pretty damn good :D

So Looby, i'm going to have a bit of a clothes review too this weekend.... I will be waving goodbye to my 3 size 16 work suits - yay!



Playing the Angel
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Woohoo brilliant topic this one.

My Thinner Thursday was fab, got to go into work late. Wore a really nice outfit combining a few new bits and some charity shop bits and I felt like a zillion dollars!!! Even more excited to realise my size 10 jeans are now loose, and I can fit into some size 8's !! Never did I think that day would come. Work was brilliant too. Everything is much happier there now my sous chef has moved on. The whole world seems like a more positive upbeat place even though it is all wintery and dark in the mornings now :)


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