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Thinning hair

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Hi everyone :)

Since being diagnosed with PCOS my hair has just gone SO thin.. I hate it so much.
I had noticed it going thin for a while and put it down to straightening so I took really good care of it and it was still happening
Once diagnosed with PCOS I read about symptoms and this was one and then it clicked and since then it's just got worse.

Anyone else have this problem?

This is the thing that is getting my down the most :wave_cry:
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Oh you poor thing! I suffer on and off with this too and have done since I was diagnosed. I would notice huge clumps coming out when washing it and it thinning particularly around the temples. It is known to be one of the issues with PCOS so don't worry that it's something much worse - I know that's not much of a consolation but it's important nonetheless. The supplement biotin is often recommended, I've used it and not noticed too much of a difference but mine isn't falling out as much recently. Other treatments from your GP may also help.

Much like the other symptoms they all occur in tandem until the causes are tackled. There is hope so try not to feel down or stress about it! How long is your hair? If it's mega long cutting a little off might help - it did for me.


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i have being suffering very badly with thinning hair..i do not suffer from pcos but do have a hormone imbalance

i don't know whether my thinning hair is linked to my hormones or not and my gp tends to feel i have to learn to live with my hormone imbalance and i can't be sent back to a endocrinologist or gynaecologist as there is nothing they can do for me I just have to learn to live with my condition hormone imbalance

i have had my thyroid checked and its fine . i gave up highlights and my hair is still thinning. i am due to go back to gp to see if she can refer me to refer a hair specialist or to give me a lotion or something[at first a year ago she thought my hair was just going through a bad patch but i hope she won't say that now



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was at drs. they seem to think the problem is that i wear my hair tied back all the time and that is pulling at my hair.

i am looking at some sort of vitamins but trying to figure out which are best

am to wear my hair down all the time for 3 months and go back to drs

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I was dx with PCOS 13 years ago (when I was thin) and my hair was so thick. Over the last 5 years I have gradually put on more and more weight and my hair has become drastically thinner to the point wherre you can see my scalp at the front and temples. Since I have been on SW I have noticed my hair falling out less but it does not seem to be getting any thicker yet. I'm hoping that as I lose more weight my hair will start to grow back. And that the hair where I don't want it will disappear!
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A little late in responding, but I too have the same issue and unfortunately, it just gets worse!

My GP has always been reluctant to acknowledge it, but my Gynae referred me to a Dermatologist about the problem - who immediately stated definite definite definite hair loss.

You could try asking your GP for a referral to a dermatologist who can help diagnose and then potentially treat the problem - I'm due for a follow up appointment, so I haven't had any treatment to speak of.

Otherwise, I'm just going to go wig :D
I have terribly thin hair. So much so, I haven't worn it down in about 6 years!! I have awful 'bald streaks' even when My hair is up :(. What I have read is: it's to do with pcos people have more testosterone than they should have, so, like a man, they get more thicker bodily hair and they follow the male balding pattern - being the thinning of the hair.

It sucks.
I too have pcos, but since I have lost weight (a stone in 4 weeks) going to slimming world & watching my carbs.
My hair has stopped falling out!!!!!! & the thinning patches are starting to grow back!
Apparently my consultant said I
Would only need to lose 10% of my
Weight to see some of the symptoms go, such as hair thinning & acne etc,.

You wont be like that forever, I'm
Beginning to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. If I can do this , so can you

Tanzybear said:
Wow truffler. A stone in a month is brilliant well done! Was there a reason u were watching ur carbs too? Did u just do red days, or did u swap pasta/rice for wholmeal?
As you may see in my recent post, my weight loss has ground to a halt, for almost 2 weeks.
It was going really well...

I'm following extra easy, but not going over 200g of carb in any given day. I was advised by consultant to reduce my carbs by half & to keep reducing if the weight doesn't come off. It sounds a lot, but it's not.

I think I need to reduce again, as that's why the weight has stopped coming off.


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Ive noticed the fatter I got the more my hair thinned, Im hoping that as I loose weight it'll come back, I have to wear it up all the time as it so thin, really gets me down. I use dry shampoo for dark hair when I wear it down as it makes my hear thicker and heavier covering bald streaks. No fun :(
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Thanks everyone!! Sorry I've not been on here in a while!!

It's so frustrating isn't it :( I just wear it pinned up at work everyday and at the weekends i wear my extensions :) xxx


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My hair used to be really thick, but its gone slightly thinner, but not really noticeably thin
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Has anyone else found that losing weight has helped? I have about 5 stones to lose (I know, a lot!) and have dedicated 2012 to transorming my weight and health. Do you think this will make a difference? My hair is falling out daily, especially in the shower and my forhead is getting larger by the day as my hairline receads. It's really upsetting as the look and shape of my head is altering, as my hairline dissapears. Oh dear...
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hey girls

im in the same boat everytime im on the shower -- hair is falling out and its getting me down and its very depressing -- since i lost more weight it seems to be easing off

i started taking the supplement for hair nails and skin and it seems to be working and i also have been eating a lot more protein and watching my carbs also

so fingers crossed it gets better cause im gonna run out of hair soon xxx
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hi , im a hairstylist or rather in school to be one, there are a few things you can do about thinning hair!
Viviscal Extra Strength is a pill you can take you will want to talk with your doctor about this
Toppik (brand name) form any beauty supplier is a good one too its a treatment you use in your hair to build up your kerotine to allow your hair to become fatter.


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I've been taking perfectil skin hair and nails and not noticed a change, but I've just bought the new shampoo bar from lush, it is supposed to stimulate follicles for growth. I'm more and more conscious of my hair as the days go by. It's awful xxx


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Hi ladies. Just thought I'd say about the new shampoo bar from lush. Go read some reviews on it online. There's loads of great stuff said about it. I've used it twice this week. I washed my hair yesterday morning with it, it smells quite strong but doesn't leave that smell on your hair.

I was sceptical about a bar but it lathers so so well and I noticed less shedding after the second wash. My fine thin hair still feels clean from yesterday which never happens to me. The bar is a fiver. Not sure if it's suitable for sensitive scalps as it stimulates follicles but it's been good to me so far. I normally use herbal essences for fine limp hair and by the ending the day my fringe is greasy and limp. This time it still looks clean almost 24 hrs on.

I'm trying to lay off conditioner too on the scalp as i read this can clog follicles. so I use a big paddle brush on my hair when it's wet. Also trying not to heat style it everyday. And keeping it down whenever I'm in the house, I don't think keeping it tied up all day is good for your hair. I'm also massaging my head whilst I'm on the shower. I'll update in a few weeks of using the bar to let you know my verdict :) xxxx
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Just wondering - is it the bar called New that you mean, or is it actually something new that they've brought out? - because I can't find a new one on the website. The shampoo bar called New has been around for ages, I've never tried it.

I'm doing the exact opposite to you in some respects. Avoiding shampoo as much as poss here (SLS seems to make it frizzy and then it breaks more easily), non-silicone conditioners are what I use routinely, plus the occasional wash with low-sulphate shampoo. Not brushing my hair at all, only combing when it has conditioner on.

Completely agree with you re heat treatments and cloggy silicone conditoners and that keeping it tied up all the time is not ideal, I got fed up the other day and had mine cut to shoulder length so I can leave it loose routinely.

Will be interested to see how you get on, I do hope it helps. :)


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