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Third time's a charm - 100% Determined this time...

:flirt2: Hi everyone, my name is Ross, I am looking to keep a record of my weight loss, and also get some moral support. a little about me; well I lost 8 stone in a little over 4 months on lighter life about 2 years ago. I was previously 26st, this was my trigger point I had to do something...it when great until I was made redundant and simply couldn't afford to continue on the program so my weight was 18st.

Since then I have kept my weight reasonable...well reasonable for me floating around 19st7lb and 20st, so kept the majority off...but now the time has come that I can afford to get started again and get to my target weight of 15st, this time I will be trying the Cambridge diet. The difficulty has been that I am finding it massively harder to stick with it this time around. the first time it was easy, 4 months on the diet was no trouble at all. this time I have started twice already and made it 2 days each time....(cant get motivated, always making excuses to start later....some how my motivation is less this time, wish I hadn't had to stop in the first place)

Well this time I am resolved to do it, I will look to this site for inspiration and to keep me on the straight and narrow, one those long days...I will be starting Tuesday 20th October...odd day to start but like I say no more putting it off...well that's enough of my waffle, cheers guys and girls, I will post regularly.

Target weight: 15st 00lb

Current Weight: 20st 03lb
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Good Luck Ross, I have done these diets before and unfortunately ultimately regained weight plus more!
It took me a few false starts but now I am up and running with CD, it is so worth it as I look and feel different already.
Keep posting here for inspiration and support!

Big H

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2nd time is much harder mate, but it is doable. Just think of the prize at the end. You sound like one of the lucky ones (like me) that lose very quickly, you should hit 15 Stone just in time for xmas
Good luck babe you can do it
Hi and good luck,

I always find days 1,2 and 3 the most difficult. From day 4 it's easy street.

I usually focus on reasons why I want to lose the weight and keep reminding myself. This site was really essential for keeping me on track too.

You sound up for it this time so I think you will be fine.

All the best.


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don't usually post too much, but couldn't read and run.
I, like you, lost a substantial amount of weight (on CD though) 2 years ago, but unlike you, I put all back on. First of all, well donr for maintaining most of your weight loss, thats the hard part and you already have that cracked!

I'm 2 weeks in again, and in for the long haul this time. The difference this time to when I have restarted is that I did hit rock bottom- I knew I had to do something for my health, it was starting to deteriorate a little bit, and I have diabetes in my family etc etc. Also I looked crap.

I have a long way to go (again) but I feel better already. For me, the first 10 days are hell, but now the hunger has disappeared. I can't lie, it is a lot harder this time, but if I can do it, believe me you can too. Like big H says, you could be done and dusted by xmas.

Good luck!
Hi Everyone, thanks for all the encouraging messages, well day one is almost out of the way...I have been fine for the most part, but the odd thought of grabbing some food and starting again tomorrow has passed through my mind, but not this time, just going to grit my teeth and bare it, like a few people have said....once a few days pass and you build up some time behind you it gets easier.

Always seems easier to quit when you haven't been doing something for long, but gets harder and harder to throw away once you get going....once I have a week behind me I think I will be all set.

I think that a lot of people put the weight back on because they never reached their real target weight so, they know that they would be dieting in some form again, so didn't stick to light eating...this was certainly the case with me...once I am at my target weight I will be so resolved to stay there, that's the plan...just have to get there first.

once again, thanks for the messages...its help me through day one..

Oh and best of luck Nova, the hard part is over, just the positive results from here on in...

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