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This cold weather

Are any of my fellow UK-based Slim Fasters struggling with this cold weather, or is it just me?

I am suddenly finding it SO HARD not to eat... well, actually, I'm finding it impossible NOT to eat at the moment. And I think it's the cold weather and my body wanting to stock up on fatty, high energy foods -- a milkshake just isn't cutting it at the moment, I want to eat CHIPS and PIES.

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well, It is very cold, but funny enough, im what they call a habitual nibbler . And I could go ALL day any day with just eating chocolates & sweets. So for me, a chocolate mikshake & a choc slim fast bar is just perfect, as during the day i dont like eating.

I say just lengthen that temptation out to the evening and have a meal up to 600 which can be alot of food....

other than that.....go and have jacuzzi or sauna in your local fitness place...excercise can also stop you feeling hungry for a while..

GOOD LUCK :wave_cry:

I say just lengthen that temptation out to the evening and have a meal up to 600 which can be alot of food.
Thanks! I'm taking your advice and having a lean steak and some low-fat mashed potato, so hopefully that will hit the spot. Otherwise I might have to start doing Atkins so that I can eat steak and eggs and cheese for every dinner. And never go to the toilet again...


Slowly but surely!
I really struggled last night as I was snuggled up on the sofa and all I wanted was chocolate, will have to get some of that hot chocolate from options and have that as my evening treat! Evenings in the cold are going to be tough! Im going to the gym tonight and tomorrow so hopefully that will keep my mind off choc!
If I feel cold and very hungry I will have a Baxters low fat soup for lunch they are about 200 kcl for the tin, instead of the shake ;). They are very filling it keeps me going through the afternoon :bliss:.


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I found the hot choclate that Skinny Moo do...is gorgeous and really warming. The very best flavour being Mint-Choc, it's like have a warm cup of melted mint aero....yummmmmmy. And only 40 cals per cup.
Lol, good...it really is nice and so warming when the nights are freezing.
I did buy some! They didn't have the mint one though, so I went for chocolate, and it was a nice treat.

Also opted for a bowl of soup for lunch instead of a shake, which was nice. I am DEFINITELY more hungry than I was during the first week. But the weight is coming off so I'm not complaining.

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