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This forum has been a lifesaver tonite!

Hey guys!
This forum has been an absolute godsend to me tonite!
On day 3 and migraine so bad this afternoon was vomiting with it. Had to go to bed at 4 and only feeling a bit better now. Brought up my lunch time shake along with most of my water (sorry for being crude). Trying my hardest to drink my last shake right now and fill up on some water.
Does anyone know if this will effect my getting into ketosis....the fact that I got sick today?
Off to read some of your inspirational stories to get me thru this hellish day :(
Sick Glitz X
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Ah bless Glitzy, you poor thing having a hard time, but hoping you feel better soon.. You being sick I don't know if it'll affect you getting into Ketosis though..I shouldn't think it will. But I could be wrong...
I'm on day 3 too, I thought I was going to vomit last night but luckily never happened. It only lasted a couple hours so I hope you feeling better soon :)


Fighting for My Health
Day 3 here. Showed a positive ketostick at about 1 am! Woke up (after not much sleep) with headache that won't shift with painkillers, and a slightly dodgy tum :-/ This forum is definitely a lifesaver! Everyone is wonderful :) Thank you everyone! :)

Hope you have a better day today Glitzy :) xx


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Throwing up won't affect ketosis, only carbs can do that and also I believe too much citric acid as it does something at the molecular level that knocks some people out which is why we're no allowed diet drinks or fruit teas etc I believe.

I suffer from a chronic rare headache condition so I can relate. Hope you feel better today.


Never Ever Give Up!
I've had a migraine yesterday too, ketostick is just beginning to decolour but not lost any weight so far :( It's hard to keep LT up when you read how much weight everyone's losing in the first week


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Mirjam, if you've stuck to the plan you *have* lost weight, its a biological impossibility not to, its just not reflected on the scales and that could be down to any number of reasons. Stop weighing yourself and stick with it, you'll be fine come weigh day :)


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sounds like everyone is having a rough time,, added to the post Christmas blue hey!!.. glitzy how are you feeling today? and chuck? hopefully better... water and paracetamol should help those headaches go away, if not then a trust nap. keep at it,, the results are unbelievable... and if you dont have a great loss first week, your second week will be a scorcher! xx
not too bad now pudge thanks, i'm not feeling hungry today really but still getting the odd quick headache. feeling a bit bloated aswell but thats the game im sure :)
Hey guys!
Thank you so much for all of your messages. Its great to know that people are rooting for you.
Well today is def a better day than yesterday...which wasnt hard. Hopefully that means I am on the other side of ketosis although energy levels are 0 today but I dont mind once the migraine is gone!

Well I had a cheat weigh today and have lost 1/2 in 3 days...what a motivator. Huge amount of bloating gone from my stomach...even my husband said it looks smaller already :D

Jayne33...where can you get the ketosticks from...never heard of them? Would love to see if I am almost there!

What a relief Cookeh to hear that it wont affect my weight loss. Id have been gutted.

Hey Chuck....how you getting on today. Great to see we are on the same day...great for the advice.

Hi Pudge....thankgod today is here! Felt like was on my death bed last nite. Def much better today although stomach bit sick and finding it hard to stomach the shakes all day. Energy levels are shockind today....had a shower a while ago and needed to sit down as felt a bit shaky. I know by next week Ill be over the worst of it. Im actually mentally tortured today (sounds a bit dramatic I know) :p The lack of food hasnt bothered up until today but Im not hungry...I just want to eat.
How are you keeping?
Glitzy X
Glad you are felling better Glitzy x x


addicted to minimins!!
hey glitzy,, its crazy how our body can tell us we need food now because we havent had it...its wondering where it is! the joys of habits! im glad we will be breaking all food habits over the time we do LT! sounds like you are wlel on your way to ketosis!! you can get those ketostix from pharmacies. I tried boots but they didnt have them so i had to go to another pharmacy. theyre not anything fancy but great for keeping by :)...hopefully youll be in ketosis by tomorrow and youll be feeling a bit more upbeat and energetic!...
im getting on ok,, had a long day of study 8 hours! and now relaxing with my evening shake and water.. excited for bed :) x
It seems quiet a few of us have had a rough day of it...Was a bit shaky and queezy myself today..So I think its another early night tonight.. Gonna have my last shake at 8pm and head to bed shortly after dat..
BUt i'm happy to hear everyone is being 100% well done everyone, I'm very proud of ye all..
Hey Glitzy, not too bad today do far, wasn't hungry all day but feeling hungry now hopefully will pass soon, hope your day is going good :)
Right back at ya scarybush...and the rest of the gang too!
PS cant wait for all of our weigh ins next week....Im really excited for everyone!:)

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