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This is where I need help I think


Want to be a yummy mummy!
So...I had a row with my boyfriend and something that comes into my head is...

Im going to have a chicken kebab tonight to treat myself as I am fed up and just want to treat myself.

Why why why do I have to think I will lean on food to make me feel better?

Why do men get into silly moods?

I swear they are just like children.

I really fancy a kebab. But I cant. I just cant break the diet now I will feel so guilty.
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Pink and Fluffy Poster
Have you ever heard of EFT? It's great for getting rid of the stress (emotions) that make us eat.

I think it's amazing but I am an EFT practitioner so I would!!


Want to be a yummy mummy!
What is it Emma? I would love to hear what its all about!
I second that I wanna know!!!
Oh Unreal, we all think like that at one point or another. But, we both know you won't do it. Your way to close to yoru target, don't let your arguement get you down in such a way that you feel worse tomorrow for it.
By tomorrow you would have made up, and u would feel even stronger and prouder. Because you would have fought your cravings.

You'll be ok.



Want to be a yummy mummy!
I think Im going to trot along to the gym instead seeing as I didn't go last night. Will make me feel better I think xxx
yes get to the gym and release some dolphins!! then home and a nice candle lit bath lost of bubbles and a face mask?? isnt that a better treat than food??



Staff member
yes get to the gym and release some dolphins!!
I am all for releasing some dolphins!:)

The gym will make you feel good and there is nothing to be gained by turning to food except weight.:rolleyes:

As an emotional eater myself I know it is easier said than done.

Stay strong.

Love Mini xxx

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