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This isnt a joke now, this is for my health and i am so scared!


Slimming for my children
I have been told i have to have a vein in my leg removed as its leaking cos i am so over weight. I have to go under general etc and have it taken out and then 3 weeks bedrest apparently.

I am re starting on friday as i can afford it now.

Any tips on seeing this through to the end?
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When are you having the op? I don't mean to be the barer of bad news but usually after having any op you need to stay off CD for 3 months (I'm facing this at the moment for a gallbladder removal).
Hope it goes well for you though hun.xxx


Slimming for my children
not got the date yet. But hey if i can get down a few stone before the op then that would be great! i am thinking with the state of the nhs it will be a good few months at least.
Doc said i hadd to loose weight for it so we will see.

Why do you have to stay off the CD when its so good for you?


Slimming for my children
yea got a few obstcles n the way at moment like my cousins wedding on 19th August and a day out with my MIL2b in Late Aug but hey, i'll do it as i have to now!


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good luck hon. now that you have an incentive you should find it easier to stick to plan. after all, nothing is more important than your health.

abz xx


Slimming for my children
My CDC just called and i nearly started crying to her telling her about it.
Shes so lovely. Shes going on holiday tho for 17 days eeeeek so will have to buy all of them in advance. But hey i want to stay with her as shes lovely so will need your support guys through those first few weeks before i see her again!!!!


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I am surprised that your GP has put that problem with your vein entirely down to your weight. I can see you are aiming at losing 5.5 stone but you are not amazingly overweight. I've seen a lot of folk on here with a lot more to lose than you who have not been so unlucky with such a prob.
I just feel that doctors and others are always very, very keen to put any and every health prob down to weight. It's not always true.

Anyway, good luck with your plan and your op!


The Diet Guy
Why do you have to stay off the CD when its so good for you?
When you are healing your body needs more protein so you should eat a healthy balanced diet.

You will need to wait three months then before doing CD again.



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Surgery is far less risky the less you weigh (within reason obviously). Some surgeons will put you on a high protein low fat low carb diet for a few weeks to get some weight off before the surgery.

I think you need to stay focused on the fact that you are going to recover alot better and alot quicker from the surgery with a bit of weight off. Also there is an increased risk of developing a dvt with long term bed rest, and having that extra weight while you are recovering will increase the risk - and thats that last thing you need!!!

You CAN do this - from someone who is now nearly 3 stone down who has failed at every diet attempt in the last 12 years, CD is the way forward :D

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