This Morning


Lovin it !!! :)
Does anyone watch "This Morning" with Phil and Fern?
I think they can be quite entertaining, but does anyone else think Fern has lost some weight ? Maybe it's me but she definitely looks abit different to me. And..............on Loose Women - Coleen Nolan has done LL and lost 3 stone !
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Yes i thought Fern had lost weight but it hadn't been mentioned so thought it was just me :confused:. I actually thought Colleen had put a bit of weight back on after losing her 3 stone when i saw her on loosse women last week ,but mabye it was just what she was wearing at the time.


Taking Back Control...!!!
I thought the same as you Tracie..... Fern definately looks a bit smaller but I thought Coleen did look 'fuller' in the face for sure.....