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This time I WILL do it.

Day One.
So, I had the ok from my GP; I found a chemist that stocks Lipotrim and had a chat with her; I was weighed and measured; I watched the DVD. I am ready to rock and roll!

I'm writing this sat at my lappy with my first Lipotrim meal replacement beside me. I started with the chicken soup, my thinking being that if I can tolerate this, the sweeter shakes will be easier. I hope I'm right.

The chicken soup is foul (excuse the bad pun).
Looks like chicken soup.
Smells like chicken soup.
Tastes like chicke..... oh no, it doesn't!

well,it's out of the way now.
Day one is most definitely underway.
Now to set some mini goals to keep me motivated.
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"Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Too right!
I'm going to be tested hard over the next few days. A family emergency means I'm going to be driving 250+ tomorrow and staying away from home for a few days. Usually, I would use this as an excuse to let everything go to hell in a basket. Today, I'm glad to say that instead of making excuses for throwing everything over, I'm planning how to make the diet fit in with the changed events. If anything has to go, then I'll smoke for a few days instead of filling my face with crap!
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I've already cracked and bought a packet of cigarettes. Not good, but better than buying chocolate.

Reading the weight loss diaries of other members and recognise myself in them. The desire to lose this weight once and for all. The low self-esteem, measuring myself only by my fat. I am not worthy of love, respect or joy.
Why do we think like that?
Why, when I was being called a fat cow at by some neanderthal that couldn't cross the road by himself, did I take his comments on board?
I gave him more respect than I give myself and Adonis he was not!

So, tomorrow I'm driving to Edinburgh, back on Tuesday. I've sorted out my shakes for while I'm away and am confident that I will stick with the programme. It will be harder, there's no doubt about that, instead of just my daughter's eating to worry about, but my Aunt will be cooking proper meals. I will make myself scarce, I think.

I'm more worried about how often I will need to stop so I can pee!!!

I weighed myself this morning, just out of interest, already there is a definite move downwards. I can't wait to WI!!!
Headache!!!!! :cry::cry:


On A Mission!
Hi Hula, good luck with the trip and stay strong, you have started your lipotrim journey and obstacles are going to be thrown in your way all along the route, so dont let this be a reason not to stick to it! Hope you do well, and look forward to seeing your update when you get back.
Monday, the end of day 4. I have been faithfully 100% since I started the diet on Friday, it gets easier every day. After my lunchtime shake today I actually felt stuffed.

A quick question for all you experienced Lipotrimmers, how long does it takes for ketosis to kick in? My mum (type 2 diabetic), just checkedy blood to see if it had started yet. My blood sugar level is 6.3 That's high for someone eating a normal diet. Now either my mum's machine is stuffed, I measured too soon after having my shake or I've just learned I've developed diabeties.

I hope her machine is stuffed.

Driving home tomorrow.

Apologies for any stupid spelling mistakes, I'm posting from my phone.



On A Mission!
The blood test strips for diabetes are a totally different thing to ketostix to check if you are in ketosis, i was a bit confused by your post so maybe i have read it wrong?

A reading of 6.3 is high for someone not diagnosed as diabetic, but old strips can give whacky readings, are the strips recent?. Given that you have been low carbing for 4 days now, i would guess that is an unusual reading, so may be worth checking it out with a doctor for a proper reading. Being overweight puts everyone at risk of type 2 diabetes, you might not be diabetic as such yet, but this could indicate that you are becoming insulin resistant, which is the slippery slope to type 2 diabetes. You really need to get it checked.

However, at least if you are insulin resistant or already diabetic, you are going in the right direction to get it under control, so even more reason to stay with the plan! Well done for getting through the first few days!

Edited to add: You can buy a cheap blood sugar tester kit from Boots for a about £10 or £15, they come with about 10 strips to use and then you can buy them in packs of around 50 strips for about £6 or £7 i think, i get mine on prescription. Anyway, 10 should be enough to test over 3 or 4 days to see what your blood sugars are doing and may put your mind at rest.
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Hi Lynn, thanks for your reply. Mum's blood testing kit is pretty much up to date, so I'm hoping her machine needs recalibrating. After she did mine, she also tested herself and my Aunt, they both came out on the high side too.
I got home from Edimburgh tonight and dig out my (admittedly elderly) ketostix. According to them I am in ketosis. I'll mention everything to the pharmacist on Friday. No time to get to the doctor til next week!

Anyway, the good news is, that in spite of the stress of the emergency trip to Edinburgh, in spite of taking one shake too few with me (I was starving by the time I got back tonight) and in spite of the temptations of fish & chips, pizza and proper Scottish Tablet (my favourite sweetie) I stayed on the plan 100%. 5 days down. Can't wait for my first official weigh in! A sneaky peek at the scales tonight shows me as 6lbs down. Yay!!!!
WI is Friday. Will be into the chemist first thing befoe hitting the road again for another 283 mile run to Edinburgh.

I'm pleased to report that the situation up there is looking very good :))

Day 6. Bring it on!
Heya hun, looks like you're doing amazingly well! Well done for sticking to it even with the stress of travel and all of that tasty temptation.
Keep up the good work babes, I'm sure that you'll have a fab WI!
I did it! I finished my first week
My first weigh in and I lost. ....10lbs!
I am overjoyed!
As I write, I'm back up in Scotland, my cousins and their children have also turned up, six adults (seven last night) and three children in the house means chaos! Molly is one year old on Monday, so today everyone went out for lunch and there was cake. I had fizzy water. Last night it was scotch pies or fish and chips. I have yearned a little but haven't considered breaking yet.
Not even with a bag of giant buttons and two slabs of tablet in my bag.
Yay me!!
10lbs!! I'm so pleased!!!
Thanks for your support, guys, it means a lot.

Home again and the house feels really empty without my daughter here. She decided to go to Stornoway to visit her dad and half sister. This means that next weekend I'm in Edinburgh again to collect her from the Inverness bus. I wouldn't tell my mum, but the travelling is really knackering me.
One of the reasons I finally decidied to get a grip on my weight was due to my spinal problems, I've had a dodgy back for years now, but a couple of years ago I slipped a disc, on top of the other problems. I had surgery last year but things haven't really improved. I no longer work full time because it's just too tiring. These problems haven't helped while I've been shooting back and forth. Now I'm knackered and I hurt.
I've kept up the 100% though, even while watching my mum munch through a sausage and bacon butty for breakfast and a chickeny thing for tea. They smelt lovely, but I'm glad to say I wasn't really tempted.
Another day down, it's all good!

Right, now to see how to update my ticker thingy....

Well two weeks at 100% done. It's fair to say that I'm feeling pretty damn proud of myself. I'm also surprised at how easy it's been. That said temptation has been placed virtually under my nose this week, chip butties and Crunchie chocolate biscuits. It was only the fsct that I did so well ladt week that kept me on the straight amd narrow. Had I been following an ordinary 'control yourself' diet, I'd have fallen by the wayside ages ago.
In spit of that and in spite of having a good hunt through my wardrobe and finding a couple of Christmas dresses to aim for, I'm still stupidly nervous avout tomorrow's WI. I have no reason to worry, other than the fact that, according to my svales I have lost only 1 measly little pound. I don't understand. I've done everything as I should. I'm drinking all the water and sticking rigidly to the diet. I shall be gutted if my scales are right.
I hope they're way off the mark. I was hoping for 5lbs for this week.
I'll let you know.
I forgot to mention the chat I had with my boss yesterday.
I haven't seen much of him over the last three weeks, he's been out of the office just about every time I've made it in.
Yesterday, we were outside having a ciggie and a chat (knocking them on the head on Monday), when he noticed my pass. He looked at it, he looked at me. He looked at the pass again. "You've lost weight since that was taken" he said "A significant amount."
Yes, that was taken last year" I replied (the pass was done in Oct 2009 when I was about my heaviest at 16½ stone) "I lost 10lbs last week."
"Fu...That's incredible!"

I nearly made my boss say the F word at work!
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I fell off the wagon big style on Friday. Had my WI, 3lbs off. Not bad, but not as good as I was hoping for. Still, I felt pretty pleased with myself as I set off on the road again for another trip to Edinburgh. What a foul drive it was, the wind and the heavy rain were bad enough, but the spray off the roads was unreal, cars were disappearing into the gloom. I was not enjoying the drive, I was cold and I felt damp. I got to Quernhow in North Yorkshire and stopped at the truck stop for a coffee and a warm. As I ordered my coffee, I found myself ordering a small breakfast too.
I have to say, it was delightful! A proper greasy fry-up, sausages, bacon, egg, beans and toast. I didn't eat much of the toast, but the rest went down a dream!
I felt nice and warm as I continued my drive.

I hope I haven't done too much damage with my fall, I got straight back on the wagon and have easily turned down the offers of bacon butties and other such delights over the weekend.
I'm feeling bad about possibly wasting this week's effort, but I certainly needed the breakfast!

Hula. x
It was a hard week this week, after I fell off the wagon on Friday I was convinced that I would lose virtually nothing this week, instead, I was rewarded with a 2 kilo loss. 4.4 pounds. I'm over the moon and ready to face lunch with the family on Sunday for my daughter's 18th.
I'm below 15 stones for the first time in two+ years.
Wow! Congrats on your amazing loss this week, you must be really pleased :) and also below 15 stone for the first time in a long time so well done. Such an inspiration. :D

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