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This time its going to work!

S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Hi everyone!

I started a thread on another forum, but looking at the support and general chat on this one I thought this would be a better place to have a diary!

I started Sole Source on Monday and have my first weigh in tomorrow. I am very excited, but nervous at the same time. I have been pretty good and have stuck to it, apart from a few mini eggs!! Also, there have abeen a couple of days when I have not managed to drink all of my water. Does anyone know if this seriously affects the weight loss?

Wednesday and thursday I haven't felt hungary at all, but yesterday and today I have been STARVING!!! My housemate made profiteroles with chocolate sauce today...and waved them under my nose! But I managed to resist...I figure, I know what they taste like, and can have them when I know I deserve a real treat (if that day comes!!)

I have 64lbs to lose...I am hoping for 5lbs this week and then approximately 4lbs a week...is this realistic?
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Hi Emzie

Good luck on the diet :)

What a mean flatmate you have, waving those profiteroles at you. Just think of all the FAT they contain and how much better you will be for not eating them.

I bet you have a nice big weight loss tomorrow. Come on and let us know.

S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Day 9. Ok so its been a couple of days since my weigh in now and for the first time since I started the diet I've began to feel a bit flat. I didn't do any exercise over the weekend and I had a crossaint on sunday after my weigh in which I think me made 10 times worse!

Anyway - since that BIG mistake I have been 100% on the diet. I did a work out tonight, 45 mins aerobics, but my heart really wasn't in it and I didn't really work hard. Its not a lack of energy, well, I don''t really know what it is.

I'm at uni at the minute, and its easter holidays...maybe its because I've lost my routine? Not sure. Whatever it is though I need to snap out of it soon else I'm going to start resenting this diet before I've even really got started!!

On a more positive note, I jumped on the scales today (which I promised myself I would not do between weigh ins) and I've lost a couple of pounds since sunday, which is good. I am feeling so much healthier, and I'm sleeping sooooooooo well!!

Going to try and write in here everyday now, even if its just to tell myself how I am feeling, so I can look back on it. I'm also going to keep a record of what I've eaten and drank. (good and bad!)

So today: Banana tetra, Strawberry tetra, Chicken and Mushroom soup.

2L of water....wil have to drink another couple of glasses before bed...and a diet coke.

Heres hoping for a better mood tomorrow!
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Day 10.

Up and at 'em today!! Determined to have a good day! Have been into Uni to do some work, now I am back home and going to do a fitness dvd before lunch.

So far today, a strawberry tetra.
hi, well done on the losses so far. what fitness dvd's do you like? I like the nell mcandrew ones although they are v v v tough and i have the claire richards dvd but the moves are complicated.

I am looking for a pilates dvd now as i found that lots of cardio on ss slowed my losses a bit. still exercise now and then but looking for summat a bit less cardio based.

good look for weigh in this week..
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Really? You found that doing lots of exercise actually stopped you losing as much weight? Uh oh!!

I haven't been going for as long as you. You are doing so well! I can't believe you've stuck to it for so long..well done!!

At the minute I'm doing the Charlie Brooks before and after workout. Its about 20mins of gentle workout - then 20 mins of harder workout - the 10 mins of pilates. Its quite good, but I'm getting used to it now...so thanks for the tips about the other workouts! Do you have a wii fit? I'm considering getting one, but not sure if its worth the money.

S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Ok so its day 21. Exactly three weeks now. I went for my weigh in today. Its only been 5 days since I last got weighed, but I really like being weighed on sundays, so I got it changed to then.

Last weigh in on tuesday was ok considering I had cheated considerably over Easter weekend. I lost 2lbs, which was great. I'd had a bit of a pig out on roast dinners/meals out, but it does show if you are really careful about what you pick on a menu, you don't have to put on the pounds.

Anyway....that aside, I lost 4lbs this week at my weigh in. Which is a total lost of 1st 1lb for the three weeks. I am so happy with this. I have a few more stone to lose yet, but getting past the 1st milestone is a big one for me. Its given me a bit of a boost as well - hopefully will spur me to keep on going.

This is usually the point in diets that I give up. I really hope I can push on through that barrier this time!! I have done the cambridge once before, but never made it past two weeks. So I've decided to reward myself today - I'm not going to be stupid about it though. The house is having a barbecue, so I've decided to do myself some prawn, chicken and veg skewers. I guess I'm having a SS+++ day hehe!!

Very excited about the next week! Really can't wait for it to be over so I can have another weigh in. I've got a lot to do though to keep me distracted. Its my last year at Uni, and I've got a dissertation to write for three weeks time! Eeeek! So I'm planning to get a chunk of it done next week!

I'm going to try and post on here everyday too this week. I've been a bit lapse recently!!



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I think your doing amazing especially with being at uni all the junk food and drink around.
I like reading other people diary for inspiration, good luck this week.

I'm only on day 9 so i hope i get to day 21.

S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Day 22. Its 10:30pm and I have only had two shakes today. Not really feeling great. I haven't cheated, I just feel really lethargic....got to get my act together I think!!

I'm going to go for a run/fast walk in the morning, see if I can get my day off to a good start! I'm realy fed up of sitting behind a desk all day.

I got my FINAL exam timetable though now. My last exam is on the 28th of may. So I'm going to set myself a mini goal of losing 2 stone by then. Thats 13 pounds in about 6 weeks. So I'm hoping thats fairly realistic (and I'm hoping to exceed it if possible!!)

Anyway! Just wanted to check in! I'll be back 2moro to report in again!
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Day 23...I'm back again! Thanks everyone for all your support! It really helps when I'm thinking about doing something silly!

Talking about silly....after I wrote on here last night I suddenly realised I was hungry and STUPIDLY had a few squares of dark chocolate!! I don't even know why I did it?! It sure as hell didn't fill me up and I felt super guilty after! Poo! So I am absolutely positive I am going to at least three days in a row of 100% SS, then on Friday I'm going to treat myself to a SS+ meal...I think I might even go crazy and have some prawns....mmmmmmm!

Plans for today include sitting at my desk writing dissertation, again. I am going to go to the post office to send some parcels (they are actually textbooks I'm getting rid of early - hopefully I won't need them....I certainly need the money!!). I'm also going to try and fit in a Davina workout - they are only 30 mins...so should be able to if I can muster the energy!!

Hope everyone is ok and doing well!!
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Day 24. I'm writing this whilst drinking my banana tetra...I've become slightly addicted to these (and the chicken and mushroom soup!).

I had a good day yesterday. 100% all the way and feel 10x better for it this morning. So I'm oing to try and make it happen again. If I can get to friday with no cheats I'm going to reward myself with a SS+ meal.

Not really got much to say today..so maybe I'll come back this afternoon. Trying really hard to write on here everyday now, I think it really helps me stay focused (and gives me something/someone to answer to if I do something naughty!)


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Hiya - sorry that you look as though you have been talking to yourself for the last few days - not good for motivation is it ?

I'm on Day3 of my final restart, so hopefully just about to get into ketosis, but I have the headache from hell today - I have taken some paracetamol at 12:00, but it isn't shifting - going to go home at 15:00 and see if I can get a couple of hours shut eye before the kids come home

Hope you are having a great day - you are doing really well - just need to take it each day at a time and it should soon fly by



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I had a little slip up yesterday but back on it 100% today, but i go on holiday on Sunday and i must say i'm looking forward to eatting proper for even if it is only for a few days.

Good luck and hope the dissertation is going to plan
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
OH NO OH NO OH NO!!! ARGH! I'm so cross at myself. I had not one, not two, but THREE chocolate bars yesterday. I knew I'd hate myself for it. But it was almost as if someone else had taken over my body and was saying "you need chocolate...NOW!"

Poo! I'm really bummed out about it. I was hoping for a good weightloss this week to try and get me up to 1.5 stone, but I'm pretty sure that isn't going to happen now. Its set me back a week, I'll just be happy now if I haven't put on weight.

Anyway - Woke up this morning (day 26) and saw the chocolate wrappers in the bin, then gave myself a very firm talking to. I've decided to up my water intake to 3.5 litres for the next few days, and I'm going to exercise for at least an hour a day. I've also thrown away everything edible in my house that isn't cambridge diet food. I'm not prepared to let myself cheat again. I may even ask people to go to the shops to buy my water for me from now on so I'm not tempted by chocolate again.

4 weeks is the longest Ive ever done a diet for. I really don't want to ruin it now. So its just a blip which I'm going to learn from and draw a line under. Today is a new day - I've had my treat, and will not be treating myself again for a good while.

Meh - feeling rubbish. I'm sorry for anyone reading who has to listen to my ranting and moaning. I'll probably come back a bit later on and moan some more too!! One of those days!

Thanks Lyndz for the support :)


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Well done for giving yourself a talking to, hope it works.

I am only on day 14 and I can feel the chocolate devil rising to sneeks his head but I can not do it (well I hope I don't slip)

Good luck for today x x
S: 13st12lb C: 11st13lb G: 9st4lb Loss: 1st13lb(13.92%)
Right. I'm in a fowl mood. Hence now I am venting on here to all you poor people reading this.

I ate chicken for lunch today - which I know is not bad, but you didn't see how much of it I ate. Not good. I've got my weigh in on sunday and feel so guilty already. I've gone through my cupboards and thrown everything out, which I guess is a start. I just feel like I'm going to get told off by my CDC. She is lovely, but she has this way of looking at me sometimes....kinda like a dissappointed look. I only lost two pounds over easter week weigh-in, which I thought was quite an acheivement with all the temptation around (granted I did indulge a little). But even then she kinda looked like it wasn't good enough. If I don't lose this week, I know I'll be in for more of the same! Boo!

Anyway! Rant over - the weather is nice at least so I think I might go out for a long walk in the sunshine. Try and take my mind off of it and get some exercise to burn off all the food I've greedily been eating.

I usually have a treat on sundays after my weigh in, but I'm not going to let myself this week. Tomorrow is the start of a 100% week. I'm so determined this time! I even bought a dress this afternoon for my graduation...take a look if you like...

Oasis Formal| Dark Grey Ruffle Front Shift Dress | Womens Fashion Clothing | Oasis Stores UK

I bought it in a size 12 (I'm a size 14-16 now) and WILL get into it by July!
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Hi emzie, oooh I'm liking the dress. Can't wait till I can pull off a nice LBD. Congrats on how well you've done so far. Doing CD alongside all the stress of uni is pretty impressive!