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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm on day two of the Exante diet, hoping to stick to TS mainly, but will probably have a few WS days when I need a bit more.
    I'm going to check in here as much as I can - hopefully it will keep me on the straight and narrow!

    Today has been ok, I had a bar for breakfast, chocolate shake for dinner and just finished my vegetable soup. I was sorely tempted by a big box of wine gums that someone in the office has brought in but I kept sipping at my water and managed to resist - tho it was so hard!
    I think I may be in or at least very nearly in ketosis as my breath is a little pongy and in the late afternoon I was absolutely freezing! So so cold, kept huddling round radiators when I passed one!

    Started yesterday at 13.13 and my final goal is 10.10 but I'm happy to use Exante to get the bulk of the weight off and then try a broader eating plan to whittle down the last half stone or so.
    Planning a few days break around Valentines so I'm concentrating on as trying to shift as much as I can by then. After my break I'll carry on for as long as I feel I need to.

    Soooo after that epic intro I'll sign off. Will be back tomorrow x
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  3. Day three today! Not gone quite to plan as this morning was a total farce, woke late, in a complete rush and managed to forget my packs. Thankfully had a vanilla shake at work so had that for brekkie but the only thing I could think of to have at lunch - v. Limited choice - so had a pack of sliced chicken breast. I knew I wasn't going to be home until 8ish so there was no way I could last on just the shake.
    I think it was a good choice in the scheme of things, not going to feel bad about it.
    Just had a bar now and I'll try and have my third pack before, prob a shake, but have to say I don't really fancy it.
    Tomorrow I'll be better organised!
  4. First WI yesterday - 7lbs down taking me to 13.6.
    I'm very happy with this as I wasn't following TS to the letter. Although I didn't have any actual meals I did snack on the odd boiled egg or slices of chicken.

    I think I'm doing really well on this diet, mealtimes are so straightforward. I really like the bars too. Shakes are ok, much prefer them done in the blender with ice - not so keen having them in thr shaker. The only thing I'm not too keen on is the tomato and basil soup - I'm a Heinz girl when it comes to tomato soup!
    Tried the porridge today too - hmmm, the taste is quite nice. Sweet but not overly so. Not sure if I used too much water but it definitely didn't resemble any porridge I've had before! What I imagine gruel to be like actually!

    Hoping for a loss of about 4lbs next week. Think that's realistic. Fingers crossed!
  5. Just finished my tea. Not a fan of the carbonara I have to say. I may have made it wrong but it was basically a thicker soup with a few strands of spaghetti. Had to add a handful of peas just to make it palatable. Ho hum! Back to soup tomorrow.
  6. nonnibear

    nonnibear Full Member

    Hey, how are you finding it? I did the same as you, snacking on babybels, eggs and even went for a cheeky nandos on Sunday!

    I'm so pleased its my weigh in tomorrow so I can stop thinking about it!
  7. How did your weigh in go nonnibear? (silly autocorrect tried to change nonnibear to 'non obese!' certainly fits in with minimins!)

    Today I had my first wobble. I ate about 12 wine gums :( don't know why, I've resisted the box for all this time - its in my office - but today I succumbed! Finding it hard today - OH is making himself gammon and wedges. I have mushroom soup ... Need to pull myself together and remember why I'm doing this!
    Struggling with the water too. Think it's because I'm so cold - mixture of exante plus the freezing weather. Must try and drink more!
  8. nonnibear

    nonnibear Full Member

    Lost 10lbs!

    Chuck the wine gums away! It's not as easy to binge on stuff when there isn't a great option.

    i had a major wobble earlier but managed to talk myself back down! It's so hard though, it being so cold and all! I'm in bed already! Totally knackered!

    I'd love to be non obese! Ha ha!

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  9. *crawls in shamefaced*
    Well I have a confession to make. I have been completely off plan this weekend :( and it's WI tomorrow and I'll have to face up to the naughtiness. Boo!
    Going to get back on it 100% tomorrow, get my water up and look forward to next Mondays WI where ill hopefully be back on track. I have another 3 weeks until I've planned a few days off plan - few days around Valentines. Hoping I'll at least be around the mid 12s by then.

    You lot are inspiring me to get back on the wagon and shift this excess baggage!
  10. I lost 1lb this week which is a little disappointing but that's what you get for drinking vino and eating lots and lots of sourdough bread!
    I've been back on since Monday and haven't done badly at all. I am really struggling with the soups though. Didn't mind them at first but now they're bleeuurgh! Much prefer the shakes and bars. Might have to sell the soups on fleabay and get myself more shakes instead.

    Hoping for a better loss next Monday. My goal is to lose 1.5 stone overall by Valentines week.
  11. KatieLouise23

    KatieLouise23 Full Member

    Just been reading through your diary, I dont like the soup either. 1.5 stone my valentines can be done. Just keep faith :) I look forward to reading your progress xx
  12. Thanks for dropping in and replying! I'm feeling pretty good today and I've had my first cold vanilla coffee shake - yum! Tastes like those cold Starbucks latte things you get at the supermarket.
    Still can't face any of the soups, I just wish I could have 2 bars and a shake every day - id be a very happy bunny then!

    Only slightly meh part of today was my mums reaction to finding out I'm doing exante. She wasn't impressed and said that if even if I do lose the weight it will all go back on again once I go back to eating 'normally' again. I know that is a risk with these types of diets but I think I've got a good plan to combat that. I want exante to shift the main bulk of the weight then when I get to a comfortable weight, maybe 11.7 I'm going to reintroduce food again slowly before switching to a more rounded diet with exercise. Hopefully that will do the trick.
    Now I know why I haven't told anyone about this diet but OH! He's very supportive but I doubt many others would be, which makes me a but embarrassed about it.
    Are any other exanters doing the diet secretly or hiding it from work colleagues/friends/family?
  13. My best friend had a similar reaction so I sympathise with you mt - but keep at it, you're doing a grand job so far :)

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