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Those "oh my god" realisation moments


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Had another of those "oh my god" realisation/revelation moments today of how far this journey has taken me...

I used to get in the car, breath in and pull the seatbelt out as far as it'd go and then push it into the holder.

This morning - i realised that i'm hardly having to pull it out at all anymore - don't know why it came to me all of a sudden but it did.

Almost caused me to be late for work though - had to wait for the eyes to dry up first.

Anyone else have any to share?
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Bless you Ian, You have done so incredibly well..its those moments that you should enjoy now. You'v worked so hard for it.

Realising i didnt have to be ashamed when asked for my uniform size at my second job i started a few weeks ago. that was new!
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Aww that's brilliant Ian. Funny how it's probably been like that for some time but today you noticed. Must have felt wonderful.:)

Hmm I don't have anything like that yet, talking of seatbelts though I can actually do mine up now and there's about 10 inches extra. For the last 5 years I've been driving without wearing one. Don't call the police.:bolt:


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Well I'm still a newbie, but my OMG moment was getting SOTW on my 2nd week, I'd lost ½ a stone, and I was on my way home thinking how I was going to show my certificate to my hubby, and imagined what his face would be like, and I just burst into tears while driving. somehow 7lb didn't hit me as much as half a stone, even though they are the same.. If that makes sense. I was just so happy, I'm sure people must have thought I'd been dumped or something seeing me wiping tears away as I drove LOL


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I don't have those moments yet but I'm so happy for those that do! Well done, guys!
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To be fair i cryed in the fresh bakery isle in asda once, because i realised i didnt need it to make me feel the way i did when i got a slimming award about a year ago HA, i dread to think what people must have thought about me!
I love being able to walk into any clothes shop and find my size , although I do still feel like I shouldnt be there .. and feel like an assistnat is gonna come out and tell me to go to Evans as they dont have anything my size !!!

It was lovely to go to Alton Towers a few weeks ago and not panic about if I would fit on the rides :)


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havnt got moments like these yet but its great reading everyone elses i cant wait shop in 'normal' shops with boyfriend heshops n republic and bank and things and they only do up 2 a size 14! so cant wait til i can look in womens section in there


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aww...ian and the rest of you, its lovely to read about your moments. very motivating xxx
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Lovely idea for a thread Ian.

Mine was trying on my wedding dress on Sunday.
I got married (for the 2nd time) 6 years ago and looked good - even if I say so myself - I was wearing size 10 clothes and confident in my appearance!!!
When I tried on the dress this week, I was amazed that it was much too big for me now.
It then hit me, just how far I've come in the past 5 months and just how much my life has changed. xx


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I have 2 OMG moments that I got excited about (cor it dosent take much to excite me) ... being able to cross my legs and recently going up the stairs without the feeling I need an oxygen tank at the top.


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Ian, well done!!

My main one was going to a shop and trying size 8 clothes for fun and they fit!! 1st time in my adult life.
Also, when I walked up the steep road and got to the top without being out of breath.
I used to have to stop a couple of times and was totally breathless when I got to the top!


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wow Ian, you've lost 50% of your body weight, that's amazing. I've noticed I can do my shoes up whilst sitting down and still breathe at the same time!


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Ian- your story really choked me up! What a wonderful feeling.

I had a moment today where I walked to Tesco and every time I went to cross the road someone would stop their car, smile and let me cross- it happened 7 times in a row and I kept wondering why and suddenly realised that they were all guys stopping. In a way it got me annoyed at how no-one ever did it when I was bigger, but I guess I should take it as a positive that a lot of men do nice things for slimmer girls.


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