Thought i'd better explain myself


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I havent been on any diet for a few weeks. When i changed over to cambridge diet it kocked me side ways as i was not ready to come off lighterlife.I did not like the cd food packs, i istead took myself off it and just went into a hole.I have now started a job long hours. But its okish. I have decided to come back on to ll after new year.Although i have been off vlcd i have been treading careful and still losing iches so not all bad.I having been looking forward to coming back it will be alot easier while im working, im on my feet for 10 hours a day cleaning tired to think about food. So i feel it will be much easier this time round as i wont be home all day feeling depressed if you understand me.I can see you are all doing soo well, welldone to you all for sticking to it, i wish i had done now i would have lost alot morre weight.But at least it is still going in the right direction.:D

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nearly there!! :)
was literally just gonna pm ya and see how ya are doing hunni. glad u are doing ok and well done on the job, i totally understand the hole thing when ur at home its very hard having so much time on ur hands. well done for the inch loss hunni and cant wait ta have ya back xxx


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I did wonder how you are getting on. I think it is a big risk to swap during a program.

Good luck for starting again in the new year, stick with it this time and by summer you will be at goal for sure.

Im hoping to be at goal in feb sometime then its on RTM for me the time has just wizzed by!! Crazy!


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How odd!! I was just thinking about you yesterday!

Glad you are making progress. I am sure that this time around you will have less trials and tribulations. Well done for not going off on a tangent honey!!

B x


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Aww thanks everyone. I was so down and upset being at home all day with no work.Now im alot happier earning some money. My end of year tax has been sorted end of for the year..thank goodness that was stressful in itself...glad thats over!!

I wont be over indulging over xmas thats a promise to you all and myself.I still have some ll food packs left which i am going to start using asap.Just want to get back on it more than ever now, seeing you all doing so well as given me a kick up the back side hehe.

I have so missed you all. I wont be here every day obviously because of me working long hours but i will be on here on my days off. Back to work tomorrow, sunday and monday, then i have 3 days off yippee.I also managed to get new years day and the 2nd off too as i said i had already arranged for new years but it turns out thats my day off anyway, yay. so will be around to chat to you all over the holiday.


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So glad to have you back Lynn

Well done you. First for getting a job, hard enoughat the moment.And mainly for making the decision to come back to LL.I know it's expensive, but as you've realised it's about more than the money.
Congratulations on keeping on track in the meantime.
The new job will keep you fit and make sure you don't have too much time on your hands.
We've missed you. Welcome home xxx


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S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 43.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Awww thanks slendablenda
Really appreciate it.
My husband might be losing his job on monday under alot of stress atm