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Hi guys,

Im considering stopping going to class every wednesday and to start weighing-in at home instead. My main reason is we are struggling financially and even though its only £4.95 a week to go to class that £4.95 can buy a packet of nappies for my 21 month old.

I initially set my target to be 12stone and now I am only 4.5lbs off that I have decided to lower it to 11st and then maintain. I think I can do this at home as I have all the books and knowledge I may need on here and if im being honest im one of those people that goes to group but never stay for the talk. I just cant help but feel that a fiver a week just to be weighed is a bit silly when I have a good set of scales at home and am broke.

Im just scared that if I do stop going im going to fall off the wagon and not achieve that 11st target. What would you guys do?
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I have to started to not go to weigh in to save dosh, If you weigh yourself on the same day, and keep coming on here then you should be fine, you just need to have the same fire in your belly!! good luck on your journey!! X
Lots of people do it at home successfully (as you can see on here) and lots of people don't (they won't reply to this post as they aren't here anymore!)

My own opinion is if it isn't broke, don't fix it. I know the money is an issue, but if there was anything else you could cut down on I would do it instead. You would have to be CERTAIN that not having the disipline of an organised weigh-in will not affect your motivation and success

Good luck with whatever you decide

It does depend on the individual. Some people need to go to group, others dont. It all depends on how much determination you have in you. If you are hell bent on getting some weight off, then no class or anything is going to stop you .. good luck
I think it would be a pity for you to stop going when you are so close to target because you'll miss out on the free weigh -ins.
Why not call target at the original weight so that WI's are free, then if you want to lose more you can change your target weight?

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
if you have the self drive and determination go for it!! you could always do it for a few weeks and find that you are struggling doing it on your own go back to classes?

I do it from home, have some books and use advise from here and find it no problems. Good luck with whichever you decide x
Rather than saying 'I'm going to stop going to classes', why don't you just book the next 6 weeks off (or how many 'holiday days' you have left)? That way you will see how you do WI at home. If you really struggle and then decide to go back, you wont have to pay a re-joining fee.

If you take the 'holiday days' option, could you save £2.50 per week? That way, if you needed to go back, it would be like having the next 6 weeks (or however many 'holiday' weeks you took off) at half price?

I know that none of these suggestions will solve your long-term financial worries, but they might make the transition to 'at home weighing' a little easier.
Hi There!

I am fairly new(been on sw a week now!)and I also do it 'alone'.I will WI the same time every week and record food intake,weight loss and measurements in a book.Most importantly the determination to do it!!!This forum have proved to be a godsend,so much information and lots advice and wise words!!

Good Luck xx
I rejoined classes at the beginning of the year as I cannot do it alone. Even though my head was in the right place whenever I had a gain I thought I had blown it so that was the signal for the self destruct button.

Could you get a friend or family member to weigh you that way you know to stay on track. I know that the thought of someone else seeing my weight gives me that extra bit of motivation.
There is no way on this earth that I could maintain my target weight without going to group. I need it. To me it is so easy to ignore home scales and go into denial if you have had a bad week.
I agree with CP, I'd try to save the money elsewhere before stopping classes. So many people do weigh and go and I do think a fiver is a lot to not stay to class but for various reasons people don't. However, if that fiver is helping you to lose weight then it's not a waste of money is it?

For me, weighing at home is out!
I've tried to go it alone several times but have failed each time. I don't stay for the class although I might if I find a better leader which I intend doing as soon as my countdown is over. I actually find this site more helpful than my class for advice and true life experience.

I find the discipline of a weekly weigh in and the fact that I've paid keeps me motivated and also because they are mini goals each week, however I'm early days really.

You seem to have been doing it for a while and have a good loss so it may be more entrenched in your mind.

I think the advice about holidays is good - and if you continue to lose over that time you will be nearer to target and the cost in the long run won't be so great.

Good luck with whichever you decide.
I wouldn't stick to the plan if I didn't go to class. Having lost and gained so many times before, I now realise the only way for me to keep it off is to keep going to class - for life!

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