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Thrice a Bridesmaid - Thrice the Diet


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Hey everyone,

Brand new here, but unfortunatley not brand new to slimming world - been trying it on and off for 4 years. This time is serious though. Not going to classes so that I can spend the money I would spend on classes on a gym membership.

Thought I'd write my food diary down on here so that I still feel like I have some accountability and hopefully all you kind ladies (and gents) will chip in and steer me back to the right path if I've got the wrong end of the stick and getting it all wrong!

so here goes - yesterday was my first day on the diet and giving extra easy a proper try so seems a good place to start:



Strawberries and Blackberries with Onken fat free vanilla yoghurt - 0 syns

Spanish Omlette and salad (omlette made with 4 eggs, fry light, one potato, red pepper, spring onions and garlic) - 0 syns

Quorn sausage casserole (made with bisto, carrots and onions) - 4 syns
Mashed potatoes (literally that nothing exciting like milk or butter in them) - 0 syns

2 slices nimble toast (HEb) with 2x Dairylea triangles (HEa)
Velvet crunch crisps - 4 syns

Total syns for the day 8



Spanish omlette leftovers and tommy k - 1 syn

Tomato mugshot - 0 syns
Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar - 0 syns

rowan glen fat free yoghurt - 0 syns
velevt crunch crisps - 0 syns
3 handfuls salted popcorn (at cinema) 6 syns

Pasta with leek and peas and 57g philadelphia light garlic and herbs (made enough for 4 but probably ate enough for 2) - syn 2.5 (not sure if can use philly as a HE???)
Hartleys mango and passion fruit jelly - 0 syns

Total syns for the day - 12.5

so far I think its going ok - Healthy extras seem to be causing a problem for example i have 2 cups of tea a day not enough to use the milk as a healthy extra - and 5 dairylea triangles feels too much so i don't know if i can mix and match?

i dont remember it being this confusing before!

Anyhoo thats my update for the day, hope you are all well!

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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Food diary from yesterday (Monday 9th August - Day 3 of diet)

Nimble bread (HeB) Boiled Eggs (Free) Butter Low Fat ( 4 syns)
Leek and Pea pasta with garlic and herb philly (60g in whole pot which done 2 portions (2.5 syns)
Fat free yoghurt with strawberries and rasberrries (Free)
Mugshot (Free)
Pesto Cod (4 syns in tablespoon pesto) Mash (Milk heA) Vine roasted tomatoes

Total syns for the day 10.5

Going to try and have less syns for the rest of the week as have a party with copious amounts of booze to be consumed on Saturday so need to do a syn store really.

On that note - anyone know how many syns are in a jagerbomb?! lol :D :D :D


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Tuesday 9th August - Green (ish) day

Nimble toast - HEA
Boiled Eggs - A
Low fat marge - 3

Pasta 'n' Sauce - HEA

Chicken 113g - HEB
42g Mozzarella - HEA
Mash with Garlic and Herb philly - 2.5

Strawberries, Blackberries - 0
Cranberry and Raspberry jelly sugar free - 0
Velvet crunch crisps - 4 syns

Total Syns - 9.5

Fairly good day - think it's a good week so far!



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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Wednesday 11th August - EE

Nimble toast (HEB)
Dairylea triangles x 2 (HEA)

Chicken salad - 0 syns
Strawberries - 0 syns
Fat free yoghurt - 0 syns

Leek and potato cup a soup - 6 syns

Tomato and herb mugshot - 0 sysns

home made chicken fried rice (unpleasant) - 0 syns

velvet crunch - 4 syns

Total syns 10.

Feeling bizarre - done a mini weigh-in and looks like i've lost 2lbs - BUT.. feel like i'm not doing very well - not eating a lot of super free or free foods - still 'synning' a lot and don't have a kind of menu plan made up for the next few days, need to get more organised!

Also noticed much hungrier in AM without eggs - may need to stick to that plan for breakfast

The proverbial finger needs pulled out.


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G: 12st0lb
Hey. Your doing well so far!

Organisation is key for me too.
Without it I start falling into old habits, which I'm doing at the minute haha.

And I totally agree about eggs!
They keep me fuller for longer!
If I have them in the morning, im fine til lunch but if I dont I have to have porridge at like 11am! haha

Good luck! xx


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Thanks, I need to give myself a break I think and remember that its only my first week back and I probably need a while to get back into it.

Went back to eggs this morning even though I didnt really fancy them but I was still full until 12 so definitely gonna be the way forward for me I think - just need a bit more variety in them than boiled eggs on toast! stop being lazy basically.

Also think I might try and make up a pot of soup at the weekend to last me the week - hopefully that will up my free foods and take down the snacking! If only I actually liked fruit - I mean I dont dislike it but it does nothing for my hunger levels!

Your weight loss ticker thing is amazing! Well done you! And thanks for commenting on my diary - it's reassuring to hear I'm on the right track - the fact that people might read this forces me to be good I think! :D


A happy downward spiral
G: 12st0lb
Making up a pot of soup is always useful!
I have a problem though as I made a mushroom soup a few weeks back and I liked it the first day. Tried it the second day and it made me feel SO sick. I couldnt even look at it. So weird. So I have to avoid soup for a while to forget about that haha!

I love having scrambled eggs with tomaotes heated in the microwave.
Its like syn free ketchup but tastier! hehe

Thanks so much. Thats really nice to hear! Im being very hard on myself at the minute so thanks! =)


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
oh I know what you mean when something puts you off you kind of get the fear for a while! maybe ease your self in gently with a carrot or potato based soup when you can face it - they rarely go wrong!

had a v quick look at your diary - you are really doing great - and i know you had a break in the middle but look at it this way you've lost 54lbs in under 52 weeks.... that is pretty impressive if you ask me! My mum lost 7stone on this diet ages ago (all back on now pretty much) and she says the key to her success was practicing being nice to herself! And when she was having a really bad week she would go to asda and fill up lots of trolleys with lard weighing the weight she'd lost and try walk around with it to remind herself she didnt want to carry that around again (obviously there came a point when she couldnt lift all the baskets and had to use a trolley :D )

think i might keep sneaking looks at your diary for inspiration actually if thats ok - you seem to eat the same kinda food as me so could really help

take care



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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Thursdays diary

Nimble (Heb)
Low fat marge - 3
Boiled eggs x 2

Ainsley Harriot Risotto - tomato and mascarpone - 2.5

Mugshot - 0

Quorn spag bol (amazing!!!) - 0
Cheese - HEA

Skinny dipper ice lolly (skinny cow) - 3

Total syns for the day 8.5 syns

have made a plan for the next few days and feel a lot more organised about it - back to being in a good mood in time to ruin it all on saturday at a party :-(

nevermind - bizarrely looking forward to w/i tomorrow - must remember to buy scales today


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
those positive vibes must have worked!!!! lost 4lbs!!! SOOOOOOOO pleased with myself!! now i just have to not ruin it all at tonights burlary party! although with the day of cleaning i have ahead of me im sure ill be fine!!! haha!

yesterdays diary:

scambled egg with tomatoes (super yummy!) HEA
2 nimble toast - heb
low fat marge - 3
quorn spag bol - 0

pasta with chicken sweetcorn peppers and 1tbsp light mayo -2.5 syns
small glass rose wine - 6 syns
velvet crunch crisps - 4 syns
total syns 15.5- but was hardcore at gym - treadmill 10 mins (100cal -according too fancy watch) zumba (350 cals) body training systems (half body attack, half combat - 350 cals) total 800 cal burnt off so don't feel bad about it

onto the next week - doubt very much there will be a diary tomorrow as copious amounts of booze is to be consumed tonight and i wont remember but i'll give it a bash none the less.

Gonna hope for 2lbs next week I think - keep it aspirational if I can

anyway hooooorrayyyyy for todays w/i


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)

says it all about the weekend! early night then back on it tomorrow..although once again have no food plan in place, a messy disgusting post party house and a busy week with a new job and less gym time, gonna be a tough one i think...and so to bed :wave_cry:


A happy downward spiral
G: 12st0lb


Line drawn under! You can pull it back!

21 . 20 . 19 . 18. *17*. 16 . 15 . 14 . 13 . 12


has a thin girl inside!
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I wrote a big long reply then comp crashed :cry: But i totally agree....



Line drawn under! You can pull it back!

You are doing so well and it was only one day/night!
Yr diary looks so good and i am thinking i need to reconsider the way i set mine out...I ramble way too much. Sometimes think i am justifying what i am eating LOL :D

If yr gonna be busy with work get some easy to cook/prep foods in:
Mugshots, pasta n sauce, quorn sausages, cooked chicken, micro veg...That way u can just pop it in and eat! Pre-made salad box, jacket potato and tin of tuna is quick a v filling!

Good luck with the new job!!! U will do fine :p


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
Thanks both of you! you are right, I just need to get right back onto it. Managed to cobble together a reasonable amount of food for today - slightly soggy salad that had been loitering in the fridge with me for lunch, mahoooosive bowl of cereal for breakfast - was gonna be a HEB but had about 100g not the recommended 28g (oops!)

But yeah def drawing a line and moving on - cancelling the gym session tonight so I can get the house and myself organised and get back ready to rumble (so to speak).

And it's only been my first week Cai - so i've been particularly good - not at the justification stage yet but I soon will be!!



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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
ok so was beating myself about continuing to be bad today - but actually just sat down to write my diary for the day and its not that bad - and done a cheeky weigh in and only put on 0.5 of a pound - and i normally weigh in in the morning - so basically what i'm getting at is if I put on on saturday morning I cant blame it on the weeked as I've clearly not been too bad...so today....

Raisan wheats (spelling?) - 100g - estimating about 20 syns for this but taking away 6 as a HEB so 14 syns
Milk Semi Skimmed - HEA
Alpen Light bar - 4.5

Chicken Salad -0 syns (boring and soggy)

Ainsely harriot risotto - tomato and mascarpone with prawns - think these are 2.5 syns

small slice of cheese and tomato pizza - no idea how many so lets say 10
glass of wine - 6 (bridesmaid meeting tonight - proud of myself for only one slice of pizza if i'm honest)

total syns - too many to count - but my line is drawn now and I have a menu plan in place for the rest of the week - totally chocked with the cold so it may change depending on illness cravings!

hope anyone reading this is having a better day than me but onwards and upwards :)


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S: 13st1lb C: 5st12.2lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 13.7 Loss: 7st2.8lb(55.08%)
ok total syns - 37 that only means 2 days with no syns and i'm even - not the end of the world - but will be having syns tomorrow lunch with a risotto - but feel like its worth it - syn free ones just arent the same and if i was to make a home made one they would be so much more syns!


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G: 12st0lb
Hey you should be proud!
1 slice and 1 glass when your out with friends. Thats TOUGH!
Well done!!

Just get under that line and youll be fine come saturday! (See that for positivity! :p)

I try to never have 0 syns as they are part of the plan but just limit them if ive gone over before. So have your risotto syns and enjoy them! =D

Good luck for today and trying to pull it back. There was another thread on here that was called "Persistence not perfection!" I love it. Its my new mantra! Think we both need to live by that! Have a good day! xx


has a thin girl inside!
S: 16st9lb G: 10st10lb
I am too going to be a bridesmaid next summer. We often meet up (4 of us in total) and after the first couple of meetings where I felt i had been 'forced' to eat the pizza and mini muffins (a tradition of ours) I suggested we all took something for meeting up.
I explained (in a maybe too emotional facebook message) that i need to stick to my diet as best as i can at all times and now when we meet up we all take little bits that are healthier. I can too join in then as much as them!
In the past i have taken SW chilli ( they have brought rice, dips and chips which i limited)
We have had big salads, pasta salads, SW pitta pizzas, Fruit kebabs, etc
I know some are not as convenient as pizzas, but we meet quite a lot. The last 2 times we have done it in a restaurant where i can order the salad and treat myself to wine/garlic bread, and they have ordered burgers, creamy pastas etc. It has worked for us! x

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