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Throat sweets ...

Strange question.

Im on day 1 but at the moment im suffering with a throat infection so i have antibiotics for that.
But im also having strepsils

i know they have sugar in them - will they effect ketosis?
i don't know whether its going to be better for me to start fresh once im well.
im not one for putting things off - but just need some advice!

Im completely committed to this btw.
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What about gargling with soluble aspirin instead of using throat sweets? Or what about ultrachloroseptic throat spray? Don't know the answer to your question about them effecting ketosis tho, sorry


Loving the Cambridge Diet
You would be better off with the sugar-free

Better still take paracetamols

You might be best off waiting to start SS until you are better

Hope you feel better soon.

i have the throat spray at the moment.
without sounding gross - my tonsils are white ( covered in infection ) so the spray doesnt last long.
and paracetamols dont work either
I know totally where you are coming from Sammy when I get a bad throat thats exactly what happens to mine too and I have found really that nothing truly helps until the antibiotics kick in. Try hot drinks too that might help
my cdc told me any of the flavoured stuff is a no no. I would agree with stbg maybe wait untill you are feling better. The first 3days are tough and if your feeling sick you might break it. Sorry to be negative pet.

Hope you feel better soon.
Becky :)
you're not being negative!
Give me a few days until im off the antibiotics and sh1t and i'll be SSing!

i have 2 1/2 stone to lose.
I'm 5'3"
at the moment 12st exactly
want to be 9st 7lbs

how long do you think that'll take?
oh god I couldnt tell you im only starting week two. My cdc said on average a stone a month people lose but then again everyone is different. I lost one stone last weel alone so! Perhaps 3months Im not quite sure but theres lots of more experiencd people around that might give you a better answer than that.

Becky :)

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