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Thursday... Better Be Good!


Stubborn tortoise
Here goes... starting a daily thread as suggested by Jess Rabbit & Sunshine... anyone struggling out there & want to join in? WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Just off to make my porridge... (non CD version)... then will be back to post food plans and plans for day.

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Trying to stay healthy!
Yay a daily thread!! love it!
Good morning All!
Up and doing his morning, kids back to school today...aww! love em!
Water, water, water is my mantra for the day!
Off to fill my bottle
Have a good one everyone!

YEY!!!! back to daily checking in ................... I promise I will. Only got 2 mins as I need to take kids to school and it has taken forever to get them ready this morning!

Weighed myself this morning and the scales have creeped up again due to all the over eating - so thats it now - have got hot choc in hand whilst I type will go and sort my water before I go to work and Im aiming today for 100%

Come on girls we can do this!
see you all later when i get back from work


Stubborn tortoise
Drawn a line under yesterday, had my lovely porridge and blueberries & yog. Plan salad and quorn maybe for lunch, and hot choc shake mid morning? Have just remembered I am eating out at friends tonight, so will not be 100%, just aiming to be as good as I can be, and as calm and relaxed with food as I can be, making best choices I can.

Morning all, have also had non CD porridge with a sprinkling of nutmeg and it always makes me feel virtuous having poridge lol!
Going to hammer my water today, well drink at least 2lts ha ha!
Off into town to brave the wind and rain and put some money into the bank and wil get a sandwich in town or will have poached egg on toast if i dont eat in town. Tea will be sausage and mash with homemade apple and blackberry crumble but not gonna have loads, just a decent portion. Good luck to everyone xxx
Brilliant thread Katy. Well I am at work today and back to day one of losing the weight (she says with bottle of water in her hand.)
Off into town to brave the wind and rain and put some money into the bank
Sleepy can you put some in mine too please? x
Hey ladies,

Doing ok so far on about 1000 -1200 ish, plan for today
Weetabix for brekkie and Cuppa with Sweetner (done)
Lunch - this depends, my brother is at the passport office, so waiting for him to let me know whether he wants me to meet him up there for a lunch out as he has to wait 4 hrs(!) for his new passport (he is flying to Zante tonight after finding out last night) - if so it will be a grilled chicken/salad lunch with a diet coke type thing, if not then it will be Pitta break with ham and salad, and tonight I will be going to my mum's as having my tresses chopped and the mobile hairdresser goes there :) (much looking forward to that). Not too sure what mum has on the menu but she knows very much about the diet, so I am sure it will be good. x
So much for sandwich in town, have been mucking my daughters bedroom out and not been anywhere near town yet!
Had toast and jam which was yummy.

Miss J-T......the money is spent on the mortgage already so none spare for you im afraid :) xx


Trying to stay healthy!
.. it always makes me feel virtuous having poridge lol!...
ha ha!! me too sleepy!! feel like i am starting my day off right if i have a porridge!:D

so....so far today, am feeling very lazy so been watching a trashy movie whilst ds is sicky on the sofa...poor thing!

Had lovely scrambled eggs on toast for lunch instead of tuna today, really fancied it and it did the trick nicely...yum!

litre of water done, off to fill my bottle again!
Hi all glad to have the daily thread back. Have been good today am on second day of being good after weight has started to slip...in the wrong direction oops!!! Have had shredded wheat for brekkie and a philidelphia light with garlic & herbs sandwich for dinner with a couple of snack a jacks and a ww carrot cake slice - always need something sweet after dinner. Have lost one of the pounds I gained this morning on the scales so dead pleased with that. Off home in half an hour to chill out bliss. Have a nice evening all xxxx


Stubborn tortoise
Glad your day is going well! Mine has taken a bit of a downturn, with bread and jam and then a whole pack of biscuits. WHY? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Hey everyone - seems like a few mixed days, but at least we are coming online to share them and thats what is important - I find it all too easy to avoid here so I dont have to own up to what I have eaten!

Today has been an okay day - I have had 2 shakes (just finishing off 2nd hot choc now - but was crap on the water front and I had a prawn wrap at lunch so all in all not too great but not too bad either compared to my horrendous last few weeks really.

Am so glad we started this thread again adn lovely to see you on here everyone -

am off to watch a bit of TV now as have had a manic day in work then came home and reaaranged my spare room, put the curtain track up and rehung the curtains did loads of mummy stuff with the kids and Im ready for a rest now!!!
Hope you all have a nice evening
I am on maintenance and I too have added a few pounds. My downfall has been sweet stuff, I have been having the slim fast snack bars. Only 99 calories but I am guessing 2 a days not good! Wish I could find a better alternative to my choc addiction!


Stubborn tortoise
Kadmus, a few of us are struggling just now... the maintaining is the hardest bit I think. I did great to begin with, and then lost the plot a little... maybe we should have a thread to keep us strugglers motivated?


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