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THURSDAY hour by hour!

me too, my first day where i could have a lie-in in 7 weeks and my mum called me really early, thinking i was going to work. Sadly once i wake up thats it, no going back to sleep for me. My H is still fast asleep and probably will be for the next 5 hours


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My MIL is taking the kids out later this morning and will be gone for hours! Would be a good time to relax. However, relaxing doesn't work well with me at the moment because my mind turns to food. So, I'll be keeping myself busy doing a big clean out of their toys while they're away. They agree they have too many and should give them away but if they are around while I'm doing it, they'll decide against it. So, that's what I'm doing this afternoon! Should keep me busy.

As I mentioned in the Wednesday thread last night, I went to drop in last night. I gained a pound but I'm sure it's down to water weight (TOM coming really soon). It would have been nice to see a change in my weight but hopefully it will show up on Sunday at my meeting. I haven't cheated at all so there isn't any explanation for it.

Ok, so far I've had a shake now I need to drink, drink, drink. :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:

Hope everyone has a great day! :D
Morning All,

Just been consoling a work colleague who has had breast cancer and is now looking into breast reconstruction. Well she had a great big shock in that it is not as straight forward as they first led her to believe, and she was besides herself. Anyway, after lots of cuddles and some positive thinking got her thinking more positive about the future again.

So today I think I am a very lucky person to be healthy and fit and feel that I really DO need to look after this body of mine and not abuse it anymore.

Anyway girls still on a high from yesterday. Hope you all are well and feeling positive. If you are great, if not get on here and the positive lot will share our vibes with you all.:vibes::vibes::vibes::vibes:
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HI everyone. Lady - your poor friend. :( I have a friend back home who is going through that now. Hoping they have found it son enough in her case so she won;t have to go through waht your mate is. She's lucky to have you to console her.

I wasn;ton much last night, bo want to tell you HURRAH!!! For your first Develiopment meeting!!! Well DONE!!!! Bloody exciting that is!!! And you keep being the voice of reason, even if they all look at you like you are speaking a foreign language!!!

Happy for you my friend!!!

have a great day everyone!!!!
Anyway all, am feeling a lot happier now thanks, had my WI last night and lost 6lbs am delighted! I even ate 6-7 little chicken charlgrilled cubes on V-day, but wnet straight back on my diet. I think it's the exercises that I have been doing with my Hubby, but have only done then 2-3 times and only started last week, Haven't done any exercises since Sunday! Will be doing it tonight though.

Was happy with the weightloss as last wek the weight remained the same. Thanks for all your positive comments yesterday! Can't wait to see my family tomorrow night (as they returned my Indian last night), I am sure Mum, Dad and my other 2 sisters will be happy!
Sorry to hear about your friend Lady. It's very good of you to be a postive and understanding friend. Sometimes that is all we need is someone to listen!

Well done Slimseaa...6lbs is tons!
Thank you Mandee, I am pleased, as my weightloss has really started to slow down now, dramatically! Started on Sept 10th, Have now lost 6 stones and 5 lbs, wooohooo, still another 4 to go!


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You must be thrilled having lost over 6 stones in 5 months!!

Holy shmoly!!!!!

Good on you. You will be at goal in no time now. You are an inspiration to us beginners.

Well done you!;)


Brilliant news Slimseaa, so pleased for you, you hung in their and your patience paid off. Your family will defo notice the difference.

Thanks all, for the thoughts for my friend, we have had a long chat and she is feeling soooo much better. I must say the LL counselling helped me to help her so that was really good.

Just finishing my mushroom soup and off to town for my 20min walk and take something back to the shop.

BL I was wondering if, you having all your drinks at night might have something to do with the slowing weightloss. It does seem a long time to go without any substinence, I know I couldnt survive that long. Just a little thought. (see i have been thinking about you:))
well done slimsea 6lbs is great!! woo!
Im feeling ok today a little headachey. Tried on those size 14 jeans yesterday as all my 16s are hugggggeee and they are so close to fitting but not quite there yet. Bought a size 12 shirt which fits nicely but it is loose fitting there is no way im in a "normal 12" just yet :) hehe. Im off to the gym now- will try and burn my headache away :D
have a good day everyone.
LL ill be thinking of your friend.
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Hmmm already posted this once in the Wednesday thread - only to realise that it's actually Thursday today!

Well I've been and had my hair chopped and dyed - hmmmm wonder if that will give me a .25lb extra loss this week, that'd be good ;) Decided that while my hair's been done I'd book to have my eyelashes and eyebrows tinted (as a losing 2 stone treat) - so I've booked that and am going later this afternoon ....... so tonight I'll hopefully look pretty good for sitting in front of the computer and the tv :D

It's a dull and grey day here today - haven't done wonderfully on the liquid front so am going to up it a bit this afternoon.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Really sorry to hear about your friend Lady, that's so sad, I'm glad that you were there for her.

Kellie brilliant news on the jeans and shirt - maybe it's all the smiling you're doing giving you a headache x
Thank you all for your lovely comments and support, can't do it without all your support! still a longggggg way to go, but have to be patient, have coem this far! Have had 1 veggy soup and 3.5 litres of water so far!

Yes BL, I agree with Lady, i have 1 soup by 1pm, then have 2 soups at night by 9pm, then by bar by 10pm.

Kellie, wow well done, hey give it a couple of weeks and those size 14 jeans will even be loose for you, bet u are so chuffed so far, :)
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Cheers Slimseaa, I am enjoying it, mainly because it's not something I usually do - in fact when the hairdresser looked at my records to see what colours he'd done my hair last time it turns out that it was in beginning of September so as you can see it's not something I do! And this afternoon I'm paying part of it with gift vouchers I got off my best friend for my birthday in November, so a nice belated birthday gift :D

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