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THURSDAY Hour X Hour!!

Gooooood Morning!!!

It's another day behind us all - one day closer to goal!

I have two daily sayins now - when I wake up, I say "Well, thats one day closer to goal", and then when I leave work I always say, "Well, thats one day closer to retirement"!

Got our club tonight! Hoping to see a couple of members that moved to France before I started this. WIll be fun to see their reaction. Not sure if they are comiing tonight or later in the month - I just know they were to be here in March, so will see!

I have worked overtime all three days this week so far but today isn ormal so I get to come home at 4pm. Yess!!! Then next week to get through.....then I have nearly a week off!

I have to work 3 hours on the Monday before Good Friday, then I am off the rest of the week!!! YIPPEEE SKIPPY! Well and truly ready for a break!

Wishing everyone a full and happy day!!

Bex, I hope your leccie stayed on and you had a good night sleep!!!

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Morning all,
BL. yes, leckie stayed on and I had a better night but still got the remnants of yesterdays migraine! I've taken pills and am going to work so I'll see how it goes, sure it will improve as the day goes by.
BL, enjoy your meeting tonight, I reckon they will be well shocked at the difference - enjoy :)
Everyone enjoy your day and any with WI tonight... all the best :)


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Got to use the bus today my cars off the road so going into town to shop at m and s for the family tea. Weather miserable and threatening rain, carn't wait for summer, clocks go forward ina few weeks yay love light nites. Good luck with your meeting tonite BL hope all goes well. Hope everyone has a good day xxLolaxx


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Morning all. Well I weighed myself this morning and I havent lost a gram since last weeks weigh in. I was hoping my bad boy ways at the start of the week would have been eradicated by my god like ways. But unfortunately they only balance.


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Hey Mandee is it sad that I am still gutted about Favre, and reading every little scrap of article that goes up on either ESPN, FOX or NFL.com?
Morning all,

Well the boss is away today so may be able to get on more often.

The good news for me today is that I am in my first pair of size 16 trousers for about 15 years.
Whoooo hooooo.
I am getting really vein strutting about the office and I even have the CHEEK to wiggle my bum.:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: - Can you imagine it a 60 year old granny wiggling her bum:D:D:D:D:D, but I must say it is a nice bum. Its my 60th on April 4th and do know what I am looking forward more to this birthday than any other, which is amazing. Well who can fail to be unhappy on that day, I stop paying NHStamp, get free bus pass, free prescriptions, free eye test and also a very very small pension. :)

Dear Daughter and I have decided that I am gonna start riding again when the clocks go back so have that to look forward to (I think :D). By the way DD and I are getting really well, but dont hold you breath, enjoying it while it lasts;).

Have fun at your club BL and glad your leckie is still on and hope you get back to normal soon Bex.

Lola love the light nights too, especially with the horses.

and Mandee another 8lbs whoppeee.


Dave keep off them those scales. I know what it is like, I have to get the OH to hide mine, but I find I always do better if I dont weigh everyday. Anyway you havnt put on so onwards and downwards.;)


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Ladylite, I see nothing wrong with a girl wiggling her bum not matter her age. So long as its a nice bum, and by the sounds of it you have one.
Ladylite, I see nothing wrong with a girl wiggling her bum not matter her age. So long as its a nice bum, and by the sounds of it you have one.
It is a nice one, especially with clothes on, but then again we are going green in our house so its lights out as often as possible.:D:D:D:D:D


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Morning all- another busy day ahead :(
well done mandee your doing fab!!!
have a good day everyone
Afternoon all, Mandee well done :). I had my WI last night and have lost another 3lbs! So am delighted. Have a busy day at work, infact been busy all week and in the evenings, so will try and come on whenever I can! Good luck to those who have their WI's today and well doen to those, you haev had their WI's so far this week! Have got a bad headache and am stressed out at work! So take care, speak soon :) xx
Hoorya Mandee!! And Hooray Lady for them slim jeans of yours, you lil minx!!

Shake it but don;t break it!! Took yo mama nine months to make it!!! :D :rotflmao: (I don;t think I have said that since I was about 12!!! LOL

Hooray for everyone - everyone is doing so well!!!!


Striving for slimness
Morning all!......well it is to me, I just got up after my nightshift, came in to find my partner slightly intoxicated after his lads night out and had to practically carry him to bed, then sleep on the couch myself...so not a great start to the day lol. I'm having to drive through to sunderland today to see my LLC need to change a few pack flavours and buy some more water flavouring (can't live without that) and today I'm finally going to try the mint hot choc made with the peppermint tea so excited for that!

Deb G

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I have two daily sayins now - when I wake up, I say "Well, thats one day closer to goal", and then when I leave work I always say, "Well, thats one day closer to retirement"!
I've got a new morning mantra and its one they give you on the RTM CD (I was listening to it on the way to class on Tuesday night and I've used it ever since).

Every day when I wake up I say (aloud)

"This is MY day today, and no ONE and no THING is going to ruin it for me."

Makes me feel very positive indeed.

I usually follow it up with

"I am a successful weight-holder"

Think they're both working!:D

Deb G

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Well - great day as we got out of special measures yesterday and the press have been all over the school getting photos and comments for the front page of the newspapers this week.

After 2 days of OFSTED I'm taking it VERY easy today.....

House being valued on Saturday and got 6 houses to look at on Saturday afternoon - then competing with my horse on Sunday all day - which I'm lookig forward to. Been so busy with school that I've hardly had time to spend with me little angel.

Got a lovely RTM Week2 lunch (that I won't mention here) that I'll have in about half an hour, then having my hair done (cut and dyed) at four tonight. Then bath, TV, de-stress and bed by nine. PURE HEAVEN!

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