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THURSDAY Hour X Hour!!

Morning sunshines!

As said on another thred, I may be a bit sparse over the next few days - hubby needs pretty much full use of the PC as he has to write some reports - and until I have my new laptop, it's a shared commodity! Works been mad too - so not much time to log on there, but will when I can. :)

JUst so you know - I may appear to be absent - but am with you lot in spirit! :)

Off to iron a beautiful oriental jacket I bought 4 years ago - never got in to it- but couldn't bear getting rid of because its so lovely. Black satin - with a pattern woven in it in blues, purples and greens that only show up in light when it moves, etc....its very pretty!:)

I need to wear it now - as I probably won;t be able to next week!! DOH!!! Finding more then one missed opportunity at the rate we are losing!! :D

Not complaining though - no sirree!!! :D

Be well everyone!!!:)

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longs to be average!
Morning peeps,

Had another clear out last night - threw all my "big knickers" in the bin - They could have been recycled into sails for galleons I guess, but thought better of it!

Really don't want to go to work today - hate it so much!! Still, after this week have 3 4-day weeks coming up which'll be nice. On strike (again) next Thursday and then a nice 4 days weekend the following week.

Got a WI tonight - will be surprised if I have lost, not that I have cheated, but weight just seems to have stabilised, and it seems to prefer inch loss to weight loss. A little frustrating as I wanted to be 14stone before I started RtM, at this rate, I will still be 15 stone. Oh well!

Have a good day, and good luck to all with a WI today

I think I'm feeling a bit fragile this morning, OH snapped at me earlier and instead of arguing with him I just burst into tears.
Doing this diet is makiing me question so many things and one of them is what I am actually getting out of my relationship - I can feel a bit talk coming up soon. :(

On a lighter note, I'm going to see Supergrass in concert tonight :D so I have to go for my WI early and miss the counselling.

Hope everyone else has a good day and is a loser. ;)
Good morning, well I'm not long out of bed and it feels lovely :) Got to take my son for his booster injections this morning as he didn't get it at school.... rather him than me :D Then not much planned for rest of day - was a bit daft in booking my eyelashes for this afternoon, should have done them for this morning really as that would have given me the rest of the day to play with if I'd wanted to go out - ahh well.


Silver Member
Morning all,

I feel bleugh today think I am getting a cold got a really sore throat, sore head. Grrr I hate it.

Other than that all is well.

Corey my scale has gone up and I have stuck to it so I am also alittle miffed. Oh well it will come off in the end. Maybe its because I started exercising again this week.

Have a good day everyone.


I'm going to be slim
Hope all you losers are having a lovely sunny start to the day it really is a glorious morning in kent good luck to all who've got WI's today
Morning all,

Its glorious here in Berkshire too, although I feel cold.

Good luck with your WI Corey, I could do with you old pants to keep the crows away we are plaqued with them here.

Hope you feel a bit better later Tange send you a big hug:grouphugg:.

I bet you eyelashes will look bootiful when they are done kate.;)

Mrspnut. Know what you mean about being fragile but it does pass. Its kind of strange at the beginning when you feelings come to the surface and you dont have that old friend (well we thought it was a friend at the time) to smother them. You will learn to cope. Another hug on the way:grouphugg:

BL Yes you have been missed, roll on the new laptop and I bet you will look fab in that jacket.

Well I went out and done the horses this morning, the first time in ages and feel better for it already.

Already 1 litre down and still trying to be a good girl.;)
Feeling all pampered now - I love having my eyelashes tinted as I find it so relaxing just lying there .... plus it means I have the added benefit of not having to wear mascara ;)

Tis freezing here today - was funny as the girl doing my eyes asked me had I walked there as my face was so cold, I told her I hadn't and was just feeling cold :)


Silver Member
Hi all,
Like Corey, I have WI tonight amd again, like him, I don't think there wll be much loss - I reckon 2 lbs and 3 if i am lucky! It seems to be the inches dropping for me at the moment too.

Corey and I are also having a BMI race and so far I am fractionally ahead, so it pleases me in a schadenfreude manner that he is also having a poor week weightloss-wise;). I know he will at some point overtake me, and every week that i stay ahead is a small victoty (for me at least!!)

It is all very much a fun challenge though as there is no real way of influencing how and when the weightloss happens.

See you later Corey!


longs to be average!
I could beat you tonight Mikey - thought I had a crap week last week and still did 4.4lb, could be the same this week - that'll knock you off the lower BMI top spot :sign0009:
I've already been to get weighed today and did 4.6lb which takes me to 1.8lb off my first 10% which would be nice.

I'm off to see a gig tonight so I'd better go and get ready. :D
you guys are funny!! do let us know who wins the wee race!


constantly confused
I've just fainted at training class, and had to cancel and send everyone home :sigh:

I used to get dizzy spells and fainting years ago, but haven't for a while. I feel really ill and am all curled up on sofa with a bottle of water and my laptop. :(:(
oh toller I hope your ok maybe you should go get it checked at the docs
TG I hope you're feeling better now and that you're not feeling dizzy or light headed. How had you been feeling before it?

Oh dear Corey - maybe next week? ;)
TG I hope you're feeling better now and that you're not feeling dizzy or light headed. How had you been feeling before it?

Oh dear Corey - maybe next week? ;)
I'm also having a bad week weight wise this week - I've actually put on weight since Monday going off my morning weigh ins. Not overly concerned as I know I've not eaten anything so it's only my body having some kind of fluctuation ...... suppose it might help if I were going to the loo though!


Silver Member
Don't worrk Katie, my weight this week was up and down like mad this week - I was sure that at the end of the week I had only lost 1-2 lb, but came in with a 7lb loss - The way the body works and holds onto water is very odd.

Hope you have a great weight loss - if not this week, then next!

Corey - you will beat me soon I reckon, but perhaps not, as you are going onto RTM in a couple of weeks( I think). If you do, then you have no chance:):D:)!

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