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Thursday Hour X Hour


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Morning all - Sunny but breezy here in S.E. Essex today.

My kid's sports day is this afternoon in Southend - should be good. Shall I go in for the dad's race?

My daily weightloss chart shows me at 6lbs lighter than this time last week so I am hoping for a good WI tonight as i have only 3 more weeks before RTM with slightly more than a stone to lose before then.

Have a great day all!
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Wow - three weeks to RTM! Thats great MIkey - you have done really really well!!!

Its blowing down here too - was really whipping around during the night!

Off to work, then over to the outlaws for moms birthday. But first a trip to Matalan to return and exchange two shirts I bought before holiday that are too big now! :D

Hope everyone has a great day!!


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Cheers BL!

I have BBQ on the brain at the moment - the thought of a nicely seasoned and smoke-grilled steak with some green salad!

It is all because I am running the bbq at the kid's summer fair on Saturday with another parent and it is going to be hard to resist the steak! I am not craving it (or anywhere near it in fact) but it is making me think how close I am to returning to food and to eating it sensibly.

I am hoping for an Indian Summer this year as I love the BBQ season and although the weather as not kicked in for it yet, I would like to be part of it at some point this year. As a fattie, I was always good at maintaining or losing weight in the summer just eating meat and low carb veggies and BBQ's are perfect for this (if you cut out the sauces, bread, potato salad etc. - oops - and the beer!).

Wish me luck for Saturday - the sausages and burgers are doing nothing for me, but the steak .......


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Mmmm steak!!!! (said in my best Homer voice)

Lovely and sunny if windy in London too. I got woken up by foxes at 4am this morning I was not amused.

Hope you all have a successful day!


constantly confused
I am not well today. Frequent trips to the lav :sick0019::cry:

It's my busiest day of the week today, I've got a dog walking client at 12, and then 2 training classes in the evening!

helpppppppp!!!!!! :raincloud:


longs to be average!
Hey everyone,

Another day at home for me!!! Was woken at 4am this morning also, but not by foxes, just my cat, Leo, boy can he scream when he wants attention (which is usually every minute he's awake!!) Still that was easily fixed, my OH just closed the bedroom door - couldn't hear him after that!!

Have spent this morning chasing the DWP HR department for my reference for my new job - they can't give me a start date until they receive it - so 3 phones calls and 3 faxes later - am hoping they have no been able to get it sorted - but hey, it's central government, so will not hold my breath!

Anyways, am thinking of giving Shrek 3 a try again this afternoon - I dozed off when watching it yesterday afternoon.

Got WI tonight - week 1 of the trigger weeks, I am hoping for a loss but think I have probably STS or had a small gain!! Think the only way I am going to have a loss now is to go tonight wearing nothing more than a thong and string vest - and with that mental picture I shall leave you!!!
We want pics Corey!! :D

Good luck Saturday Mikey! I am sure you will resist - though I know its tough! Went to a few BBQs in the states, and man - did it smell GOOD!!! Can't wait for a steak and a salad!!! Maybe I might make it to a BBQ in September!! lol

Hope you feel better TG. :( <hugs>

Tange - did you do the appropriate amount of drooling in your Homer moment? :D



longs to be average!
Oops - whilst watering some plants in that I had moved in the garden, managed to give my BlackBerry, my normal cell phone and my landline phone a good watering as well. Luckily my cell and blackberry are both fine, but my landline now has a life of it's own - it OK for 5 minutes then all the lights flash and it makes a beeping sound - kinda looks like a 1970s disco in my lounge when it gets going!! Oh dear!!!

I was expecting my OH to have a whinge when I told him, but all he said was, we'll use the phone from the kitchen instead!! He is way too forgiving, had it been the other way round, I'd have gone ape!


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Hi all- havnt been posting much but have been reading :)
Hope everyone is good- havnt been weighed officially for a couple of weeks but weighed myself in boots and have lost another coupl eof lbs since starting RTM- glad the forum has picked up a little.
hope all are well xxxxxxxx
:rotflmao: at Corey. Hey COrey - is that your pic in your avatar? I always mean to ask you and always forget!! :D You look blonde there, but brunette in your profile? :)

Hi Kelli! GLad you are getting on well in RTM. Well done you!!! Hope life's good!! :) Glad your still around even if not posting!



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thanks BL- yeah im always around but often dont post as I am quite busy with work.
Its amazing that those of u who started before me are still going strong it really is. your will power is amazing :)


longs to be average!
:rotflmao: at Corey. Hey COrey - is that your pic in your avatar? I always mean to ask you and always forget!! :D You look blonde there, but brunette in your profile? :)

Hi BL - that is me in the Avatar. That picture was taken in Jasper National Bark in Canada, it was minus 26 degrees when that was taken, so the blonde you are seeing is actually ice!!! I'm normally dark brown!!

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