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***Thursday***hr by hr***

I want to know how anyone has time to get their water down while their kids are at home! i can only manage it when Ive shopped Stephen off to school. The baby is not so bad!
I better go and get him ready though either wise, ive defintely not felt myelf the last few days. Have no idea why, i usually feel great when im in Kland.
S: 17st8lb C: 16st12lb G: 14st0lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 0st10lb(4.07%)
Half asleep again and bleary eyed. Am drinking my first cup of rooibos tea and feeling like I need a day off, have a good day all!

Morning everybody,
Its really foggy here. Just dropped my friend off at the Hospital, shes having an elbow operation, a day job, so got to go back for her this afternoon. In the meantime its my weigh in day............ eeekkkkk!!
I dont feel any lighter!!!
Oh well, I can only stick to it if I dont lose, its not coz I havent tried.
I'm really tired as well. I haven't been able to sleep for two days and because of restless leg syndrome and its driving me crackers. I get it in all of my body (its still called restless leg syndrome lol)
Take care everybody and have a lovely day.
Lynne x_
im nervous this morning, got my WI at 930. I know i havnt lost, but am thinking i may have gained as i have been off the wagon (again).
going for it 100 % from today. have formulated action plan and am now going to see cdc weekly to try and stay on track, have got hubby at home for next 3 weeks so wont be eating out of boredom . i also have a new goal, i start my new job in 4 weeks, i want 1.5 stone gone by then.
havnt drunk or eaten anything yet, well apart from cuppa as i am going to need all the help i can get on those scales this morning. eeek.
Sarah my daughter is nearly 14yrs old so she sorts herself and Lewis has a is only 3yrs old so it easy for me to get my drinks as dont have school runs etc to do .lol.
Ohhhh susan, I do soooo much want your kitten!!
Lynne x
She is gorgous isnt she, her name is BoBo, she about 9mths old now, my littke baby.lol I have 4 cats altogether.lol
I adore cats and wish my dog would let me have one. He used to think they were for chasing when he was younger but he has calmed down a lot now and I think he would accept one as a friend but I'm a bit worried about getting one incase hes naughty with it if I am not around IYKWIM
Lynne x
That is so not fair susan, no wonder you hav a few mins to spare! my 2 are under 5! it sucks!
Though saying that he is saftely deposited at school now, and if you all want cute i have 5 kittens in my airing cupboard at the moment! They were 3 weeks yesterday and the cutest things you have ever seen!

Really must go and get my water and find ways today to tackle the cravings should i have any! I wish my hubby hated choc so he didnt keep it in the house!
awwww i cant wait for Bobo to have kittens hopefully next year.


always lurkin around!
mornin all :) hope every1s ok its nice and sunny here ..cold though.. well its day 7 and things are goin ok no cheats at all which im amazed at and very pleased with. just had a porridge and a pint of water up 2 now so need 2 get gluggin. not got my weigh in till wednesday so ill be expectin a good loss ...i hope:innocent0001: anyway im off now 2 get myself ready 2 go the docs got a awful painful shoulder which ive had a few wekks now so thought betta get it checked ... be good now and hope u all have a good afternoon xx


Silver Member
S: 18st13lb C: 15st5lb G: 8st11lb Loss: 3st8lb(18.87%)
Good afternoon ladies, hope everyone is well??

Its a beautiful sunny day here, pity I'm stuck in work again! :(

2 litres of water down & a strawberry shake this morning. Gonna pop home soon to see to my dogs & have my chick & mush soup when I get back.

hope everyone has a good day. :D xx
On my 4th pint today and just had a chicken and mush soup.
Got to take Lewis to nursery in 20mins the will whip up to the shop.

A really lovely day here today too, got the washing out on the line.xx


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
afternoon girls

well 1 shake and 1l of water down so far, have to stop drinking by 3pm cos its weigh day today

been up to madams school for an orthotics appointment, shes been measured for a lovely blue helmet to stop her knocking herself out when she falls and measured for new boots, there the same size as the ones shes already got so dont think there going to be of much use


Gold Member
hi guys. sorry i'm so late today. work has been manic!!

i tested for ketosis this morning and i am indeed there. it's weird because i haven't felt that bad this time. last time i felt hungry and horrid for over a week. this time it's just sort of happened without me noticing... :S weird. in any case, saw my cdc last night and by her scales i am only half a lb over what i was before i went away. mine disagree :D ha. but by next time i see her in another two weeks i should be able to move my ticker down :D :D she thinks i'll probably lose about two stone by christmas. i would like it to be more but we'll see how we go :)

abz xx
Yay well done abs, im only on my 3rd pint which is slow for me. And eating choc porridge as the cravibngs were going 5to get the better of me so im now eating my version of comfort food. When i see my cdc tomorrow im gonig to get some bars as well as porridge. Just to nibble on when the dinners cooking.
Im on my 5th pint today and just had my 2nd shake/soup of the day.

Made a sheperds pie for hubby and Lewis for tea put half a tub of philly in the mash and my god does it smell good, think I will go shopping as soon as Paul gets home so Im not here while they are eating tonight.lol.
Sounds like a plan susan, i made cottage pie in my oven the other night and it smelt delicous, i had to take the dog for a walk before iwas diving into it!

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