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***Thursday***hr by hr***

one litre and one hot choc down!
Half a litre down and a choc mint shake. Feeling pretty weak and headachy today and my concentration at work is 0 which is why I am on here!


Trying to stay healthy!
Morning all, woke up early and feeling great today, however, as i was getting ready for work i bent down and my back went all dodgy on me!! Have managed to get to work, got a review today so had to be here but as soon as that's over i'm going home to lie on the floor...booo!!
2 coffee's but no water yet!! better get over to the kitchen...this might take some time!!

Good luck with 810 Susan, i'm going to have an SS+ meal tonight, can't wait!

Poor you Ruth, hope you feel better soon hun!!

Have a good day everyone!
Lelly looking at your ticker with your bmi of 25 you surly should be moving onto 810 too?? my cdc said when i was bmi 25 +1st i had to move up??


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Morning All

I've had a T & W shake hot for breakfast, 2 cups of tea & am on my second glass of water.

Still feeling poorly, the room is spinning I swear! Got WI tonight, my Dad is gonna take me as I can't drive 'til I feel ok & I've got to do my inch measurements still too.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi susan, I spoke to my cdc about this on Tuesday and she didn't seem very insistent on me moving up the plans and suggested maybe i should start introducing 'some' meals this week but she wasn't really specific with regards to which meals (ss+ or 810) and i said 'oh ok, well what if I do SS interspersed with SS+?' and she said that would be fine. I also read the booklet again when i got home and it says about it being BMI25 + 1st to lose and I thought maybe that was just to start SS in the first place and maybe you could carry on and move up the plans when close to goal? Am in a bit of a quandry as I feel i haven't been given enough specific advice from my CDC so am winging a little, plus hubby it kind of egging me on to keep doing SS (he has his own food issues!), so if I do have some food i feel like i'm cheating or something.
Would welcome any advice .


Doing Slimming World
S: 22st4lb C: 20st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.5 Loss: 1st5lb(6.09%)
Hi Lelly

I thought you had to do one or the other, not intersperse the two as it would confuse your body. Altho I'm probably wrong knowing me!

I also thought that you had to go up the plan when you are at BMI 25. 810 is a good plan, you just get to have a larger meal (or two smaller meals however you want to do it). You could PM one of the counsellors on here for more advice, if none of them pass by this thread beforehand that is.


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Morning peeps

Weighing in and starting today. Using previous packs, so i have a days head start. one toffee and walnut shake down, coffee and half a litre.

Feeling pretty worried about my restart, scared i will cave so im reading every thread in hope of some motivation.
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Morning all, had porridge and coffee so far. Managed 4 litres of water yesterday so hope I can keep that up.

Lelly, it does sound like you are not being well advised as you probably should be moving to 810 soon. Maybe just SS+ this week and discuss it properly with your CDC next week. Sounds a little strange that your OH wants you to stay on SS -- usually they can't wait to get you back to normal food so they can eat out? Does he have weight to lose?
I was told that when your bmi get to 25 then your body will start eating muscle instead of fat so you need to take in more cals. Hope that make sence.xx
Hi Lelly - sorry to hear about your back! My CDC is similar to yours in that she actually wants me to get to 4lbs away from my goal before I start moving up the plans which is a BMI lower than 25!

I has decided to start SS+ on Sunday (my weigh day) regardless of what I weigh because I need to be on 1000 plan by 21st Nov as I am going to visit family and will want to eat carbs so I will SS+ for 6 days, then do 810 for 6 days and then do each plan after that for x2 weeks.... Then after Christmas - if I am still not happy with my weight then I want to loose weight by calorie counting alone and not CD if I can help it!


Trying to stay healthy!
Thanks for all the advice ladies! I'm definitely going to do SS+ from today then, don't want to lose my muscle!!
Yeah Frances, hubby has a few weird food issues, he used to be heavy and lost weight by doing Atkins and pretty much starving himself (i think he has some anorexic tendancies sometimes!)
good luck hun, ive just had my 1st white coffee in 21 weeks, what a difference a splash of skimmed milk makes.xx


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Morning everyone,

Wow what an interesting thread today, Lelly sounds like you have had some sound advice from everyone on here, the issues with you OH can't be easy, Sometimes the 'dynamic' around people with eating issues is incredibly difficult to deal with especially if one has their own issues, even when no words or critisisms are spoken.

I've had half a litre, 1 coffee and a strawberry mousse :)

Sarah x
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Susan, I couldn't have done this diet without skimmed milk! I've been doing SS+ from day one. It has meant slower weight losses, but I'd rather have that than go without tea or coffee as I can't drink either black.

Asked for an extension of my deadline until Monday so fingers crossed. Have to drive this guy I am seeing to the hossie to have a toenail removed. Bringing my earplugs so I don't hear him scream LOL.
ouch, i took my dad when he had his done, yuk yuk, but stragely amusing.lol.
S: 15st3lb C: 12st7lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31 Loss: 2st10lb(17.84%)
Having a hot Toffee & Walnut for lunch. No word from my CDC yet about the arrival of my chocolate tetras and Choc Mint shakes. Hmmmmm they should have arrived today if ordered yesterday.

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