Tight clothes cause bloating?


Trainee Maintainer
Just wondering.

Bought a new skirt suit yesterday in size 12.

Decided to wear it this morning to see how 'user friendly' it is in action.

Skirt quite snug (should fit nicely next two weeks) and soon after putting it on felt a bit bloated. You know, like you've got trapped wind. This is before breakfast.

It is several months since I wore something tight (certainly since doing LL), most clothes have usually been too big, so have not had bloating.

I didn't associate bloating with tight clothes but I suppose it is obvious, when you think about it, that if the digestive system is compressed, it will react!
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Loves VLCD's !
Yes I agree, I get that if I wear really tight tights, it seems to trap everything that I suppose normally moves about freely !