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time to kick the baby weight! start on 28/02/11

well im starting the ss tomorrow 28th feb 2011. im so not looking forward to it because ive tried it before and failed because i had no motivation and i LOVE my food way too much :(
BUT im here to succied this time and im going to be slim for the summer.
i have 2 stone to lose!!!
fingers crossed i do it :eek:

shell xxx
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Hi ShellBell

Good luck, you can do it! I have lost just over 2 stone in 6 weeks! As long as you stick too whichever plan you choose too do, the weight will come off!
And believe it or not, the weeks do fly by xxx
thankyou girls, im determined this time!

haha kels i was just reading your diary (hope u dont mind) im so happy for you, you have done so so well and you have defo given me motivation :)
i hope i can do it in 6 weeks wow that will be great!!
its just that im going to be cooking for 4 children everyday, and my three boys are VERY big eaters.
anyway ill definitaly keep writing my diary, its going to play a big part in my weight loss...i know this from reading yours kels and others :)

Of course I don't mind! It amazes me that people want too read it :) hahaha!
You can do it, some people actually find that cooking food for others and even watching cone dine with me actually helps! I have too cook too, and sometimes if I could something that I liked, I used too imagine there were loads of dog hairs tangled up in the food!! I know that is a rank thought, but it really worked for quite a few weeks, I think at about week 3, I was like sod it, I'll even eat the hairs! Haha :-D as long as you stay focused you can do it! Food will always be there, it's not going anywhere.
Just imagine how happy you'll feel when you get to your goal too! I still use that thought now! Haha xxx
now thats a very good tip..a rank one but will come in useful im sure lol.
i will keep focused and im glad ive found this site to help me out. im just trying to work out how to put my goals thing on at the bottom of my post etc (im so crap with things like this) but think ive done it.
This site is amazing for support, and people spurring you on. Even making actual friends! I'll never loose contact with certain people I have met on here. It helps because everyone is goin through the exact same thing.

If you click on someone elses ticker, you should get directed too the site where you make them, once you have put all your stats in, you copy a code, come back too MiniMins, go to user CP ( I think ) then edit signature, then paste the code into the box there and click save. I think that's right. You can put all your goals in the same place too xxx
Aww thats lovely that you make friends too :)
I have done the goals, im just about to do the ticker..gosh this is exciting...i just cant wait to start tomorrow! and like you i think instead of treating myself to food (like usual) ill treat myself to a nice bath every time i get a temptation, and a makeover. and ill put some money away each week to go buy some new clothes when i reach my goal weight!! yay :)
Right im about to have my last cup of tea (god i will miss my tea) and then have a bath!
im mentaly stimulating myself into fat loss mode lol telling myself over and over and over that i WILL stick to it!!
Yep you really do :)
I'm sure you will do amazing on this diet. You sound very motivated and like your heads in the right place. I reckon you will be at your goal in no time :)
I love updating my ticket every week, honestly the things that please you on this diet are unreal! Haha :)

Enjoy your last cuppa, I'm off to bed now. Enjoy the rest of your evening. If you need any support, I'm on and off of here quite often, I'll pop in on your diary tomorrow xxx
hiya, lol kick start the baby weight, that's my excuse.. can I still say that even though my son is 11months?? lol. I'm sure you'll do great! I'm on day 5 and have already lost lots of inches!! You should make sure you measure yourself cz in the first few days my scales never moved but my tape measure did :) You'll lose 2 stone by summer no problem! :)
lol i know what you mean! it took me 2 yrs to lose my baby weight after my third and still i was 1 stone heavier then my pre pregnancy weight. but my 4th (and last) i put on so so much and i just know i wont lose it without really sticking to cd ss!
ive got my tape measure ready dont you worry lol xxx
got up this morning and fed the kids, it didnt bother me but then i didnt excpect it too because im not a breaky person im more of a evening binge eater!!
anyway ive had a pint of water already and im feeling positive. ive just got back from the school run and ill go watch some jezza lol
im holding out on my 1st shake, ill have it in a bit.
just done my two yr olds lunch, all i keep thinking about is food, my mouths watering at the thought of a roast chicken! BUT i only need to feel my belly or butt (lol) to get my head on track..!
im about to cook my boys meals and freeze them to last for a few days just so i dont need too much contact with food in the hardest first three days!! good idea id say :)

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