Times to eat


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Hmmm if I had to stop eatin after a certain time it probs be 8 ...

I weigh Wednesday morning though on a Tuesday I don't eat after 5.30/6 ...


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i find if I eat late I get indigestion so I eat no later than 6 ish

Miss helpme

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Like you said dont eat any carbs after 7... I recently went to a personal instructor and he said try not to eat late! I suppose a little bit of fruit wouldnt be too bad later on as long as its not bananas or any other heavy food. I try and not eat after about 8 myself.


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Hmmm! Breakfast at 8! Lunch at work about 1! Dinner after gym about 7!
Snacks all day but try to stop after 9!

I dunno what is right but that works for me!


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I eat breakfast around 8am, lunch usually just before 1pm and then tea is usually between 7 or 8, I can't eat any earlier as don't get in on time. I find if I eat that late I'm not looking around for something to eat after my tea. X


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I have breakfast when I get up round 6-7 then graze on fruit about 11 and lunch at 1230 in work. Then tea around 7-730 depending on what time I get in. I usually stop eating by 830 and may have a drink before bed but thats about it xx

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Miss D

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I always have my supper before bed. Usually a bit of toast or something like that. Breakfast and lunch are usually when I fit them in and dinner is usually around 5.30 as we like to eat as a family.