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Tina's Trials in SW land!!

Hi there, I have been a member of this site for a few months, lurking and writing down recipes, but I feel the time has come for me to take the bull by the horns as it were and start a diary

First, a bit about me........:blahblah:

I'm 37, been big all my life, it feels like I've always been on a diet of some description. I was at my largest when I dislocated my knee and couldn't walk, and I topped the scales at 32 stone!!!

I have lost weight and put it back on so many times, so when it got to July 2008 and I weighed 28 stones 1.5 lb, I decided enough was enough and I joined SW.

I started well, and lost 2stone 6lbs in 8 months, but with illness and one thing and another in my personal life, I have nearly put it all back on again.

I am just now trying to get my head back into the plan and really need inspiration and discipline. Therefore, I thought writing this diary would be one way for me to keep track of how I feel, what I can do differently and general keep myself on track!!

So, I have started again, as it were, and from my start weight, I have lost 9lbs. Therefore, I need to get my "behind" into gear and try and get myself back to where I was this time last year.

This week, my challenge is to try and cook more. I have been becoming a bit bored of the same old things, and because I was bored of my main meals, I was filling up in between with junk!!

Monday - weigh in day - despite having a raging chest infection last week and using all my syns and then some on cough medicine and cough sweets, lost half a lb tonight, so very happy with that! :bliss:

Tuesday - made SW quiche, with chinese stirfry veg, eggs and cottage cheese, had it last night for tea with jp and beans, and just had it now for lunch with the same. Started writing food diary at SW website, had 11.5 syns today! Goody!!

Wednesday - just got Chickpea Dahl loaf out of the oven. This is going to be my tea tonight, possibly with rice or SW chips.

Luckily, I suppose, I have also just become interested in exercise. Believe me, I was never an exercise person, I would do anything to get out of walking more than a few hundred yards, even if it meant catching a bus one stop!!

But, I have just moved house; my old house was literally 4 minutes from the bus stop so I used to just get home, plonk on the sofa and not move till I went to bed. Now, my new house is 15 minutes walk away from the bus stop, so I have to do some exercise before I get home every day, which is good!! I didn't think I would do it, but I have been pushing myself and have got into a routine now, and I can tell when I don't do it now.

I am also topping this up with half an hour sessions on my Wii every other day and 1 hours swimming a week. I also do quite a bit of walking at work everyday as well. (reminder to self - remember your pedometer!!)

Obviously, being as big as I am, I am very VERY self concious at the moment, so going to a gym or anything like that is out until I have lost a decent amount.

My ticker target below is to get to 20 stones. I do want to weigh less than this, but I think that this is a massive target to achieve to start with anyway, so one step at a time. Just getting my club 10 would be a start!! :8855:

So, just hope I remember to keep this up to date and hope you all don't mind me rambling away!! :eek:
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Hi there RNTDT!! You're in the right place for rambling on- I'm sure lots of people will give you the support you need!! I'm a rambler too- once I start I can't stop!!LOL!! I've just started my own W/L diary after having been on here for 6 months since starting the plan! Have a look if you like- Mine's called 'Memoirs of a girl called Funcurls'! You're an inspiration! It must seem like a huge mountain to climb, but try and focus on minigoals, and I bet you'll get to a time when suddenly you'll look back and be amazed by what you've acheived and it won't seem anywhere near as daunting as it did at the start!! There are lots of people here who have lost large amounts of weight so you're amongst friends!

Well done on the weight you've lost so far, and also on all that exercise!! Sounds fab!X

I'm really curious about your chickpea dahl loaf!! Would you mind giving me the recipe please?XXX
Hi funcurls, thanks for the fantastic welcome!! I'll have a look at your diary xx

The chickpea dahl loaf recipe is on here somewhere (i think its in the thread with the photos!), but basically its

1 tin chick pea dahl (syn free variety)
1 packet batchelors mild curry savoury rice
4 eggs

make up the rice as normal. in a dish mix up 4 eggs and the tin of chickpea dahl. Once rice cooked, mix together with the egg mixture and pour into a lined loaf tin, and cook for 25 mins, 180c.

I've just got it out of the oven, it looks nice, never had it before so Im taking the plunge later!!
Right, after nicking the idea from funcurls, here is what I have eaten today so far

Green day

Breakfast - 28g bran flakes with milk from allowance

Lunch - 2 x jacket potatoes, beans, remainder homemade SW quiche

Apricot muller light, apple, banana, pear and Ravishing ruby hifi bar

Tea - Chickpea Dahl Loaf, morrissons microwave rice

Syns - 7.5
Lucozade Sport Lite - 2.5 syns per bottle
2 tablespoons Heinz Tomato Ketchup - 2 syns
Alpen light bar - 3 syns
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Hi again RNTDT!! Thanks for the message on my food diary! Above is the link to my actual weight loss diary/blog!! I keep both at home- I write my food down daily- have done from day 1 as it really keeps me focussed, and I have another book for my weightloss diary which I write in weekly after WI and pen how I'm feeling, what I can do better the following week, what obstacles I have coming up and how to overcome them, my mini-goals etc etc! I get such a buzz from ticking off my minigoals as I go along!! They're not just 1/2 stone goals, they can be minute like 1lb to go to get into the next stone range etc. Have fun, HeatherX

ps Tons of peeps keep their food diaries on here which is great for getting inspiration!X
hi funcurls, thanks for the link. I discovered after i posted this that I'd put this in the wrong place, and that this was for food diaries! D'oh!! So i've created a proper diary in the same forum as yours, so hopefully just food stuff on here and rambling on the other one!! LOL

ps the chickpea dahl loaf was GORGEOUS!!! can highly recommend it!


Never gets tired of SW!
G: 10st10lb
Great RNTDT!! And I'll definitely be trying my hand at the chickpea dahl loaf!! As it happens I've got all the ingredients here in the house, and the loaf tin!! I love the free CPD from Asda!! It still amazes me how it's free!!X
me too, im addicted to the stuff!!! I can get through half a dozen tins in no time flat!! It was nice today cold for lunch, me and my sis enjoyed it, but have agreed that it probably needs a bit more curry powder in it next time, so will try that and see what its like!!

Food today then -

Breakfast - 28g bran flakes with milk from allowance and a banana
Alpen light bar

Lunch - remainder chickpea dahl loaf and sweet and spicy mug shot (free)
2 slices of Kingsmill 50/50 and 1 dairylea cheese slice (normal as the only ones i have in the house) = 4.5 x 2 plus 3.5 = 12.5 syns
muller light

mid afternoon - alpen light

tea - apple
chickpea dahl and pasta

Total syns for today - 12.5

happy that i didn't go over my syn limit today, but a bit dismayed at the total for 1 sandwich! :eek:( its Tesco's fault for not having Dairylea ligh cheese slices!! LOL x
right, another good day today, this whole writing things down really does make you sit up and take notice of what you are really eating.

Breakfast - 3 weetabix (1 hb and 3 syns) with milk from allowance

lunch - jacket potato and mushy peas, with sachets of mayonnaise from work canteen - cannot believe the sachet of mayo was 4.5 syns!!! AND I had 2!!! :eek:( Never again!!!
Muller light

mid afternoon - ravishing ruby hi fi bar

tea - tomato and herb pasta and sauce on jacket potato

treat - 2 barratts fat free flumps - 1 syn each

Total syns - 14!! Incredibly that 9 of that came from 2 piddly sachets of mayonnaise!!! never doing it again!!

Just been and done a shop tonight, so more quiche and things to be cooked over the weekend, am really getting into this now!

Hope you are all doing well, need to be good over the weekend, weigh in Monday!

added on - bowl of syn free rice pudding!! nice and comforting!!
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Way to go Tina!!! Looks like you're gettin into the groove!! It's fine when you get going isn't it!! And writing down really does help as you say!! Makes you so much more conscious of what you're putting in your mouth!! Have a great weekend!! I'm spending it on nights!! Just finished my first!! Off to bed now!XxX
hi heather, oooh nights, not good, how do you cope with SW during the night?? thanks for the encouragement!!

todays food -

breakfast - 1 slice wholemeal bread with tsp lemon curd - 4.5 syns

lunch - bowl of cous cous - 1 syn and 1 barratt fat free flump - 1 syn
Banana, muller light

tea - SW quiche!! Made it again yay!! This time with 6 eggs, tub of quark, 2 onions, 1 green pepper, lean bacon (Hex B) with mushrooms on the top and a small grating of cheese (Hex A). will be partaking with jacket potato and beans again!! cant wait it looks gorgeous!

Total syns - 6.5 syns

added on - 28g bran flakes with milk from allowance for supper, banana, handful of grapes
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right, todays food diary coming up, havent really eaten much today, am thinking i need a large tea, my tummy's rumbling!

Breakfast - 28g bran flakes and milk from allowance

lunch - slice of quiche from yesterday, dairylea dunker (5.5 syns) and fat free flump 1 syn. I really like these, have only just discovered them, but they are really great to take away that sweet craving after a main meal!!

tea - slimming world chips, remainder of quiche and mushy peas (for a change!) i think, will update once ive had it!

updated - did have SW chips and quiche and mushy peas, tbsp tomato ketchup 1 syn and 1 slice of hovis best of both 4.5 syns. muller light, apple, banana, pear

total syns for today - 12!! yay!!

Wont be updating this now until I get back from weigh in tomorrow night! Wish me well!! Fingers crossed xx
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right, back from weigh in, and lost a mighty 6lb!!!!! I'm ecstatic!!

food dairy for today -

breakfast - 3 weetabix with milk from allowance
alpen light

lunch - jacket potato and beans, muller light, banana

mid afternoon - alpen light 3 syns, ryvita fruit crunch 3 syns

Monday night - twilight zone - 2 asda extra special jalepeno chillie and monterey jack burgers on wholemeal bread. (no idea on syns!!) but my treat tonight!!


Never gets tired of SW!
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OMG 6lb!!!! That really is fantastic work Tina!! See, it's paying off now and you're TOTALLY in The Zone!!! Really chuffed for you!! I lost 2lb tonight so also very pleased, although it's a little bittersweet as I'm just 1/2lb off my 3 stone award!!!XXX
2lb heather! Thats fantastic!! And so close to your 3 stone award!! Next week girl, you can do it!! :talk017:
so, after my first fantastic week back in the zone, carrying on with my food diary as follows -

breakfast - 28g bran flakes with milk from allowance

mid morning - 2 finger kit kat - 5 syns updated 5.5 syns

lunch - cous cous 1 syn and 3 wholemeal crackerbread plain, half hex b
muller light, banana

mid afternoon - dairylea dunker 5.5 syns 2 wholemeal crackerbread, 2 laughing cow cheese triangles hex a

tea - making chickpea dahl loaf as i speak, with rice! and just made a jelly blamange (sp?), 1.5 syns for the jelly and free muller light mixed together!

also had a flump to end the day - 1 syn

total syns - 14 updated 14.5 syns thanks Sukibix x :)
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food diary for today -

Breakfast - porridge from work canteen as I forgot to pick my breakfast up! D'oh, dont know how many syns it is, so not planning on having any more to day to ensure I don't go over.

Mid morning - ravishing ruby hi fi bar

lunch - mug shot and chickpea dahl loaf, banana, muller light

mid afternoon - apple and banana

Tea - not sure tonight, will probably be slimming world chips, omelette and beans I think, followed by chunks of fresh pineapple yum!

update - couldn't be bothered to make all of that, way too tired, just had a tomato and herb pasta and sauce in a bowl. thats filled me up no end. pear and banana and alpen light for afters, thats me done for the night!
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Next tiem you make the chickpeas loaf culd you post a pic? Is it like bread? or just like a terrine thing?
hi cupcake katie! Its more like a meatloaf kind of thing, yeh, a terrine if you want to call it that. ive got a pic, ill try and upload it later x
heres a pic of the chickpea dahl loaf

and here are the 2 quiches I made last week

first - with cottage cheese and chinese stirfry veg

second - with quark, mushrooms, onion, peppers, bacon ...... although you can hardly see it cos of the SW chips and peas!! LOL :8855:

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