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TIP: to help with water intake

After reading a post by fattothin (I believe) I was inspired to split the Chocolate and Vanilla shakes into two portions and then make up each portion with about a pint of water (hot). I've done this for about 4 weeks now for at least two out of the three sachets allowed per day. I find I even like the shakes better when they are more watered down. Somehow they taste sweeter and lighter. And drinking the vanilla and chocolate warm (in a pint glass) makes me feel a lot warmer too, especially in the current cold days. If yuou do this for all three shakes you know you have drunk the minimum quantity of water you require and so every cup of tea and coffee and drink of water is extra and means you drink even more water.

I'm posting this mainly for starters because I found it VERY VERY HARD to drink 2 litres of water on top of the hakes, especially in the beginning. And as you have probably read, if you don't drink the water, you won't loose the weight and it's also too taxing on your body.
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Hi, im just trying half a choc sachet now as i read your thread & as im struggling with the water intake myself, i thought why not give it a go!!! so far its okay...so cheers!!! well done on your weight loss today & overall youv'e done great!!! caz xx
You too! Well done on the loss! x, Jan


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You too! Well done on the loss! x, Jan
Cheers Jan x Just finished my half shake in pint of hot water,feel so much better now! & best bit is i still have another 3 to go....wicked!!! caz xx:D:D:D


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I'll give it a go too tomorrow as I am definitely struggling with the water intake...... i think some days i don't even manage the 4 pints:cry:

so cheers for the tip and thanks Cazz for telling me about it too :)
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Are we supposed to be only drinking 2 litres?? :eek: my pharmacist told me 4 litres, so ive been drinking 4 litres?
4 pints (i.e. 2 litres) is the minimum
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Im prob being blonde i havnt got my pack yet so im reading and picking up bits as i go, so does this mean you can split the shakes, how many shakes should you hav 3 a day? so does this mean you have 6 and hav them hot? sorry if im being thick x
you must have 3 sachets per day. You can decide to split the sachet into two portions which means you can have 6 half-sachets a day (i.e. 3 whole ones).
Make sense?

It's like making a sandwich and eating one half now and another half in 45 mins... ;)
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Thanks yeah that makes sense think thats a good idea i will give that a go! Thanks for explaining again xx

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