Tipperary fabulous 2023

Morning, well done on the interview panel…and I’m rather envious of your Data Analysis course, I’d love to do that even just for fun 😆. I hope your breast clinic appointment comes quickly, it will be tiring mentally waiting for it. I’m just trying to recall when I was last at a zoo, I think it’s 25 years for me too.
Hope you have a gentle day.
Thanks @TeabagX . In work and dont have a lot to do today. A few of us are going out for lunch so need to eat smartly, though im craving burger and chips. Thankfully its an Italian restaurant so that wont be available 😂
Ha, I had the meatballs and salad and some of the garlic bread that came with it
Morning all, it's a few days since I posted. Official weight was up this weekend, I thought it would be. Will keep stats as they are for now and see what the week brings. Crackers have been creeping into my diet, I need to knock that on the head. I've chicken noodle soup made for this week (Konjac noodles so no carbs) and have hard boiled eggs to go with it, very ramen style. Took Oscar swimming on Saturday and Sunday and he enjoyed it, he is getting braver in the water. We have an outbreak of Covid at work so need to be vigilant and not catch it. I have an appointment with the breast clinic on Thursday and don't want to miss it which I will if I catch Covid. Off to go swimming, chat later.
Fingers crossed you avoid covid for Thursday! Konjac can be really useful, it’s just remembering to keep it in the house.
Well you wont believe what i did. Got up, dressed, packed lunch, put clean towels in swimming bag. Got into car, drove to poil, opened car and swim stuff not there😭. Still on the floor at home. Not enough time to drive back and get it and swim. And too early to go to work. So im sitting in a service station at the side of the motorway eating a sausage sandwich... Well have eaten it and it wasnt even nice. 😂
Then i realised the state of my hair. Its mad curly hair and i tie it up at night and then wash and dry it at the pool. Well its still tied up, one bobbin right on the top of my head and one at the nape of my neck, ridiculous. 🤣🤣🤣.
Heading into the bathroom to see of i can sort it out.
Morning all, well the combination of the Chinese Takeaway, the chocolate bars, the crackers and probably more so the sausage sandwich at 0730 have given me a gain of 2kg😱, I'm horrified. Though only myself to blame. So need to get very focussed and get that back. I did manage to go swimming yesterday and about to go again this morning. Lunch for both days is the chicken noodle soup, a boiled egg and a yoghurt pot and dinner is mince and Courgette lasagne.
I tidied my office finally this weekend and in it is an exercise bike I bought two years ago...and used twice😏. It has membership of Ifit so you can do guided cycles with an instructor. I used it twice and had started a cycle around possibly an island in Hawaii. Started it up on Sunday and found an introduction to cycling, I think it was a 7km circuit in Montana somewhere, I knew it would be difficult to do. Never mind the cycle, I struggled to finish the 3km warm up😭. I don't know how many attempts it will take to just do day one and it's a three week circuit.
Chat later, stay focussed everyone, we can do this🎯
Morning all, still up on what I should be but have dropped some of it. Just under 1kg of the gain left. Dinner as planned yesterday but also had some rice crackers and they have some sweet coating on them so need lots of water today to flush that away and get rid of the rest of this gain. Getting up soon to go to the pool. Don't need to leave quite as early as no work today, I've my breast clinic appointment. They've advised it could take most of the day so full day off work. I was thinking of having lunch or dinner out and maybe some shopping, I get paid today. But to be honest there is nothing I need or want. I could do with a new bag for my swimming gear but struggle to find a suitable one.
Chat later, and it's great to see more people about and engaging.👍
Morning all, didn't realise I'd missed so many days😁
Appointment all good, nothing to worry about. It's just some bruising remaining from a bad fight with a Christmas tree I had a few years ago, more noticeable now with lots of breast fat gone. But it still took three consultants, a mammogram and an ultrasound to confirm that, all is good.
I'm all over the place with food and weight and energy to be honest. I didn't go swimming on Saturday but did a big cleanout of my wardrobe. Old stained, torn or frayed items are bagged for either cleaning clothes or charity shop shredding/recycling. One or two items have new lives with daughters. And then I've two bags of clothes either too big or I'm just not wearing. I'm not giving them away but am vac packing them up to shrink and store. Anytime I give something away about 6 months later I wish I had it back, this way I'm making room but don't necessarily need to replace them.
I'm off for Sept and we will get to the sun for a few days, so while sorting out wardrobe I put my sunclothes to one side ready to be packed, then when I come home they can be washed a packed away until next year. I've even bought new hangers to hang everything on neatly and it looks great and everything easy to find.
Food wise I'm up and down, meals are fine but then after dinner I've been snacking on cream cheese and sweet chilli rice crackers, not good. On Sunday afternoon I started to feel not great, very shaky and dizzy with heart pounding, it stayed like that all night. I was ok Monday at work but like that Monday night too and it's stopping me sleep. I used to be terrified of it but now it's usually a sign my body is fighting some infection. Well Covid is doing the rounds at work, the sixth person has gone out and we share an office. I'm testing negative and other than being tired have no symptoms but think it was my antibodies fighting, and hopefully beating it. When I get super tired I get very jittery and can't sleep so took two paracetamol last night to help me sleep. It seems to have worked, I slept and am awake now but still tired.
Yesterday was a good day bad day with food. I was at an online training session in the morning and was so tired that I turned off the camera to put my head down for ten minutes. When we stopped for the tea break I nabbed a hobnob from the canteen purely to nibble to keep me awake. Then I felt guilty so went to Lidl next door to replace them (it was the last one in someone else's pack) and bought some dark chocolate digestives and ate four of them with tea after lunch. That was the bad bit. After work I went to the shopping centre for moisturizer in Boots and more hangers in Penny's. I picked up a fabulous pair of sandals in Penny's and then left them with the cashier at the counter saying I'd changed my mind. I really don't need more sandals and can't afford them. I'd already decided I was going to McDonalds to eat and was buying wine to bring home, well I walked straight past the wine shop saying nope I wouldn't have any and then decided fish fingers at home would be much better than McDonalds in the car. I was already anticipating the uncomfortable full feeling after eating carbs and driving. I think that's a win for me for the afternoon. Fish fingers ( not the best choice but better than some) and cabbage tossed with butter, garlic and sunflower seeds became dinner followed by a square of dark chocolate finished my day.
Has my last dental appointment on Monday after work and finally have a pretty smile, he cleaned up my teeth, evened out the four top front teeth and took away the sharpness that was causing blisters inside my lower lip. All good now.
I think that's me all caught up, been swimming every morning since Sunday and off again when I get up. Weight not back to where it should be but will remain on track for next three days and see where it takes me.
Chat later👍
Morning all, wow its been a while since i posted. Just having a quick catch up. Im off for all September and am currently away. Im not paying any attention to my diet. Im eating carbs and drinking lots of wine. I am still only having two meals a day and go swimming twice each day. Early morning do the same as i would at home in the pool then afternoon in the sea or the pool
Morning all, wow its been a while since i posted. Just having a quick catch up. Im off for all September and am currently away. Im not paying any attention to my diet. Im eating carbs and drinking lots of wine. I am still only having two meals a day and go swimming twice each day. Early morning do the same as i would at home in the pool then afternoon in the sea or the pool
Enjoy ...life has to be lived too ..I'm so jealous ...would love a bit of sun... I'm Trying to lose for my sisters wedding next April in nerja Spain... so that's the next holiday for me .... so looking forward to it !
Morning all and I'm back. Don't return to work until Monday so a few days to get back into good habits.Weight up as expected, hovering at around 76kg but I assumed that would be the case, the last few days have been a total carb fest. Came back to wet and stormy weather so no one can admire the bit of tan I got.😅. Today it's unpacking and washing and bagging up my summer clothes for next year. I have some chicken thighs and want to make some soup, maybe even two soups. Something detoxing probably. @mich3113 I feel your wedding issue. I have a wedding in Alicante in May and then came home to the news that my son has booked his wedding for October in Greece😲. I'm absolutely thrilled for him but it means that becomes my summer holiday and it's quite late in the year. May now becomes a quick weekend away ( and not to somewhere I would choose to go). Workwise and financially it's going to be a stretch.
I said I was returning to college and week two lectures have already finished, it's much more intensive than I thought it would be, already pushing us for assignments and exam dates issued.
Plan for today, after cooking for the week, is to make a diet and weight loss plan for next year.
Make a study plan and enter all dates in my calendar.
I need to get a new food journal and new yearly planner.
Rearrange office to give it a dedicated study space, lectures are through Zoom and office comes up as too dark for now, and it's not really comfortable for sitting more than 20 minutes. I have lectures for four hours at a time.
Wash, iron and sort out all clothes.
And then at some stage go swimming.

As usual when I am restarting on plan I will be in and out here all day trying to stay motivated, so am sure will be back later to chat.
Ok 72kg for Halloween is what I've set my goal at, that's a kilo a week for 4 weeks. Should be doable as holiday weight is mostly water weight and internal rather than new fat stores...I hope🤭